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  1. Looks like I should re-do the Ulmer Park Depot review from September on YT😕. In fact, I already had the idea longer weeks ago before you posted this.
  2. The R211 is a future new technology (NTT) New York City Subway car to be built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries for the B Division and the Staten Island Railway (SIR). They will replace all R44 cars on the Staten Island Railway and all R46 subway cars. The order is split into three parts: R211A and R211T cars for the subway and R211S cars for the SIR. The R211Ts will employ open gangways between cars, a feature not present on current rolling stock. The base order consists of 535 cars, with options for up to 1,077 additional cars.....
  3. The Orion VII NGs are what I encounter since I was only 6, due to their designs and more crazy is that 800+ of these were ordered. The Orion 7 NGs are for some transit fans who are interested in decent lifestyles just like me. They are sadly the most despised wrongfully(except for Nassau Inter-County with the CNG version of these)...
  4. We may not jump to conclusions, I had wished the B6 for artics first(like how I explained it in my Ulmer Park Depot review on YT). So because UP is not constructionally ready for artics, some people may say that we should decrease the express bus fleet and the routes. Would that be a good idea ? I never think that. Even UP has the same building design structure as Flatbush Depot. I never ride the B1 before, but seeing the buses running myself. How about we put this route dispatching out of Flatbush Depot, if FB still has too much artics like today. And if out of Gleason, the XN60s may wanna do rooftop clearance test because the B1 has few elevated lines/expressways to pass under, before their CNG tanks triggers on fire(maybe depending on how low they are). And JG want 100% CNG bus fleet so, FB can maybe the chosen one.
  5. I rode #4954 today as my first 60ft AEB of 2020. Though #4953 has yet to exit the vendor, we got 5 XE60s running along 14 St. and rushing through their busways. With #4954, she smelt brand new and launches off and runs powerful as an R/C car. More to say in this...
  6. Have you seen a vid of #6143 on the B41 ?
  7. Ulmer Park Depot(September 2019): Fresh Pond Depot(November 2019):
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