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  1. Good Morning All! Are there any updates? Does anyone know what list # they are up to?
  2. So it can be a letter through the mail or an email right? I hope so my email is moderately long so a backup letter in the mail would be great. Isn't there a phone call attached to this as well? I have not recently called for a number update. I hope it is past the 1636. I do not want to keep calling I feel like I am being a pain. So I'm just going to ease up on that and wait and and hopefully others will post as they check in. I hope you receive your letter or email or phone call soon
  3. 1632 is your list number? That is wonderful news! Congrats!!
  4. Why a letter in the mail? I thought it was an email. Did you go in for final processing yet?
  5. Good morning. Any updates? I don't want to call too much...🌞
  6. Yes. I definitely have more on the books than off. Especially the last several years. Fingers will be crossed. How many people do you think were there for final processing the day you went? I am I early 1600's. I might not make the next 2 classes... But I am definitely hoping to.
  7. Thank you so much for that information. I agree, I did not want to lie on the form so I put down everything. I will certainly offer to pay back the taxes. Thank you for letting me know how the final processing went. Did you get sworn in the same day of final processing?
  8. I had a job off the books for a little while, my boss wrote and notarized a letter for me saying that I was working there at that time. Do you think that this will be a big problem? This is the only thing that has me super anxious about final processing. Congratulations to everybody who's been called recently.
  9. Okay thank you. Congratulations on being sworn in.
  10. Does it matter if someone has old convictions ? Will they stop the process?
  11. I just called to inquire about the list number. Still at 1216.
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