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  1. i'm looking at wikipedia and it says that 9333 and 9344 (R33WF refuse motors) are oos. can anyone possibly confirm if this is true or not? reason being is that the R42s are allegedly replacing the remaining redbird work cars.
  2. his point still stands... regardless of whatever logic you're proposing you could easily bring it up in the what if thread. and the title like he pointed out is misleading because it implies that the MTA is actually considering such a move.
  3. @MHV9218 i know this has probably been noticed a while ago, but sadly the original 1980s-era "Akidenz-Grotesk?" rollsigns on 3510-11 have unfortunately been vandalized. i caught it last week doing refuse service along the (with R42 pair 4830-31), and while the destination signs are still intact, the route bullet signs are missing... if you want pictures for proof then i can gladly upload them later.
  4. honestly abandoning nassau would just be more detrimental. while SAS may seem to deem it redundant, Lower Manhattan is still a heavily crowded area and abandoning a line is the last thing we need especially if ridership will continue to go up (albeit after the pandemic ends). besides we already have plenty of redundancy throughout the system (like the and on 42nd, the and in the Bronx, etc.) i am not sure if connecting it to SAS would seem wise considering that train riders would miss out on a key transfer point (Fulton) since service would have to be cut back to chambers. while they do have the in this scenario, connections to the would be slightly inconvenient considering that it would require a two-legged transfer (assuming there is a connection with SAS at chambers). as for the SAS-Williamsburg connection, you are correct that it would lack transfer options, but it would still bring riders towards midtown nonetheless like the current does. another problem with either connection is that there would not be any room for the to fit. you cannot have the or the plus two SAS services crossing the bridge at the same time as it would mess up service along the broadway el.
  5. add 4830-31 to that list as well (i caught them today on the refuse train via QBL/culver/crosstown)
  6. i guess this means that they will replace the current R33WF redbirds in work service then...
  7. do you actually understand what he is saying in his post? because the tone you are portraying in your post here points to the contrary...
  8. already reported in other threads but the 32s are confirmed to be coming back on the beginning this wednesday.
  9. i can understand your current mentality with the situation at hand but the pandemic isn't as severe here like it was back in march. if you said this back in march or april even i would definitely agree considering how traumatic the spread of the virus was back then. but now things are a lot safer than before and while we do have to wear face coverings the city is basically almost back to normal. and just because the virus is spreading in other parts of the country doesn't mean we cannot take protective measures to prevent it from coming back here again as we already know how the virus can get widely transmitted. convincing new yorkers to hide indoors for the entire summer is definitely not happening. while the city was basically nothing but empty during march, now, more people are starting to go outside again and enjoy themselves because they are tired of being miserable and staying indoors. being indoors can induce a severe mental toll on the body, like anxiety, depression, or being miserable in general. no one wants to value logic over their own emotions during this time especially since they've been carrying an emotional and psychological burden for more than three months now. and given that the city is now slowly easing the lockdown restrictions, unlike in florida, texas, or arizona where they opened everything too early or quickly, this will only further motivate and justify the need for people to be outside now. and as for the railfanning part, as long as you wear a mask or face shield, avoid touching poles as much as you can, and fan alone, you should be fine when riding and/or fanning the subway. i recently started railfanning again in early june when i got word of the R160s being moved to the , wore proper face coverings, and it went just fine given that i was fanning alone. while you are correct that railfanning isn't essential, and i do agree with that, the best way to fan is to simply be more spread out and socially distant than usual. but in the end, its all your choice as for whether you want to go out or not. i'm just saying that because the effects of the pandemic have gradually lessened here, it partly justifies the need for more people to start going outside again.
  10. in all honesty, renaming both of these stations is bound to cause more confusion. they seriously aren't fine by simply renaming Franklin and keeping it at that? i know that the decision lies in the hands of those pesky lawmakers...but still...
  11. like others have pointed out, the base order of 211s will not be affected however there's a highly likely chance that it will be delayed due to the pandemic. they were originally suppose to arrive in july of this year but because of COVID we have no idea when to expect them. and as for where the cars will end up i believe it is too early to see where since we don't even have the base order on property.
  12. i think the reason why the is faster is because while it is local, it has less curves, the stops on Brighton are more spread out than on West End, and it is more of a direct shot into Midtown than the . also don't forget that it skips more stops than the in Manhattan (the only skips 14th and 23rd between Dekalb and 34th, by contrast, the skips Prince, 8th, 23rd, and 28th).
  13. the and (the local) would most likely be on par with each other in regards to travel time between 34th-CI. this is because similarly to the , the zig zags, curves, and has more stops on West End than the on Sea Beach (albeit only slightly less than the on Brighton), and doesn't fully go express until 36 St.
  14. not sure if this was already reported here but there was an R62 doing break testing on the out in the Rockaways. pretty unusual sight to see.
  15. another example would include the M9s. they also had quite a few delays before going into revenue service last year. https://www.newsday.com/long-island/transportation/new-trains-delayed-m9-lirr-1.31387548 this is probably why there's no guarantees as to how the 211s will turn out. even if they do get delivered on time, it still takes time for them to test (about a year) so they won't be arriving en masse until late 2021 at the earliest. it is essential to fix all of the problems with the R179s in order to make sure that service is running reliably without any shortages before the 211s arrive. this is probably one of the main reasons why the MTA is doing a through examination and analysis on their unreliability issues.

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