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  1. A new Q100 stop on 21 Street and 24 Avenue? https://bustime.mta.info/m/?q=Q100
  2. Even then the experiences with people on express bus is not as bad as LIRR. They also did not mention the express bus groupies that chat with the b/o and with each other.
  3. Staten Island wants to be suburb and isolated from other 4 boroughs like Long Island, then they want all benefits of being in NYC, then when they get something special only for them that no other borough has like being only borough not to get jail once Rikers closes, they still think they are left out compared to other 4 boroughs. A good thing about Long Island is they do not ask for it both ways and take pride in not being a part of NYC and pay higher property tax to be isolated from NYC.
  4. Those same LIRR employees tell LIRR riders that if they don't like LIRR, they should go drive. I was even told that LIRR employees say among themselves that the public should go shut up and let the railroad employees do their job. LIRR has the worst customer service of any MTA agency and has worse customer service than NJT.
  5. LIRR should have signs for so many thing I don't know where to start... Pick up your trash and put it in the station trash receptacle. Please vomit in the bathroom. There is no assigned seating please don't hold or save seat and don't ask people to move from their seat because it is the seat you sit in every day. No smoking and that includes e-cigarette, traditional cigarette, weed. Keep your hands to yourself and there is no sexual activity allowed. No harassment of train crew or other passenger allowed. Shirt, pants, and shoes required. No soliciting or panhandling. I can go on and on and on and on...
  6. I have a friend who lives in Mineola and works on east side of Midtown who got so fed up with using LIRR that they drive to take QM31, QM35 or QM36 bus at 188 Street and Union Turnpike stop. They told me that Fresh Meadows near bus stop has no alternate side parking and is free and they are not just saving money on $261 monthly LIRR ticket, but on paying for parking and paying for Metrocard separately from the train ticket. This friend told me so many horror stories about the LIRR and they told me the express bus riders are much more civilized and less entitled than LIRR riders. With my experience with LIRR, I totally understand my friend and I have been on many express and local bus in Queens.
  7. Just because SEPTA cut service doesn't mean MTA must do the same! NYC is much bigger metro area than Philadelphia!
  8. Q64 and QM4 should have never left College Point.
  9. If the QM5/6 corridor is not going to have any off peak service, then perhaps not even the biggest individual route of them all like BxM7 is safe. I just hope Irick doesn't tell Co Op City bus rider to wait for MNRR Penn Station Access for direct off peak service to Manhattan.
  10. LIRR riders and Long Islanders as a whole are very very very territorial and Nassau/Suffolk might be the most culturally backward place in the whole NYC metro area.
  11. I have very high doubts that there will be any off peak QM15 or BM5 service. I think only weekday off peak and weekend QM or BM express bus will be QM5 and QM6. If any weekend or off peak service will stay, I have good feeling it will be more of the BxM routes. Some BxM buses like BxM1, BxM2, BxM7, BxM9, BxM10 have good off peak and weekend ridership, that is much better than any QM or BM bus.
  12. The MTA has always been broke since they first started. They never have enough resources for improving service except when it fits what they want and not what the community want. It does not help that Peter Cafiero the person in charge of operations planning for the NYCT bus system is seen as a subway buff to the core because there are subway buffs out there that don't like or truly care for the buses.
  13. MTA does not want people to take buses. What NICE bus has done to the bus system in Nassau county is what MTA wants to do to the bus network in the boroughs and that is the huge problem we are having. What I think MTA wants for the boroughs is what Nassau/Suffolk have, like how most people think everyone drives or takes the LIRR in Nassau/Suffolk, they want everyone to take the subway or drive/uber/lyft everywhere in the boroughs. Problem is there are people very open to taking a bus in the boroughs if MTA actually care about providing bus service. MTA is more subtle about its hate of bus service where Nassau county is more straight up honest about its hate of bus service.
  14. I want to know if MTA is ordering any more express buses for MTA Bus Company other than the 257 mentioned in the fleet and depots section of the forum? If MTA is replacing 3000-3474 plus the 2000 series MCI buses with only 257 new express buses, then this is a big cut. What gives me a problem is how in the fleet and depots section of the forum it says MTA Bus wants to retire 154 2005 MCI buses in 2019 but the first 174 of the new express buses are not supposed arrive until 2020.
  15. Yes and now they already trying to go there. They cut X25,X29,X32,X51. They made cut to X27/X28/X37/X38 which NYCT was force to restore.
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