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  1. The M3! 125st will and Amsterdam will always Kill the M101. Which is Faster From Washington Heights To Simpson St? Bx11 or Bx35
  2. Oh! so you used it in that way... ok! See... i don't disrespect anybody on here nor do i talk slick talk anybody on here... y'all talk real tough in these forums.. thats why i really don't say much! id give out my run number and schedule and invite some of y'all so say the things y'all say on here to my face, but........... A lot of y'all aint built like that! y'all might run back to Transit and try to report me! lol
  3. Its INTERNET!!!! hands off that keyboard until you finish your level 1 grammar homework for Christmas break.
  4. Nah!........... Thats Not perfect! But ok!
  5. First off, I'm typing extremely fast not looking over what i typed! secondly watch you're mouth! You don't want that smoke with me!! Stay in you're lane!...
  6. Y'all ask for a lot of unrealistic things! if you go back in history, the Independents made the Lines different for a reason! they wasn't meant to be made alike!... The is fine the way it is! Passengers are just spoiled!
  7. No its not!!!! its the same set up! so it can do the same as the .... i correct myself again.. on burnside the North Bound switch are north South Bound are south, but it can still be done! Ok i correct myself AGAIN.. i see your point again and you are kind of correct because for it to get done they would have to get that south bound train out of Middle track so the North bound can get in.. ok your kind of right!
  8. Well Damn!! i operate The everyday! and you are telling me That there aren't switches on each track?!?!?!?.. How much you wanna bet on this because there have been time where i went express from 167/149 to burnside and switch from Express to local BOTH WAYS!.. if they wanted to do that same set up as the north of burnside it can be done!..... or maybe you are not explaining yourself correctly.. ok.. i went back and reread... i understand what you are talking about, but parkchester and burnside has the same track set up!!! The both switch North of the stations......... so what are you talking about?!?!?!?!?
  9. There have Ben times when i was working the 5, Ill leave Franklin only to get held at the junction so a bum as that entered the station after i left can cross ahead of me! smh!
  10. Yeah, But The pAssengers will never understand it! LoL
  11. Well they could be a regular crew during the Night but the end the trip with a Lay Up!.. That one train probably been on the road all night and its getting put into the yard to be serviced. A lot of Trains rotate!. Like one of my Trips, i report to Mosholu Tower, But Instead of going to Mosh Yard , I go to Concourse Yard to get My train, Then i go Straight into Service from the Yard to Kingsbridge. But Ill end my day at Woodlawn! all schedules are different
  12. i don't understand exactly what you are asking me.. what do you mean by what was don't before trains to burnside started?
  13. Well The Thing with the Northbound trains, It those burnside stops are actually not short turns! 80% of those guys doing those runs are Midnight guys who are bringing the train back to the yard. Not a lot of those trains are going back south! same with trains that terminate at Beford Park And yes.. those T/O create those Gap filler problems because the went past the mark, or the went out too fastened CHOW!
  15. Yeah!!!!! This is pretty much accurate. The Gap Fillers are really not a big issue thou........... Unless a T/O Decides he wanna wrap it up and CHOW!!!!! Nostrand Junction is not a big Issue for the either because it doesn't have to wait for anybody to get past... Normally the would stop the and let a go!.. that way the following & goes thru. But sometimes they even screw that up!
  16. Theres already switches at burnside!!!!!! The goes express everyday in the bronx........ you just gotta be lucky to catch that 1 thats going express! LoL...
  17. im baffled by this!!!!! :Lots of stops???? Really????
  18. As a Train Operator that works the line 3 days a week,.... Nah.... the is fine!
  19. ehhh,, so i see they gonna send the Bx35 back there on the New sheridan Expwy that they Destroyed and put new traffic lights and all this extra stuff on! Make use of that area asap!.. for all that they should have just sent it all the way to West Fams!
  20. right but you know on some runs the 41 then turns into a 39 up to 241, so i don't see it being hard to do but ill look into that!.. crazy I'm a train operator and know more about the buses.. lol
  21. Also looking at how they are extending the Bx11 and taking it off those small roads, i can see them turning it arctic soon!
  22. you know... thats a good question but i think the Bx41 will continue to turn into a Bx39 at night.. that being said, I'm assuming
  23. Funny i posted the cover a year ago and about 60% of what i mentioned happened.. i was hanging out at West Farms yesterday with a friend and i looked at the pick board. it looks like the Bx39 is going to West Farms and the Bx15 will be all Kingsbridge!
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