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  1. Hello to the car enthusiasts community, I hope you had great holidays in this brutal plain year. Therefore, I had created the XE60 review for the MTA community. Now here's a funnest car review of the year, to cheer up the depression into a best ecstacy time.
  2. But those buses went back. Recently, 2 NGs went back to Grand Ave from this depot. Even one, back to Flatbush. And 3 XD40s went back to FP from this too.
  3. It was not expired and proper money value was in it.
  4. This reminds me(going quite off topic) back in April 2019, I was paying my B46 SBS ticket in the machine. I slid my metrocard in, but the machine had froze and ate my card. So after a scary minute pushing buttons to make it work and for my card to come out , there was #7633 approached to my stop on Utica/Flatlands Ave and the machine spits the card out(as if it vomited) to the floor. What caused this machine to be like this ?
  5. With the LFS HEV leaked from Canada, it should match what I designed last year. No longer, 2019-20. But 2020-21 model as a drawing.
  6. I mean't it's highest can be the governed MPH you just mention(forgot to include).
  7. Also on July 9th, I found #7342(FB unit) running in Manhattan along 8th ave. Is for a B99 route test , or a transfer ?
  8. I would agree with mainly the RTS part. The engine would've been beasty when crossing the bridge at it's high MPH. But my worries with the OG CNG(even the BX99), is the noise as highly disruptive by the exhaust. Residents cannot sleep through that repeated noise after midnight. But as of today, the XD40s are best on this route. Imagine sleeping in this bus throughout the route, the quietness does not bother. And I like to hear the exterior humming noise of the aerodynamic breeze of the bus along with it's Cummins engine runs.
  9. Okay, anything you say to me doesn't hurt like you may have though before. Speaking of "driving", I am getting my driver's permit sooner. And style of reviewing happens from riding the cars, and it matches what other car critic says(may heard some riding details in my video). Once I get a Toyota by 2021(age 18), I will show a walkthrough of the car and the performance test of my car. Even my dad's car, and the car collection of my Uncle's house(owned by my cousins', and my uncle & aunt).
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