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  1. honestly the MTA is never gonna recover from this. byford was their only hope/chance to improve but we just had to see the corrupt Albany officials alongside emperor cuomo outright throw all the progress he was gonna make down the drain. i really have no other words besides the ones explained above...
  2. the 8-car 179 fleet should ideally be split between the and the so that the latter can be full length. besides, it being full length is needed due to increases in ridership. expanding ENY Yard is costly and i don't personally think it will happen anytime soon due to the MTA already having the costly burden of the 211 contract, ESA, SAS Phase 2, etc. the 143s should stay where they are for service with a few spares for the if needed. the 160s should either stay where they are or some can also be sent to the alongside the 179s for additional service.
  3. gotcha. knew i missed something. i know byford said that the 179s will go back into service this week, but is it really all of them? it could just be some of them returning this week, which i'll expect, but i don't think that all of them are gonna return all at once. also, even tho the prototype set for the 211 is arriving this summer, we won't be getting them en masse until 2021 which when the prototype set is scheduled to finish testing. so at the bare minimum, the 32s wont be going anywhere till 2021-2022 even if some retire this year. for the 42s, we just have to wait to see what will happen to them when the 179s return.
  4. according to this report both the 32s and 42s won't be officially retired until August 2023. the 46s are set to go in December 2024, with some being retired alongside the 32s/42s in 2023. the 179s might not end up replacing the 42s (again) cause even Byford himself isn't really satisfied with them and Bombardier due to the incident. and also, the 179s aren't all coming back at once. i think they've stated that they will re-enter service one by one till all cars are back given that there's probably a bunch of sets that still didn't get inspected yet.
  5. honestly this bullshit with the R179s just proves that the 42s and all of the 32s have to be kept around at least until the 211s set foot on property. take for example what happened back in 2008-10 when the MTA scrapped all the R40Ms and lots of Phase I 32s plus most of the 42s just to throw all the old equipment out the window but then it came back to bite when the 44s retired. MTA simply has to keep them on property in case events like these f**k up the road. theres simply no way theyre gonna trash the 32s/42s at this point when they had to pull an ENTIRE fleet OOS. and while they could retire them (again) when the 179 issues are fixed theres still a chance they (the 179s) can/will screw up again knowing how defective they can be...
  6. yesterday I was out on the and counted about four sets total in service. one set is in ENY sitting OOS because some foamers stole the rollsigns from some of the cars. also, the back car of the consist is tagged with graffiti. there's somewhat of a chance that the R42s can come out this weekend due to the lack of R179s... also, are there any refuse R32s operating in service?
  7. just played catch-up since i havent posted in like forever: but damn, this is definitely a major blow to MTA. it proves that bombardier simply cant be trusted anymore with their contracts. i can see 42s MAYBE running on the unless they want them all on the and also they could send the 32s to ENY for the as well.
  8. honestly Cuomo and the MTA should be lucky Byford is reconsidering and giving them a second chance. he's been hassled and bossed around far too much by our "glorious" governor that if we had anyone else besides him in the position, they definitely would've resigned without a single question asked. thankfully Byford is smart enough to not fall into the atmosphere of intense pressure... Also this a second chance for the governor and MTA to get their acts together and let Byford do his job...assuming they actually do learn this time...
  9. Im honestly surprised this thread is still alive! I have only met like a few people on here as mentioned earlier but I think I saw @Union Tpke when fanning the nostalgia trip with the R9s and gate cars along both the and recently. and also met @TheNewYorkElevated before when fanning the vintage buses and the former. I still have yet to meet @LaGuardia Link N Tra though I know one day we'll finally meet in person (maybe at the parade of trains a month from now tsk tsk... )
  10. My thoughts on the project: I know its for the greater good but it really is sad to see so many of the historic features on the platform being removed. I will also heavily miss the R62As with the ads after it eventually reverts to using R142As... The spot where you can see the is breathtaking and a good place for shots same with the curve the shuttle makes to enter Times Square...
  11. Surprised that the 1st gens are still running given there's only two of them.... normally the MTA is scrap-happy with buses as seen with most of the 1st and 2nd gen hybrids and before the RTS/D60s...
  12. To try and clarify a bit more There are to 145 programs but I think they're all spliced just like the to 168 and to 96.....I know this because I was able to hear some sample recordings of the announcement from social media.
  13. My shots of the fireworks and & trains from Smith-9 Sts on 7/4/19, hope ya'll enjoy...
  14. For August 3-5: TRACK MAINTENANCE Aug 3 - 5, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon Service between 96 St, Manhattan and 241 St, the Bronx is replaced by trains and free shuttle buses trains run between Flatbush Av, Brooklyn and 96 St, Manhattan. trains make all stops in the Bronx between 149 St-Grand Concourse and 241 St. Express shuttle buses run nonstop between 96 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse. Local shuttle buses make all stops between 96 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse. • Transfer in the Bronx between trains and shuttle buses at 149 St-Grand Concourse. • Transfer in Manhattan between trains and shuttle buses at 96 St or between and trains at Fulton St.
  15. Observations of the R42s from what I've seen as of late: The R42s aren't limited to rush hours only like some people have observed. ENY normally brings out 1-2 sets of R42s on the weekends for service. They're still being used on a regular basis for now.
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