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  1. honestly it's not a matter of making reliable cars available for service. the MTA just needs all the cars it can get in this scenario, regardless of whether it is an R32 or not.
  2. EDIT: Can we get a mod to lock this? after trying 30 mins to create a new account i finally was able to bypass the issue and now i am all set with my new reddit account. with that being said, lock/delete this thread mods.
  3. because the MTA is using them on the as a way to promote social distancing guidelines better by spreading crowds out given the is normally four cars. by giving the eight cars, it would allow riders to follow the latter more to prevent the spread of the virus.
  4. another problem is that while the 211s will also possibly get a minor delay due to the virus the majority of them will not be in service until fall-winter 2021 (possibly even early 2022 due to the virus) because they need to test. even if they do arrive (not enter service) as scheduled during the summer it would not matter considering the MTA would not have that many crews to commence testing it assuming that this goes on past summer. you are certainly right however that if service needs remain this low for the foreseeable future it it reasonable to retire the R32s.
  5. honestly even though the R32s are likely retired they probably won't be getting scrapped anytime soon because A) some people have stated that the MTA doesn't officially have a scrap contract out yet and B) even if they do, it's gonna be delayed for a long while due to the coronavirus. i really am not sure how they can get away with this given this only makes sense with the current service needs during the pandemic. when the city reopens this will only get worse now that we have less cars to use.
  6. do you happen to know the numbers for those R32s? i already know the numbers for the ten already in work service (3494-95, 3510-11, 3552-53, 3642-43, 3694-95)
  7. honestly i knew that the R32s were only oos for now due to the pandemic. all of the points everyone mentioned here i totally agree with and/or understand. another reason why the R32s have no choice but to stay on property is because the R211s have a likely chance of being delayed due to the virus (since kawasaki shut down if i am not mistaken). as for the R42s, i believe it is best to keep them where they are now- mothballed/in storage. by placing them in storage, they can easily be used in the event of an emergency or extra service requirements. the won't need them for now unless the R179s have major issues again.
  8. the R40M pair apart of the museum (4480-81) is apparently at 207 St now according to wikipedia. i also spotted that pair layed up at concourse a few years back. another big mystery is the one R32 GE pair that is still alive today (3594-95). it is apparently at floyd bennett field for police related stuff but there are absolutely no pictures of it.
  9. honestly there really was nothing wrong with the Phase II R32s besides their unreliable breaking systems. their bodies were in pristine condition like the Phase Is, only reason why MTA decided to get rid of them before the rest was because of the reason I mentioned earlier and they also basically wanted all the old equipment out at the time with the R160s coming in. as for the CI R42s, yeah those were in terrible shape. its amazing how the R32s have outlived the R38s, R40/R40Ms, NYCT R44s, and now the R42s throughout the years.
  10. once the jamaica-coney island swap is complete, would CI need some more additional R46s from 207/pitkin?
  11. 3376-77, 3380-81, 3500-01, 3574-75, 3716-17, 3774-75, 3888-89 along with 3628-3669 back in service (according to the fleet swap thread)
  12. basically, the original 3669 was damaged in a derailment along the Franklin shuttle in 1974. meanwhile, 3628-29 were involved in a collision with an R42 in 1971. 3629 was scrapped, and 3668 was renumbered to 3669 (which is the one that @MeeP15-9112 is talking about), and the new 3669 (aka ex-3668) was paired up with 3628, and voila. that's why 3628-3669 are paired up like that.
  13. looks like the man responsible behind this tragedy has now been identified/shown on camera according to this. https://www.pix11.com/news/local-news/manhattan/man-wanted-in-connection-to-fatal-subway-fire-police
  14. i see. could u possibly elaborate on what exactly happened with the firefighters? reason why i brought them up was because i wasn't aware of any type of incidents they were involved in as a part of this just as u said. i also have not even seen the photos relating to such incident on the firefighters because idk where the link is at. (though i have seen the video of someone exploring the smoke-filled station)
  15. honestly even i was shocked to see the extensive damage to the R142. however, i am not mad nor upset regarding the fate of this specific set, just shocked about the amount of damage i saw. in all honesty, i agree with what u, VG8 and others said earlier. keep in mind i am directing this post not just for those who only care about that R142, but also towards u guys for what i believe is the most logical thing to do. with that being said, we should put the matters regarding that extensively damaged R142 to the side for now. that does not mean we should not talk about it at all (or at least that's what i think). the ongoing priority is to find all the perpetrators who intentionally did this asinine act of arson/destruction, and properly convict/punish them. we should also honor and mourn the deceased operator for sacrificing his life to get many to safety, and also try to support his family, which needs to cope with this loss. and i am also surprised that no one here has mentioned the firefighters. more than 100 responded at a time which would normally be super quiet and they were brave enough to walk into the smoke-filled station to get the passengers out, which is something also to be noted. once the cases have closed, and all of those who were injured/wounded in the incident have fully recovered, then we can talk about that damaged R142 set. since it is the least of everyone's priorities for now, casting it aside will pose no issue as more information regarding the set will likely be available in the near future, after everything has been settled.
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