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  1. I called a couple of times recently for an update, and was consistently told they went up to 1138 and that all the vacancies were filled. I have lost faith that they will call back. I hope I'm Wrong.
  2. Thank you for this information and for making the call. I guess we will just have to be patient, and hope for the best outcome.
  3. OK. Thank you. That would be great. Looking forward to hearing that info!
  4. I called this afternoon. They seem to be stuck at 1138. Damn. Praying they keep moving.
  5. I just called Mrs. Watson. They are up to 1138 for FP.
  6. Does anyone know what number they are up to for FP?
  7. Go in person with all your paperwork concerning the violation, and handle it that way.
  8. Awesome. Thank you for checking. It's going pretty fast. Another 600 to go. Lol
  9. If you have a certificate of relief or certificate of good conduct bring that along with your disposition.
  10. Yes. Definitely. You need dispositions for every criminal conviction you have ever had. Except for maybe sealed youthful offender. But just to be sure I would double check on that. I have been assured that they do not hold it against you as long as it's not an open pending case and if there is a good length of time between convictions, and the last conviction till date of hire. In New York state, 10 years since last conviction will hopefully keep one in the safe Zone.
  11. Does anyone know what number they are up to for FP?

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