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  1. I saw a Siemens R160 on the F this afternoon
  2. On Friday I saw an R32 A Train at Euclid Av 4;27PM. Is that the only one running?
  3. any chance there will be R46s on the R tomorrow if so how many
  4. What time did it depart the terminal?
  5. Are there any R32s left on the A I haven't seen one in awhile
  6. Are there no more R32s on the A? I saw one singular train on tuesday, but that was it.
  7. There was an R46 on the C today but no R32s on the A
  8. Did they take all the R32s off the A Train I haven't seen any in awhile, only on the C
  9. According to a january board meeting the R32s (and R42s) are to be retired by the end of the first quarter of 2020.
  10. R62A Redbirds R62 R62,R142A R142 R142A R62A Redbirds, R62A R188 R44, R46 R40M R32, R38 R68 R160A R46 R160A R68 H-R32 R42 K R42 R143 R160A Brown M-R42 R160B R68A R46 R62A Franklin R68 Rockaway Park R46 R46 R40S R160B SIR R44
  11. What is the fate of the R42 used? Currently stored at pitkin? If so, where will they go after?
  12. any idea what time the train would leave the museum to euclid?
  13. It says the first run of the train is outbound from Euclid Av at 10:30AM on wednesday. What time will the train physically arrive at Euclid Av beforehand? When will it depart from the yard, and will it run directly to euclid from 207 without stopping? Anybody got any info
  14. It would be cool if they preserved one of them in the pre-overhaul look
  15. R62A Redbirds R62A R62A Redbirds, R142 R142A Redbirds, R62A R38,R44,R46 r40M R32, R38 R68/A R160 R46 R46,R68/A / R42, R143 R42 R68/A,R160A R68/A,R40S R46 S R62A, R46, R68/A R46 R40S
  16. Are R32s officially off the C? Seems like a missed a lot. Are they gone for good now
  17. Is it safe to say that the R42s are gone for good
  18. There probably gone for good. On thursday there were five in service but in the friday PM they were all gone. That was quick
  19. I mean when specifically. Since the R179s returned yesterday there were no R42s, but the previous day there were still five in service.
  20. Does the return of the R179s mean the R42 are gone fir good? I’m Thursday there were five trains in service, but yesterday afternoon there was not one running
  21. According to a board meeting all R32s and R42s will be retired by the end of the first quarter of 2020.
  22. So does this mean that there are no R46s left on the F and R trains and no R160s on the N and W trains? I hope not because I'd like to take one last ride on the R46 F on the Culver Line...
  23. There are two R42s in the J and one on the Z currently. They were nearly back to back near chambers
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