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  1. MTA has very long lists of people who want to be drivers. There are people desperate for jobs right now.
  2. That's what Triboro Coach, Green Lines and Jamaica Bus is today. The GTJ REIT. The GTJ REIT make more money as a real estate company than as bus company, they bought more properties and have more income now then they did when they were running the buses.
  3. Manhattan bus routes before MABSTOA had both a franchise number and route number given to them by Fifth Avenue Coach Company and NYC Omnibus. NYC Omnibus route were numbered in the order that their streetcar line was dismantled for a bus line in the 1930s and the franchise number wasn't used. Fifth Avenue Coach routes had more than one official franchise number. After MABSTOA took over the private bus lines in Manhattan, the MTA did a renumbering of all Manhattan bus route in 1974. In the 1980s the MTA renumbered crosstown bus route again to coincide with street numbers.
  4. I know someone who commutes from Long Island to Long Island City and they take LIRR to Jamaica then transfer to instead of going to Hunterspoint and transferring to . They also save money by only going to zone 3.
  5. When the MTA takeover happened, the MTA honored all existing PBL bus wrap contracts. When those contracts finished, they stopped with all full wraps.
  6. I think that the reason why ppl are more receptive to a c/r's announcement is that the public thinks that all c/r's do is make announcements and open/close the door, while the b/o actually drives the bus and can take other routes that are not authorized without management's permission.
  7. My subway service cut proposal A division Late night and weekend service operates between 242 Street and New Lots Avenue. the same weekdays only Operates only between Woodlawn and Bowling Green on weekends and late nights. All service to Nostrand Junction discontinued. late night service runs only between PBP and 125 Street. the same discontinued B division Local service in Brooklyn and Queens on weekends and late nights when is not running. No Rockaway Park service. Discontinued Weekdays only. replaces in Brooklyn on weekends and late nights. replaces along CPW on weekends and late nights. Weekend and late night service runs only to 34th Street-Herald Square and operates local along CPW replacing service. Queens Boulevard local on late nights and weekends Queens Boulevard local on late night and weekends the same Jamaica Center - Bay Ridge 95th Street at all times. Weekends and late nights operates between Middle Village and Coney Island via Montague Tunnel and via West End. Local in Manhattan and express in Brooklyn via Tunnel and stopping at DeKalb at all times. the same Discontinued Discontinued
  8. I think that the would be eliminated fully. I can also see them eliminating and service and also cutting the to 96/2 at all times. I think that MTA has gotten so far along East Side Access that they have to finish it. I'm not sure Metro-North goes to Penn Station ever.
  9. A new Q100 stop on 21 Street and 24 Avenue? https://bustime.mta.info/m/?q=Q100
  10. Even then the experiences with people on express bus is not as bad as LIRR. They also did not mention the express bus groupies that chat with the b/o and with each other.
  11. Staten Island wants to be suburb and isolated from other 4 boroughs like Long Island, then they want all benefits of being in NYC, then when they get something special only for them that no other borough has like being only borough not to get jail once Rikers closes, they still think they are left out compared to other 4 boroughs. A good thing about Long Island is they do not ask for it both ways and take pride in not being a part of NYC and pay higher property tax to be isolated from NYC.
  12. Those same LIRR employees tell LIRR riders that if they don't like LIRR, they should go drive. I was even told that LIRR employees say among themselves that the public should go shut up and let the railroad employees do their job. LIRR has the worst customer service of any MTA agency and has worse customer service than NJT.
  13. LIRR should have signs for so many thing I don't know where to start... Pick up your trash and put it in the station trash receptacle. Please vomit in the bathroom. There is no assigned seating please don't hold or save seat and don't ask people to move from their seat because it is the seat you sit in every day. No smoking and that includes e-cigarette, traditional cigarette, weed. Keep your hands to yourself and there is no sexual activity allowed. No harassment of train crew or other passenger allowed. Shirt, pants, and shoes required. No soliciting or panhandling. I can go on and on and on and on...
  14. I have a friend who lives in Mineola and works on east side of Midtown who got so fed up with using LIRR that they drive to take QM31, QM35 or QM36 bus at 188 Street and Union Turnpike stop. They told me that Fresh Meadows near bus stop has no alternate side parking and is free and they are not just saving money on $261 monthly LIRR ticket, but on paying for parking and paying for Metrocard separately from the train ticket. This friend told me so many horror stories about the LIRR and they told me the express bus riders are much more civilized and less entitled than LIRR riders. With my experience with LIRR, I totally understand my friend and I have been on many express and local bus in Queens.
  15. Just because SEPTA cut service doesn't mean MTA must do the same! NYC is much bigger metro area than Philadelphia!

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