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  1. Honestly, MTA did have to retire the RTS at some point regardless of how long they could last, but what they should've done was keep at least half or one-third of the RTS in service until the XD40 and LFS orders were completed. That way, we wouldn't have had to worry about any shortages, and the additional RTS could've been used as storage in case of an emergency. Plus it's not like every single neighborhood complained about them. ENY and Brownsville were the only neighborhoods mainly complaining. The rest of the neighborhoods weren't complaining a lot, and even if they did, complaints there were in the minority. And besides, they were the best buses that could hold up at such a long lifespan. There were other buses that were in much worse condition than the RTS at even just 15-16 years of age.
  2. 3190-3193 and 3206-3209 are apparently now on the
  3. This weekend I got quite a few shots of the R179s and R32s on the (I mean )... This was the first time that not just the R179s, but also NTTs in general have run on one of the shuttles. The R179s actually looked good running on the shuttle for once. Anyways...
  4. I will really miss the RTS. They were my absolute favorite buses, even moreso than the D60HFs and Orion Vs. I've caught them on many, many routes, out of many, many depots. I sadly didn't make it to the display at 2 Broadway mainly because of school, which I couldn't afford to skip. However, I waited at Quill for the RTS to show up, so I could catch them heading back inside the depot. After a little while, I saw both 5241 and 5249 on the West Side Highway, not too far away from the Circle Line ferry terminal (the M42/M50 terminal). What I didn't expect was that the two buses layed over for a little while at the terminal for photo shoots. I'll try and post more pics later. But for now, enjoy, and see if you can spot the difference between 5241 and 5249!
  5. What's with all this commotion about the RTS being displayed on Monday? Is there a specific time it will be on display because I might wanna check it out if I have the chance? I already know it'll most likely be at 2 Broadway.
  6. I mean even though the RTS are "retired" there's still a lot of nostalgic buses left. The buses I will focus on now are: Short-Term 2001-2002 MCI D4500 (out of CP, YUK, ECH, BP) 2002-2004 Orion VII Hybrids (out of MHV and QV) Both of these will retire soon, and the 2001-02 MCIs will most likely be the first ones to be killed by the new express order given how old they are. Long-Term 2004-2007 MCI 2004-2007 Orion VII Hybrids 2010-2019 LFSA 2017-2019 XN60 2011-2019 LFS Things I won't fan: Orion VII NGs (least favorite bus) XD40s XN40s
  7. The wound isn't deep lmao. It's not like the doctors have bad band-aid maintenance... Back on topic... Although 7815 and 7817 may still be at WF, there most likely just waiting to be scrapped or moved to ECH because none of the Orion VII CNGs at WF have seen service since last week...
  8. I'm very disappointed about this as well. The MTA pulled the RTS from service fast over petty complaints just over broke residents from the Brownsville and ENY area yet wealthy UES residents didn't complain about the Quill RTS. Besides, the RTS obviously had a lot of life, and they could've made it to 25 years of service if maintained/rebuilt properly. Now in June or July that constant want to get rid of the RTS will come back to bite them in the a** as there's most likely gonna be a shortage by then. The article about residents complaining was also highly inaccurate, and was most likely just done without any prior knowledge or research. I swear the agency can't do anything right nowadays smh... Other than that, I'll really miss the RTS. They were my favorite buses by a long shot, and I would hunt them down often over fanning the subway and catching XD40s (which I find to be inferior). I caught them at ENY, Quill, Jamaica, Flatbush, Fresh Pond, Grand Av, and LGA on a lot of routes. They've also outlived both the D60HFs and Orion Vs, and they even also outlived the Orion VII CNGs (although not officially retired, they've been a no-show throughout the last few days, so it's safe to say there done).
  9. My rarest catches: -1996 RTS 9307 on the Q69, Q72, Q101 (when there were only two-three 1996s left, they mostly ran on the Q102 shuttle) -1998-1999 RTS 5204 on the B26 -2002-2003 D60HF 114 on the M14A (after Quill lost its D60s) -2003-2004 Orion VII CNG 7819 on the Bx19 (snow loan) -2002-04 Orion VII Hybrid 6415 on the M1 and M7 (green-signed) -2002-04, 2006-07 Orion VII Hybrids on the Bx8, Bx11 and Bx35 (green-signed, plus the orange-signed 2006s) -2001 MCI D4500 2209 on the QM31 (rare now since there are just two 2001s left in the city) -2002 MCI D4500 2848 on the BM3 (recently when BP loaned 2848 to SC) -2017-2018 Alexander Dennis SuperLo 0022 and MCI CRT LE 0023 demos (caught both on the X17J) I know most, or all of these catches weren't rare back in the day, but to me they're rare since I only started busfanning recently (mid-2018).
  10. Actually, they went from 20 to 14, then it dropped to ten. These scrap moves happened over the weekend and today.
  11. Home routes: Bx19, M3, M10 Rare bus catches for me: RTS: -9307 on the Q69, Q72, and Q101 (in November-December 2018, so rare as only 9307 and 9348 were remaining back then) -5204 on the B26 (rare even before the RTS started retiring) D60HF: -114 (ex-5559) on the M14A (in January 2019, way after Quill lost its D60HF) -1098 (a 1996-1998 D60) on the M15 back in 2009, the only pre-2002 D60HF I caught since I didn't really do a lot of busfanning back in the day Orion VII: -7819 on the Bx19 (only happened due to snow loans, January 2019) -6415 on the M1 and M7 (same reason above) Didn't catch a lot of rare stuff since I only got into busfanning seriously last year.
  12. Ulmer is clinging onto it's nine remaining RTS, Quill still has 19 RTS, and FB has 13 RTS, so altogether, there's still 41 in active service. Overall, I've caught the RTS out of these depots: ENY Flatbush Fresh Pond Grand Av Jamaica LGA Quill Ulmer Park
  13. Is it just me or do I think that tomorrow's gonna be a full blown disaster along the ? Remember the weekend shutdown starts tomorrow.
  14. While FB and MJQ have been mass retiring the RTS as of late, it's been slow the last few days for Ulmer Park. 4996 and 5090 are both out right now on the B6 and B3 respectively and it remains to be seen if the last eight RTS out of Ulmer make it through the weekend (knowing MTA, they probably won't).
  15. If the XD40 order for WF is already complete, then what's gonna replace the last five remaining Orion VII CNGs there?

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