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  1. Okay, anything you say to me doesn't hurt like you may have though before. Speaking of "driving", I am getting my driver's permit sooner. And style of reviewing happens from riding the cars, and it matches what other car critic says(may heard some riding details in my video). Once I get a Toyota by 2021(age 18), I will show a walkthrough of the car and the performance test of my car. Even my dad's car, and the car collection of my Uncle's house(owned by my cousins', and my uncle & aunt).
  2. I understand. This is why in vids and thumbnails I edit the license plates off, including the faces of the drivers or passengers. Going outside, I am very discreet with my phone to not expose my suspicious activity. P.S. I am replying to trainfan22. And for others who were about to say the same thing.
  3. I should do that no matter the duration, for anyone who has an automatic direction to my channel as their new stage would be risen to know how famous my channel can grow into.
  4. Best Toyotas Parked in Brooklyn... 1. 2.
  5. Here is a launch of my favorite Toyota Rav4
  6. Here is the rant I have made for all of my black community of the USA and across the global. Thus, my background can relate to that when I am not a victim because I am chocolate colored too.
  7. This channel will be a showcase off the car reviews. I also multitasks on bus reviews too. 1st sets...
  8. I credit the YouTube screenshots. Not alot of people care for the photos.
  9. Plagiarism isn’t just “not nice”, it’s illegal. - Deucey
  10. The first XD60s and MTA Buses in history for consumer seduction....
  11. These buses I reviewed are also MTABC's first order of OG HEVs. And I enjoy seeing these since I was 4, as the greatest Orion VII OG HEVs by engine efficiency. Even #3563 that was converted diesel, has made an epic decision to hit BK out of 2 depots(JFK and Spring Creek Depot)....
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