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  1. People avoid the on weekends because the damn line has been running intermittently for over a decade during weekends.
  2. When the R142s were still really shiny and new...
  3. Make the segment under 149th street in the Bronx into 3 tracks instead of 2. Build a second "flyover" north of east 180th street so that the and tracks never have to cross each other during PM rush hours.
  4. As someone who lives near Dyre Avenue, I'm thankful I bought myself my own car a few months ago. I was able to pick up my mom after she called me about the disaster that's currently ongoing at East 180th Street.
  5. Is it any way possible to have AWD or 4WD articulated buses?
  6. 8 incorrect which puts me at 86.67%
  7. northbound express between 86th street and 96th street the entire CPW express section Many sections up and down the Lexington Avenue Line And probably many more areas I'm forgetting. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a local train fly past your 10-15 mph "express" train on a straightaway with no switches or curves.
  8. I wonder why. The Bee-Line buses kept them on their AN460s and now the excelsiors
  9. My favorite ones are all that had the DD50 engines. Does anyone remember when the 1000 series 1996 artics had the chrome rims?
  10. Best buses the MTA have ever ordered. They were fast, comfortable, spacious and rarely broke down. The Detroit engines were the best sounding engines, even better than most buses today imo. I will miss the the good ol days when most buses were powered by the DD50.
  11. Nothing beats the sound of an R142 for me when decelerating from 40+ mph, that shriek..
  12. The s/b express run between 96th-42nd on the 1 2 3 line is pretty quick. And s/b 4 5 on the Lexington avenue line is quick also from 125th-86th (sometimes through 59th). The most disappointing runs to me are s/b CPW and the 5 express train in the Bronx. Northbound express trains begin to coast and slow down a little past Prospect Avenue and slow down significantly after 174th street where they crawl past West Farms Sq. What angers me more is when either the n/b 2 or 5 have to wait at East 180th for the other train to cross in front. Which defeats the purpose of having an express train. You overtake a 2 local at 174th only to wait for it at E 180th. If only there was something that resembles the Dyre Ave flyover so that neither train have to wait for the other at this station. I imagine this is part of the reason why the MTA wanted to make the 2 express and 5 local in the Bronx.
  13. I've actually been lurking on this site for a few years already (since 2013ish, I believe) just to see what's going on in the world of NYCT. And now I'm finally a member, lol
  14. Made an account just to comment on this topic as I take the 2 and 5 trains almost on a daily basis. I live near the Eastchester-Dyre Avenue which means I heavily rely on it almost everyday. As some people have mentioned above, eliminating the 5 EXP in The Bronx is not a very good idea as people like me need to get into Manhattan and back to Dyre faster during rush hours. From my experience, most of the crowd is from Gun Hill Road, Baychester Avenue, and Dyre Avenue. And yes, they really need to do something about that junction north of East 180th, it's very annoying when the 5 express overtakes the 2 train at like 174th Street or Freeman Street only for it to catch up to us at 180th because another 2 train just left. Something similar to the southbound Dyre Avenue flyover north of 180th. This is also a problem for AM rush hour when 2 or 5 trains get held up at Jackson Avenue to let either one cross ahead because the line only becomes two tracks instead of 3. This same bottlenecking is also apparent when the 4 and 5 merge onto the same track south of 138th street further delaying the 5 train. So if they made the 5 train local in the Bronx, the commute from Eastchester to 125th street would take 75 to 90 minutes and nobody in their right mind would stand for that.

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