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  1. Typical Bergen County residents in that area. Can't they just go to the golf course in Paramus? Either have a new modern bus garage with a additional seating on a 45 footer to get you to work or where you need to go everyday or have a golf course that's not open year round and not used by many people
  2. Maan the weekend service of Path's Journal Sq-Hob-33RD ST (NYC) sucks
  3. First off wrong Michael. Not all buses are out on the road during the peak period rolling on the streets. There should be spare buses in each garage besides Oradell just in case of a break down. The problem is you along with NJ Transit have an outdated bus garage in Oradell sitting close by a river which is a no no, can't get 45 footers up in there. Don't know if NJT gave up or not of finding property to buy to build a state of the art bus depot in Bergen County that can house 300 buses if not more. I say more because you will never know about Rockland Coaches with their operations.
  4. I've always thought that line should have either artics or MCI D4500s. They ought to know that line gets pack like sardines during peak periods, Saturdays and past the midnight hours. It was foolish for Transit to scrap the Sunday service. Don't know why they didn't send some of Wayne's older D4500s to Academy to help alleviate overcrowding on such a rediculous under 40 feet Nabi bus. That's one line to and from New York in Hudson Cty( Bayonne & Jersey City) not to be played with. Hope a solution comes around before the summer notices and changes
  5. That's very disappointing of Detroit Demand having their engine as an option for only the J4500. That just kills the hope of Detroit ever coming back into the transit market of their engines.
  6. Yes it belongs to the Meadowlands along with coach 19124. Basically getting familiar with the new update Cummins engine. Wayne, Howell and Ironbound has two buses each of the new engine. Correct me if I'm wrong if the rest of the 19100 order has the new engine
  7. MCI bus 19181 is on rhe 161 line this morning. That's the highest 19000 I've seen so far for Wayne Garage. 19178-79 and others are there at Wayne.
  8. Why am I not surprised by NJ Transit playing the blaming game? Haven't they learned anything from the Super Bowl fiasco? It tells me they are inept to deal with huge crowds and provide the equipment and personal needed for such a mega event. What a disgrace of a transit operation
  9. It's done already. Waiting on the response
  10. NJTransit should take over route 705 so it can operate Sundays. I can't understand why Passaic residents along with Clifton don't have bus service that operates Willowbrook Mall on Sundays? Just because CUSA doesn't operate Sundays. There's a couple of routes that CUSA-Community that are contracted to operate should have service 7 days a week. ·The 709 bus should operate Sundays between Bloomfield and Garfield's Wal-Mart ·705 Sunday service to and from Willowbrook Mall ·748 Sunday service servicing the Madison Ave side of Paterson to Willowbrook Mall. ·744 Sunday service between Wayne Preakness and Paterson-City Hall or the entire route to Passaic These routes are good to operate Sundays because they don't have to deal with Bergen County's "Blue Law". Route 712 should've have a variant a long long time ago in creating the 713 Union Ave in Paterson. After many years of waiting for bus service to serve that community of Union Ave. between W. Broadway and Wayne. The dollar bus, "Express" are now servicing that area.
  11. Nabi bus 6108 is CUSA- Community. My guess is good as yours as to why that particular bus belongs to CUSA instead of Saddle River Trails of the Bergen County routes
  12. That's a good question. To add my two cents, maybe the drivers want a Nabi Bus or they were assigned to drive those buses on a weekend, who knows
  13. Agreed. Stuck in the times and is now playing catchup somewhat. That's what happens when you have leaders that are comfortable and stagnant on an out of date fare structure. Plus not hearing ideas from sround the table from its riders(customers) and drivers.

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