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  1. Why do commuter rail service run on opposite tracks like they do in England sometimes? I am asking why do trains do reverse operation
  2. Lets just hope the other sets can go though the fate of the R143 which will take 10 years of extensive rebuild and hopefully, Bombardier can rebuild them despite the R179 conflict.
  3. 8 Av is super busy so it makes sense to why there is frequent delays
  4. What is your theory as to why there was a shortage of ?
  5. Why did the MTA decide to make the weekend terminate at 96 St with the when it can run its weekday extension to 71 Av with the ? Since there is no weekend to 71 Av, and the is running express during the day, I am pretty sure the needs weekend help. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. I was very young around 2002 so I wouldn't remember very good. The MTA probably didn't update the 2000 strip maps since the service in 2002 was temporary or maybe you didn't catch the newer sets (2002-2003) in service at the time. The original 1999-2000 sets had the 6 Av and only. Maybe the newer sets coming in 2002-2003 had the updated Broadway service. The R142 order for the finished by June 2003. Also not to get off topic slightly but when the ran fully local after 9/11 and duration of 2002, was the service efficient and what was the rolling stock?
  7. 1. Why should we operate the to 96 St to accommodate Brooklyn ? 2. There is no point in running a empty express. What about the riders along 8 Av from Canal St to 50 St? The can't do it alone. 3. is never going to operate in Queens. It has never went past WTC when it existed.
  8. Just a correction, throughout 2002 until September, the ran local with the . So where is the local stops? I think you have a custom made strip map
  9. 1. I had no idea that you been talking about this subject, my bad. 2. We should consider eliminating the or continue the Skip-Stop past Essex St into Court St. If we going to complain (not literally) about the running solo on 4 Av, then we will have to run the local from Dekalb Av to 59 St, and I don't think Sea Beach riders want to deal with that after a long decade of freedom (having express service) from complete local service during the 90s.
  10. 1. I still wouldn't waste my money on a service that will get minimal ridership. Remember the final days on West End 2008-2010? It ran empty. Riders on Chinatown preferred the one way instead. 2. Besides the shared R160/R68, what other rolling stock can the utilize? This ain't 2006 where we had large amount of R40s, 42, and 32s. 3. I was saying frequent service should not stop the Brooklyn service. After all are both essential services in the IND. I was not implying that we should reduce service. In fact the is my favorite B division line.
  11. 1. We don't need a Brown because it would operate like the . The Brown used to run from Metropolitan Av-Bay Ridge during Rush Hours using East New York equipment. So technically it is the . Also it was discontinued because it was empty when it operated. If anything, extend the to 9 Av during Rush Hours because it has more ridership and the line is longer. 2. can't operate in Brooklyn as weekday service. It is leeching off the extra rolling stock from . 3. can work. It just means more service from 36 St on to The Bronx. Don't worry about the . It gets held up by the and passengers delaying it during Rush Hours.
  12. Can't the repair workers clean up the the vandalism?
  13. 1. When the Manhattan Bridge was being reconstructed throughout the entire 1990s, why did the South Side take a longer time than the North Side? I noticed that the North Side always took 2 1/2 years tops to complete when it was closed, but the South Side took 12 years. What was the reason for longer repairs on the south side?
  14. When will the MTA remove the last of the classic 1920s signals on the IRT Flushing?
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