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  1. Coney Island Av

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Today I was out on the for a few hours. I got word an R142A schoolcar was heading up Pelham so I decided to fan that. It eventually rested on Hunts Point middle for about 15-30 minutes, and afterward, it made a few roundtrips between the latter and 3 Av-138 St. However, while the train was at Hunts Point, the conductor changed the program to this! And no, I didn't ask him to change it.
  2. Coney Island Av

    Pedestrian Observations: "Our Brooklyn Bus Redesign"

    This is the same guy that made a dumb proposal to deinterline the subway system. I don't need to criticize anything because IMO, this plan reeks of service cuts. It's gonna do more harm than good in this case. Just because there's bus routes within one block to the subway doesn't mean they should go...IMO... The only thing I can do is this:
  3. Coney Island Av

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I completely understand this. I just as badly want all the four-car R179s in service as you do. However, even though I don't like to do this, we have to be patient. There's still plenty of wiggle room between today and the shutdown for all the R179s to be on property.
  4. Coney Island Av

    Track book photo contest and call for submissions

    I'm gonna try it out. I have a few good photos on my Canon Rebel T6 (which I recently got), and I only use optical zooming IINM. Also, are we allowed to submit more than one photo?
  5. Coney Island Av

    New York City Subway car listing

    You're right. I accidentally left out 3454-3455, and I saw 3726-3727 in service on the . So that leaves about 38 R32s left at ENY instead of 34.
  6. Coney Island Av

    R179 Discussion Thread

    It's 3142-3145 and 3146-3149. That set is the next one to enter service.
  7. Coney Island Av

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Wait so they're still running? I thought they were all retired. If they're still out there, what time do they usually run?
  8. Coney Island Av

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    What's going to happen with those 1996 RTS that are being stored at LGA?
  9. This new SIM9 will basically be the old X6 (albeit truncated to Hylan/Richmond). I agree they should swap the SIM7 and SIM9 (since they should maintain the old pattern of New Dorp via Hylan, ETC via Father Capodanno) and the SIM9 and SIM10 should both be truncated to New Dorp as well. Also, I'm currently making my own version of the express bus network. Stay tuned for more.
  10. Coney Island Av

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It's not underground. It's simply hidden under the Linden Plaza Apartment Complex, kind of like in a similar fashion to Harlem-148 St on the . In reality, while it may seem to be underground, it's actually at-grade.
  11. Coney Island Av

    R179 Discussion Thread

    It won't be long until the last sets of R32s at ENY leave for the because there are only 34 left in-service on the . The R42s will also move out of ENY once all the R32s are at 207 St.
  12. Coney Island Av

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    3476-3477 and 3726-3727.
  13. Coney Island Av

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    Enough. It's your own fault that your "best/worst" thread got locked... Instead of writing coherently, listening to our advice, and/or being more chill, you deliberately made the decision to lash out/whine at us for no apparent reason. We're trying to be helpful, but you refuse to accept that... And also, this thread is really not the place to complain about what happened. Just stop with the obscenity, and move on.
  14. Coney Island Av

    New York City Subway car listing

    3376-3377, 3396-3397, 3406-3407, 3426-3427, 3442-3443: ENY to 207 St 3430-3431, 3500-3501, 3550-3551, 3628-3669, 3900-3901: Also to 207 St Remaining R32s on the : 3578-3579, 3650-3767, 3670-3671, 3698-3699, 3716-3717, 3736-3737, 3770-3775, 3778-3779, 3780-3781, 3870-3871, 3886-3887, 3912-3913, 3938-3939 (34 cars total, four sets)
  15. Coney Island Av

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    This is one shot I took today of the station: And this a much-better photo to compare with the new station: (Courtesy of nyc subway.org)


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