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  1. Hi my list number is in the 800s. With the whole COVID thing going on, can I expect to be called soon or is there still plenty of time left to get ready?
  2. The Rosie Perez announcements are very annoying.
  3. Will be insanely expensive and will be approved in 2032 and completed by 2056.
  4. 577 still alive and kicking. Rode on it on the W60 Monday afternoon from Fordham
  5. Is it recommended to get the CDL permit now rather than waiting? I'm currently a traffic agent for the NYPD so I don't have a lot of free time in my hands.
  6. Either the D or the 6 train should be extended for this.
  7. Most people in the Dyre Avenue line go to Manhattan, so not a good idea. I would just reconfigure the train tracks at East 180th so that the 2 and 5 never have to cross each other. Similar to what they did with the Dyre Avenue flyover.
  8. People avoid the on weekends because the damn line has been running intermittently for over a decade during weekends.
  9. When the R142s were still really shiny and new...
  10. Make the segment under 149th street in the Bronx into 3 tracks instead of 2. Build a second "flyover" north of east 180th street so that the and tracks never have to cross each other during PM rush hours.
  11. As someone who lives near Dyre Avenue, I'm thankful I bought myself my own car a few months ago. I was able to pick up my mom after she called me about the disaster that's currently ongoing at East 180th Street.
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