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  1. Nice shots!! Is it me or 1656 has a nice size hole on passenger side underneath the window?
  2. R142 (4) sign ready: click

  3. Hey Lance, I would like a R142A LED interior. Woodlawn The Next Stop Is Sutter-Rutland 0:30AM Thanks alot
  4. May I add my 2 cents? Judging from the video multiple times and actually driving down Kings Hwy in an FDNY ambulance in emergency mode during and after the blizzard, I can imagine doing things differently. For one I would have given the B/O every chance to pull over to the right or just continue untill there is room to move over, I understand that they drive in the same weather related conditions I do, so I totally give them respect and courtesy when I'm trying to save grandma or grandpa life. Second I would have my partner stop the bus and stop the opposite side of the traffic so I can go around the bus. Agreed an ambulance is nothing compared to a fire truck, but during training the EVOC lectures was the same. Being with the FDNY for awhile now, we do respond to emergencies and we don't act like we are big and tough, and honestly I yelled over the PA when it's necessary, but the fact of the matter is, I agree with the firefighters and it's not because I'm FDNY, It's what everyone else has been saying, "What if it was your house on fire?" At least the guys got out of the rig to tell the B/O to move or attempt to keep going. When responding to emergencies we expect that type of stupidity from drivers who love to slam the brakes, full knowing there is an emergency vehicle behind them. And to the the people who wanted to blame the FDNY for doing their job responding to an all-hands fire, for shame because the craziest thing was that I also responded to that call. Im not here to bash transit, but right is right and wrong is wrong. And one another note maybe the TA should see this, because if they see what kind of stress they are putting on their B/O's maybe they would stop threatening their jobs if they hit some idiot's BMW driver side mirror.
  5. huh, would a train that is layed up at CTL, would it be showing the next stop as Roosevelt Ave or did I just missed something here?
  6. Awesome pics Trevor. :tup::tup:
  7. Thank ya kindly lol

  8. Happy b-day Tristen!

  9. Good pics bro. The pic with the lady and child is giving me an idea on what to do with my nephew Cameron on the next trip. Lol
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