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  1. Just to give a little background on the Intervale incident: "On March 15, 1989, three men set the wooden station house on fire after a failed attempt to rob the token booth. The clerk was not seriously injured, while the suspects fled and were never identified. After the incident, New York City Transit considered closing this station permanently due to its close proximity to Prospect Avenue and Simpson Street. However, a community uproar led to the scrapping of the plans. The station was rebuilt with steel canopies and windscreens and a concrete station house with glass block windows and embossed leather-looking walls. Renovations took two and a half years. Artwork called El 2/El 5 by Michael Kelly Williams was installed in the mezzanine and features two mosaic murals depicting underground and elevated tracks. The renovated station reopened on April 21, 1992 after 20 months of work was completed." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intervale_Avenue_station This is super tragic. I can't believe this happened.
  2. I mean... if it's better for the crowds on 2nd Avenue as the says, then operationally it makes more sense. As a daily rider between 57 St-7 Av and Avenue U (basically the whole damn route), I can definitely say that it makes more sense to keep the R160's on the vs. the /. Crowds are wicked on both ends, when my train pulls into Avenue U in the morning is already at Standing Room Levels only and once it reaches Prospect Park/7 Av, it is absurdly crowded. Additionally when the pulls in at 57 St-7 Av during the PM Rush, the train is already extremely crowded so early in its route vs. the that isn't really crowded until 34 St-Herald Square and the that typically isn't overloaded. If the was reduced to 100% 75 footers, loading times would increase substantially, shiddd the on Brighton in the Morning struggles enough loading passengers in a timely fashion without having to dwell much longer than it should. But this is just my opinion and as we all know, opinions are not always facts. Carry on.
  3. I'm almost certain that whichever R160's remain at C.I. will be assigned to the , but like others have said, we shall see ...
  4. This is probably totally inaccurate I'm just trying to do some math there. According to Lance's 09/16/2019 Car assignments: uses 104-112 R46's uses 248 R46's So I assume that 360 R46's (not including spares or extras for potential fleet expansion) are being transferred from Jamaica to Coney Island, roughly 45 sets. uses 290 R160's (along with 24 R68's and 8 R68A's) uses 210 R160's (along with 8 R68/A's during the PM Rush) Roughly 50 sets of R160's are at Coney, with a minimum of 45 being transferred to Jamaica. Crap , not gonna lie. As a South Brooklyn commuter on the and , I'm a little disappointed. A lot of R46's are pretty beat up and not a good look, especially if they're moved over to Brighton. I'd also miss those 46's on QBL. It's gonna be strange not to see them on the or . On the plus side though, I think that means we'll (Coney) get R211's starting next year 😁 (if delivery is on schedule of course). Thanks for reading my mindless ramble. Carry on 🤣
  5. I second this. The doesn't know how to be on time for ANYTHING, but and 's & and always arrive perfectly on time to interfere with one another, causing one of the trains to be held on the Bridge thru DeKalb Junction for 4-8 minutes. Annoying as hell. Another annoying bottleneck is Whitehall Street. When I take my into the city and I check MyMTA, if the is scheduled to arrive within 2 minutes of a departing Queens Bound , we will be held before Whitehall St on a crowded for 3-6 minutes. It drives me insane.
  6. The made it pretty clear that they were only going to order a 1 test set of open gangway R211's & I understand their reasoning. They want to test the technology before it's fully utilized, sorta like the R110A/B order. I remember seeing that the reason somewhere that started this trend of ordering test sets was to to avoid the disaster that was the R44/46 order back in the 70's. They realized the new technology at the time (75' cars) should have been tested before being put into production.
  7. Hey guys, I've recently decided to make a couple of purchases. Lets just say... I am very proud of this. Hope you guys enjoy. Redbird Rollsign (Likely a Westchester or Corona Set) R32 Phase II (Jamaica Set) Rollsign *Note: This Rollsign's Northbound and Southbound Terminals were in the wrong places. Has since been corrected. R40 or R40M Rollsign R42 Rollsign
  8. Hello all, for the past 10 years I have rocked the R32s username and it's been nice, but I am no longer 13 years old and R32's are not my favorite subway car anymore. With that being said, I'd like my user name to reflect my username on my transit Instagram page: NYCTNostalgia. Thanks to who ever can make this change possible. Best, Sean
  9. The was cut off from Coney Island from 1994-1995, and 2001-2005. Long gaps, yeah, but still annoying.
  10. Agreed, I take the Monday-Friday and I see trains running between every 6-20 mins during Rush Hour. Horrendously inconsistent. Additionally there's always considerable bunching on the , DAILY.
  11. In the 's defense, as a daily Brighton commuter of both the and trains, I'd say the probability of getting an instant cross platform connection between the & the is roughly 2/10 Manhattan Bound (AM Rush) & 6/10 Brighton Beach/Coney Island bound (PM Rush). I'm not sure why the discrepancy between the two, but Manhattan Bound trains do not hesitate to close the doors and leave the station as the enters/discharges passengers at express stations. Majority of the time, when I transfer from the to the at Kings Highway, I wait on average 3-5 minutes so that practically makes up for those 4 minutes the lost in your case. However, I could just be unlucky 🤷‍♂️.
  12. I am all for this! As a daily rider, this is much needed. Too much chaos and confusion at Times Square in the morning.
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