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  1. lol isn’t the 2/3 at both ends of the Fulton St Transit Hub? You can get off at Park Place, walk through the E WTC terminal, and transfer to the 2/3 at Fulton St
  2. Speed limits are raised when they install CBTC. The regular system sets limits based on how close the signals are. If they’re too close the limit has to be lowered to allow enough braking distance from when you first see the yellow to the red signal. CBTC doesn’t use that many signals so a lot of the speed signs are removed. Also there are no yellows because it knows exactly where the train ahead is.
  3. Usually regular signals (not timers) that flash to red causing the stop arm to trip the train. There’s no trains in front but there could be dust on the insulated joint which makes the system THINK there’s a train on the circuit so it automatically stops the train. Other times it’s just debris that trips the train 🤷‍♂️
  4. It’s always been happening but in the emails/alerts they always called it either “stalled train” or “mechanical problem”. Go back and look, those are not happening as much now but only because they’re being more truthful about the cause of the delays now
  5. Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but does anyone know what the latest date the MTA wants to have the be all R160 for Queens Blvd CBTC? Thanks
  6. Off the top of my head I would do 4/5 to Union Square, then the N to 86th St in Brooklyn which is also close to PS248
  7. The on-board train computer does not allow you to “add” stations, only to skip them
  8. Testing is going to begin this December on the Queens Blvd line. You don’t think testing will take 3 years, do you?
  9. This has been the rule since 2014, however since they are so disgustingly ridiculous with their discipline, a lot of people still check and supervision still has the station cleaners trying to remove people from the train. It’s supposed to be like every other stop and then the conductor is supposed to say “the next stop is Forest Hills-71st Ave on the Manhattan bound platform, stand clear of the closing doors” and the doors should be closed in 10 seconds like every other stop. Also the dispatchers don’t always tell the crew if your train has another operator in the back so until you know for sure you still have to check your train. The only time it should take longer is if it’s going to the yard but that’s not what’s being done.
  10. I find the worst delays to be after the rush hour when they’re trying to lay up everything so maybe send them to 179 an hour after the rush too
  11. When CBTC on the Queens Blvd line is up and running, have the go express in Queens to Forest Hills and go local all the way to 179th St with the (F). I haven’t done the math but the doesn’t run so frequently that CBTC on the express track wouldn’t be able to handle it, right? It makes no sense to run more trains on the local track if they’re just going to be backed up going into Forest Hills. But increase the headway on the to a reasonable amount for the time of day to pick up the slack from the . I don’t see the too crowded anyway, even in rush hour! 179th St is set up to be the best terminal in the system for turning around trains and they only use it for one line yet Forest Hills is backed up every day and they’re using it for two lines 🤔
  12. From what I understand the CBTC on the Queens Blvd line will begin testing this December. This is much faster than the 7 line because when you’re outside you can only do your work during the day so as not to disturb people sleeping. Since the 7 runs every few minutes during the weekdays they could only do the work on weekends. Since Queens Blvd is all underground they’ve been ending M service early and doing the work every night! So it’s much easier to do the work underground than outside
  13. Once a month is for the outside of the train. Once every two and a half months for the inside! 😮
  14. I think by not funding it that means it's cancelled until the 2 states can come up with the money
  15. http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2017/12/federal_funding_deal_for_gateway_tunnel_project_no.html

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