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  1. honestly Cuomo and the MTA should be lucky Byford is reconsidering and giving them a second chance. he's been hassled and bossed around far too much by our "glorious" governor that if we had anyone else besides him in the position, they definitely would've resigned without a single question asked. thankfully Byford is smart enough to not fall into the atmosphere of intense pressure... Also this a second chance for the governor and MTA to get their acts together and let Byford do his job...assuming they actually do learn this time...
  2. Im honestly surprised this thread is still alive! I have only met like a few people on here as mentioned earlier but I think I saw @Union Tpke when fanning the nostalgia trip with the R9s and gate cars along both the and recently. and also met @TheNewYorkElevated before when fanning the vintage buses and the former. I still have yet to meet @LaGuardia Link N Tra though I know one day we'll finally meet in person (maybe at the parade of trains a month from now tsk tsk... )
  3. My thoughts on the project: I know its for the greater good but it really is sad to see so many of the historic features on the platform being removed. I will also heavily miss the R62As with the ads after it eventually reverts to using R142As... The spot where you can see the is breathtaking and a good place for shots same with the curve the shuttle makes to enter Times Square...
  4. Surprised that the 1st gens are still running given there's only two of them.... normally the MTA is scrap-happy with buses as seen with most of the 1st and 2nd gen hybrids and before the RTS/D60s...
  5. To try and clarify a bit more There are to 145 programs but I think they're all spliced just like the to 168 and to 96.....I know this because I was able to hear some sample recordings of the announcement from social media.
  6. My shots of the fireworks and & trains from Smith-9 Sts on 7/4/19, hope ya'll enjoy...
  7. For August 3-5: TRACK MAINTENANCE Aug 3 - 5, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon Service between 96 St, Manhattan and 241 St, the Bronx is replaced by trains and free shuttle buses trains run between Flatbush Av, Brooklyn and 96 St, Manhattan. trains make all stops in the Bronx between 149 St-Grand Concourse and 241 St. Express shuttle buses run nonstop between 96 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse. Local shuttle buses make all stops between 96 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse. • Transfer in the Bronx between trains and shuttle buses at 149 St-Grand Concourse. • Transfer in Manhattan between trains and shuttle buses at 96 St or between and trains at Fulton St.
  8. Observations of the R42s from what I've seen as of late: The R42s aren't limited to rush hours only like some people have observed. ENY normally brings out 1-2 sets of R42s on the weekends for service. They're still being used on a regular basis for now.
  9. I dont post often on here anymore but this is my opinion on the matter: This reorganization plan is absolutely horrid and disgusting. Byford was hired to SAVE the system, but Cuomo and other corrupt officials have only made this entire thing completely worse. This plan will have absolutely NO positive impact on not just the agency but New York as a whole. We barely have anyone in MTA that knows whats happening given that their all ill prepared, equipped, and not as mindful. Byford is one of the few people that knows the corruption behind the scenes, the man who can fix it, but if he gets stripped of power, all hope of fixing the system will be lost. Everything is already bad enough as it is, from the massively scaled down project to the removal of the M14 SBS bus lanes. Not to mention the fact that this also may threaten the MUSEUM. The museum preserves all the retired antique equipment to keep history alive- yet all that may be put to neglect with this plan. I'll see what I can do to speak up for this, but for now, I'd also encourage everyone else to see this thread and speak up!
  10. Honestly, even if this is true Cuomo would face severe opposition from the MTA and general public. Not to mention the amount of dedicated work and effort that goes in to preserving stuff...
  11. Absolutely great news for the museum! We officially have a D60HF in the museum fleet (5534, or 117 after it got renumbered). I know it's already been reported over in the scrapped equipment thread, but this is huge news and 5534 will be the first articulated bus in the collection. However, there's also ANOTHER bus that is pending preservation! According to the TTMG roster, 6326 (a 1999 Orion V) also might be preserved! We do have the 1993 Orion V (93001) and the two ex-Beeline roadeo buses (174 and 180), but we haven't had a 1999 Orion V added to the museum collection before. Regardless of whether it's too similar to the 1993s or not, the possible addition of this bus is certainly an accomplishment! Currently both 5534 and 6326 are stored at ECH presumably awaiting restoration. We also have 4904 and 8971 up there (both preserved) in addition.
  12. Do the R46s even still run on the at this point? They've essentially stopped running on the latter from what i've seen... (apologies if i sound dumb, haven't really been keeping up to date with this thread)
  13. Thoughts: -It's ironic that they eliminate the BxM11 (or turn it into the BxM5 rather) yet they don't even bother fiddling with the Bx39 which also runs directly under the ... -The Bx15/M125 split is honestly a bad idea just like the M5/M55 fiasco. Same thing with the M100 being cut to Amsterdam/125th. 125 St is such a major corridor, and the only way this could work is if the M60 SBS is heavily increased in service. -The Bx6 SBS change is something I honestly agree with. Having visited Hunts Point before, it's literally an industrial wasteland with little residential houses. The only places in Hunts Point where there's a considerable amount of housing is west of the Bruckner. Anything east of that is literally tumbleweeds. I don't think anyone would care if the Bx6 SBS were to be rerouted because given the area is very low-density, the Bx6 Local and Bx46 would do fine there. -The BxM17 is actually interesting and not bad. It provides support to the BxM7, and gives Co-op City express access to Lower Manhattan. -Cutting the Q50 to PBP is honestly a bad idea. That route is very crucial in connecting not just Co-op City with Queens, but also the East Bronx in general. If the Q50 were to be cut back, it would lose a significant amount of ridership... Not to mention that the Bx23 might have to be heavily increased in order for it to be the sole Co-op City Loop service. Also, the Bx26 and Bx28 don't need to have their Co-op City terminals changed. They work fine as-is and it wouldn't really make a difference slightly cutting them back.
  14. 3253-3257 is now being delivered to NYC. The amount of five-car sets we have now are: 3010-3019, 3238-3252, and now 3253-3257.
  15. Honestly, MTA did have to retire the RTS at some point regardless of how long they could last, but what they should've done was keep at least half or one-third of the RTS in service until the XD40 and LFS orders were completed. That way, we wouldn't have had to worry about any shortages, and the additional RTS could've been used as storage in case of an emergency. Plus it's not like every single neighborhood complained about them. ENY and Brownsville were the only neighborhoods mainly complaining. The rest of the neighborhoods weren't complaining a lot, and even if they did, complaints there were in the minority. And besides, they were the best buses that could hold up at such a long lifespan. There were other buses that were in much worse condition than the RTS at even just 15-16 years of age.

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