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  1. 8 Av/Fulton > Concourse-8 Av/Fulton oh nooo the horror.
  2. A&C bus 6481 is the only bus that dont have the updated signs
  3. A&C bus 6481 is the only bus that dont have the updated signs
  4. Number 22 Hillside LLC is hoboken based which operates the 2, 10, 22, 22X, 23, 88, and 119
  5. oof my bad but they all are based out of hoboken
  6. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcThmAEUTzf9_zyN9mvgF5x7a5PLUWdYJP_y1gYTBP1-URvbeZIi MTA should of did this
  7. Broadway junction on the North and South Express track
  8. http://web.mta.info/nyct/service/planned_servChanges_1NotrainsRunning_0915.htm No trains running trains, free shuttle buses, the M3, and M100 buses provide alternate service Travel alternatives: Free shuttle buses operate in five segments. For South Ferry, Rector St, and Cortlandt St, use free shuttle buses to/from trains at Chambers St. For local stations between Chambers St and 96 St, take the , making all local stops. For stations between 96 St and 168 St, take free shuttle buses. Transfer between buses and trains at 96 St or 168 St . Or, use nearby stations instead. For 168 St, take the or . For 181 St and 191 St, take the M3 or free shuttle buses to/from trains at 168 St. For Dyckman St, use the M100 or free shuttle buses to/from the Dyckman St station. For 207 St, use the nearby 207 St station. For stations between 215 St and 242 St, take free shuttle buses to/from trains at 207 St. Transfer between and trains at 59 St-Columbus Circle 1 suspension i dont think i ever seen them fully suspend the 1 before
  9. i believe when the first train comes..i mean thats stupid why would u wait all the way to 1 just to go one stop? it should open at 6 or when stations originally opened

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