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  1. No one else has 24/7 service like New York City does. In London, there are a few Tube lines that do run at night on Friday and Saturday.
  2. On Tuesday June 24, 1939, the New York City Guide A Comprehensive Guide To The Five Boroughs Of The Metropolis - Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Richmond - Prepared by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration in New York City debuted in bookstores. This 708 page guide included a chapter with a map on the 1939 World's Fair and a large folded map in a back pocket. The map is two sided and is a map of Manhattan on one side and a subway and elevated map on the other side. The New York Times calls the New York City Guide one of the ten best books on New York City.
  3. We are enjoying a true spring here in Tucson. It has not reached 100° yet and today is May 19th. We have seen temperatures in the 70's, 80's and the 90's.
  4. Actually the Interborough Rapid Transit did not serve Lexington Avenue in 1904. The original line turned on 42nd Street and then served Broadway.
  5. Actually, the Eighth Avenue IND opened first in September 1932. The first subway cars were the R1-R9. By 1940 when the Sixth Avenue IND opened, the Eighth Avenue IND was largely complete. Do not forget the (HH) and the .
  6. On eBay, I was the winning bidder for a 1974 New York Subway Guide. My winning bid was $12.75. My map is used but beautiful. The cover features the MOMA circles: (AA) (QB) There is a large tear along the bottom crease where the fold has worn loose but that is ok. I will be careful with opening my map. I was eleven years old when this map came out.
  7. I am scheduled to have an ultrasound on my right leg and knee. Dr. Jose Fernandez suspects I have Chronic Venous Insufficiency or CVI.
  8. My favorite has to be Radar O'Reilly followed by Maxwell Q. Klinger.
  9. Which Jersey City bus routes are subcontracted by New Jersey Transit?
  10. I took Metro North from 125th Street to Cold Spring On Hudson and back. A beautiful ride in both directions.

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