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  1. R142 (4) sign ready: click

  2. Hey Lance, I would like a R142A LED interior. Woodlawn The Next Stop Is Sutter-Rutland 0:30AM Thanks alot
  3. Thank ya kindly lol

  4. Happy b-day Tristen!

  5. ok! thanks... i'm glad i have friends like u!

  6. hi! i just wanted to say hello and see how ur dong!!:) i hope u remenber me lol.... i havent talked a lot! so i hope ur doing great!!!

  7. Happpy Birthday Bro!!!! Enjoy it!!!! :)

  8. Lmao It Not Funny

  9. You Know....the emo shyt aint fun

  10. Heh I understand where you are coming from bro. lol

  11. Nothing much trying to stay alive

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