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  1. A Sincere Apology

    Ok guys. Let's just listen to @RR503 and move on from this... And @Jemorie, I will admit the third part is repetitive, but why the first and second part?
  2. A Sincere Apology

    I created this thread solely because I need to apologize to ya'll over PMs. I created it here because it has to do with the R32 assignment thingy, but a mod can move it off-topic if they deem it "just an apology." Anyways, I know that I annoyed ya'll by trying to discuss the R32 assignment thingy in PM, but if I did, then I'm really sorry. I only wanted to make sure beforehand that if I brought up anything related to post-R179 assignments, the mocking/teasing wouldn't happen, and I wouldn't get conflicting messages. I 100% did not intend to deliberately spam or annoy you, because I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction. I was expecting everyone to say, "let's wait and see," or "continue the speculation," or just "drop the whole idea entirely." I didn't discuss it in public, because a lot of controversy would clog the toilet if I did, and a thread could potentially be locked. I also didn't wanna backseat mod, because @Lance said I should leave it to the mods. After all this, I hope you aren't either angry at me and/or disappointed. I knew the forum guidelines before I joined and didn't know that sending a PM to several people just to "discuss" a topic was against the guidelines. Either way, I won't do it again. If ya'll are still angry and/or annoyed, then I might step away from the forums for a little while, or continue to observe the forums, but refrain from posting. I'm not necessarily saying it's your fault for me stepping away, I'm saying I need to step away because of what I did. I'm also 100% sorry to @Lance and the other mods for apparently going against the guidelines, but again, I was unaware this was against the rules and wasn't expecting this to happen. At least it's not as severe as Canarsie or the mocking though. I understand your anger, you don't want notifications to flood your inbox, but all I wanted was a simple answer if we were to bring up this nonsense again. Next time, there should be a limit on how many members you can add for PM to make sure this never happens again. But if you don't want or have time to respond to my stupid PMs, why not just ignore my PM altogether? You don't have to give your thoughts or an answer, I'm not forcing you, but rather I'm encouraging you. Encouraging someone to do something isn't the same as forcing someone to do a simple task. For instance, @justhafactsencouraged, or recommended @LGA Link N train to join the forums. That doesn't mean he was forced to join, or had to join, he was only suggested to come here. Forcing, on the other hand, is like telling someone to do you a favor as if they were your slave or servant. At the end of the day, we can improve this in the future, if ya'll will listen to what I'll ramble on about for the next couple of minutes. Firstly, let's try to keep a bright head when talking about R32 and trains, R179 trains, and even R46 trains and R68 trains. I obviously know that not everyone agrees on the same thing, but can we be calm while speculating? Most of you who are opposed to the R32s setting foot in the Southern Division treat Montague like it's the end of the world when the Bridge goes out. But this is only information, not a severe issue like Hurricane Irma. We can't waste time over exaggerating just because of Montague. If you disagree with anyone, it's okay. But let's not force the mods to take action if something goes wrong. Secondly, let's stop the mocking/teasing/insults. You would probably feel sad if someone straight up teased/made fun of you. That's the same case for me. If cyber-bullying or mocking or any other insults continue, you'll only make yourself more of a jerk to the person who's being directed at. If we stopped, then everything could be peaceful and threads won't get locked. Third, let's try to keep threads the way they are, by staying on topic. I know I'm not a mod, I'm not merely requesting or demanding it, but rather I'm trying to follow the forum guidelines, which explicitly states going off-topic is frowned upon. Finally, if someone with credible information brings up anything related to the R32/R42/R160/R179 placement, instead of doing a lot pointless bickering/debating, try to just accept the fact they're trustworthy sources. I know for a fact, that deep down, somewhere in the deep fathoms of your brain, think that credible sources such as @Dj Hammers are indeed trustworthy, but you're too afraid to admit it. There's nowhere else we can put the R32s and R42s, and the only options left is the obvious ad ood. So please, let's just trust them, regardless if things can change. Whew, sorry for the long post. I only wanted my apology to be sincere, and genuinely show I really meant it. If I really didn't mean it, then I wouldn't have posted this acclaimed, constructive response. And again, to @Lance and any other members still angry, I'm really sorry, and 100% positive I didn't mean to annoy or offend you in anyway possible. I didn't know that making a topic in a PM was prohibited. I swear across my heart that I won't do this ever again. And @Lance, could you possibly give me suggestions through PM on what things are frowned upon by the forum, so I won't break the rules? Once again guys, I'm really sorry. With that being said, let's keep a positive vibe and try to move on from this incident. Accidents happen. And it is what it is. And even though one door has closed, another is bound to open. -
  3. Subway/Transit Parodies

    @Lance or @Cait Sith: (Could we get this pinned, so that people can easily access it, and get higher views?) I created this since @RR503 brought up the off-topic section for these silly posts. Fair warning, this will contain some high levels of foam, and please don't get offended Fiorello N Train. BTW, you wanted me to make another story. As for the rest of you viewing, please don't get offended by this too. I mean no harm. This is just for the laughs! Anyways... "The Railfan's Rarities" -a parody of "The Man, the boy, and the donkey..." A young boy called @LGA Link N train was observing a forum. This wasn't just any forum, it was a subway forum. Everyone was bashing on about the NYC Subway. He brought up a rare catch of an via Broadway. But one of the members there (or @Union Tpke to be exact) said, "This isn't a rare catch, it's a service change!" So @LGA Link N train went around to get another rare catch, and this time he brought up an R179 train. A member called @j express said, "This isn't rare enough, you can't put something that won't be rare in a few days! He went out again, and this time he brought up an R160 train. But I myself, @Coney Island Av, said, "This isn't rare enough, it happens occasionally!" @LGA Link N train then didn't know what to do, so he brought up a dream of an R142 train terminating at 137 St-City College. Unfortunate to the boy, @RR503 said it didn't count since it was just "a dream of foam" and didn't actually happen. Finally, @LGA Link N train was completely out of ideas. He pulled an Einstein and slammed his head against an opened textbook. Eventually, he grabbed a rollsign hex key, and messed with the rollsigns on an R68A with the conductor's permission, and it became an R68A to Coney Island! When he put up pictures of it on the forum, everyone burst out laughing. @Lawrence St was dying on the floor. @Coney Island Av was litterally laughing so hard that he cryed. LMAO's spammed his post, and there were like, one thousand million infinity googol of them. The conductor switched the signs back, and it became an average train once again. A retired, old, T/O, by the name of @Trainmaster5, said this: "That will teach you the moral." "Please all, and you please none. No matter how rare something is, it's just a train."
  4. R179 Discussion Thread

    Do you know how long the R179 will take to get to 145 St? Edit: NVM just checked and it will take about 58 min.
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    Are they still out now? What time did you catch the set? And where is the set at? Is it on 8 Av/CPW, Fulton St, or the Rockaways?
  6. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Actually, I think we should replace the weekend entirely with a service that runs from Bay Ridge-95 St, terminates at Chambers St days, and late nights/weekends to Metropolitan Av. We can call this service the aka the "Brown Bankers Special!" (Wally.exe has stopped working) In all seriousness, the best option is to extend the weekend to Broad St. It'll provide more options, just as @CenSin stated.
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    I left out a bit of info, because so many things are happening with the R179s! Anyways... 3094-3097 are also doing burn-in testing on the , and are stored at ENY instead of 207 St. This leaves 3082-3085 as the only set stored at 207 St, so if 3078-3081 or 3102-3105 get delivered, that set will follow suit to ENY or the Rockaways, respectively. In a few weeks, we will have three R179 4-car consists running on the . They are: 3058-3061, 3090-3093 3062-3065, 3066-3069 3086-3089, 3094-3097 If you're questioning my sources, here ya go: (NOT MY VIDEOS)
  8. R179 Discussion Thread

    Holy crap. Since we now know the status of 3010-3019, this means that I can create an update. 3010-3019- Still testing in the Rockaways, stored at Pitkin Yard 3050-3057- Testing on the line, stored at ENY Yard 3058-3065- Assigned to the in passenger service 3066-3069- Assigned to the in passenger service 3082-3085- Presumably stored/delivered to 207 St Yard 3086-3089- Burn-in testing on the , stored at ENY Yard 3090-3093- Assigned to the in passenger service 3094-3097- Stored at 207 St Yard 3098-3101- Testing in the Rockaways, stored at Pitkin Yard
  9. Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    He did say a new crossover will be built closer to 18th itself. So the will be fine turning at 18 Av, since capacity will be boosted once the necessary switches are added. Not just that, since 18 Av is aboveground, it allows cars from the to rest outside. As for the switch installment, I would cut the back to Church for 1-2 weekends, while free shuttle buses run to Coney. And the train terminating at Whitehall can simply be solved by extending it to Bay Pkwy on the at all times. But the only runs 6 TPH not because of capacity, it's due to the fact that there isn't enough equipment since it's shared with the . If TPH was increased, then we could send the to Brooklyn. As for Broadway Jct, that's only temporary, and the will be running normally in only 2 months from now. The switches are farther away from the station, as they're located closer to Chauncey St, which is the reason why capacity is constricted at the terminus. Now for the 18 Av extension- yes, today, capacity would be limited. But as mentioned earlier, necessary switches would be added so the can terminate at 18th efficiently.
  10. Enhanced Station Initiative

    I agree with @RR503. I went to 53 St a few months back. And what did I see? Only the walls were renovated/replaced, and mezzanine also looked cosmetic. However, that's about it. It looks nice on the outside, but that's the only thing it does. The MTA has to consider that these renovations are pointless with all the aforementioned things (ADA, new entrances, etc) being left out. The ESI renovations, IMO, are a "f**k you" to the disabled and local residents that have to walk a lot to the nearest station. I also agree with his point of the stations not being the most deteriorated. For example, they propose an ESI renovation of Arthur Kill, a station that's new and only opened 1 year ago. What's the point in doing that when the station isn't going to be dilapidated at all, and it already has ADA-accessibility. Most of the 4th Av stops look like stations from the 80's or 90's at best. That's fairly recent.
  11. Omg. This moron clearly is a fan of masturbation porn. If someone took a video off that...gross. It'd go viral over porn websites... But this man, while I don't intend to be the devil, should've been given a lifetime sentence in jail. 20 arrests, and still no action?
  12. Enhanced Station Initiative

    Is the heavily used enough to even warrant a station renovation? I'm asking this because people keep saying that despite the fact Lower Manhattan is a busy district, but Nassau is underutilized.
  13. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I'm going to share another proposal- this one is a bit foamish, however. Thoughts? The Liberty Av EL is demolished and replaced with a parallel subway running via Pitkin Av/Linden Blvd. Underserved transit deserts in Eastern Queens will now have subway access to Manhattan. : Normal route, 207 St to Far Rockaway. : 168 St, extended to 234 St-Cambria Heights near the Nassau County line via Linden Blvd, Fulton St express days, peak express between Cross Bay Blvd and Francis Lewis Blvd. : Replaces as Fulton Local, to Francis Lewis Blvd rush hrs, other times to Cross Bay Blvd. : Extended to Howard Beach-JFK via the RBB, with three rush hour trains running from Rockaway Park to 2 Av-Houston. Other times, this is replaced by split service between the two Rockaway terminus.
  14. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Totally with you. I mean, the Myrtle Elevated was abandoned for the same reason. There's no way it was staying as a result. And as for 3rd, it was demolished because the residents were promised to get a extension to Gun Hill as the replacement. That obviously didn't happen because the MTA ran out of funding. And the city never intended to let RBB rot, but it was never built. It was because either the MTA didn't have the funds to reactivate the northern half, or it was just forgotten. The "it would've been reactivated sooner" nonsense is just like saying, if Hillside Av was dense enough, the would've been extended to the City Line. It was proposed, but never built. So a subway extension on the RBB would be viable and beneficial, but we still have to consider overcrowding...
  15. What is the most rarest catch you've ever gotten in the subway?

    I'll update my list of rare catches. R160/R46 R142 to 168 St (caught it at 42 St-PABT) R179 during testing R68A train after SAS opened R46 / R68A via Broadway/2 Av to Metropolitan Av G.O back in 2013 R179 3050-3053 being transferred to ENY at 14 St


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