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  1. I did read that you have a site. I'll check it out. But yeah, same here - nothing new to report..LOL. You know, it's the funniest thing - right after you visited my profile it went haywire. Did you spam me?? LOL ---j/k.

  2. Hey what's up! Yeah, so I'm constantly changing the vid on the profile.I love that movie..

  3. Happpy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day!

  4. Yeah, the line at the end was kinda f*@#!% up, but the vid is funny as hell..

  5. Yeah, definitely a classic in my book..

    Guy: Where's your Grandpa right now?

    Olive: In the trunk of our car


  6. I generally try to stick to what I know or I'll offer an opinion here or there. I'm not as knowledgeable as you fellas are when it comes to trains, buses, etc. So I just let you guys do all the posting when it comes to those topics ;) but when I can get involved I will :)

  7. I replied to you via PM

  8. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the comment ;). No, I don't work for the TA. I just came across the site and thought it was interesting....

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