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  1. It's actually inevitable that the first production five-car sets will begin arriving soon. The four-car sets are close to wrapping up with delivery (only 3070-3, 3226-37 remain for deliveries), and since 3010-3019 passed the test, they can begin delivering five-cars. Keep in mind though that there are now 14 ten car trains instead of 12 like before...
  2. Yeah it's a shame that the RTS are leaving ENY pretty fast. First JFK, then LGA, then Grand bit the dust for their RTS. Now ENY may be the next depot to lose all its RTS. Flatbush and Ulmer may be the last since they haven't lost any RTS whatsoever in a long time and the XD40s aren't being diverted to those two depots. The RTS are basically my favorite buses; nothing will ever come close to beating them in my opinion. The D60HFs I also like, but they have also been dropping fast as of late. I like the green-signed ones better because they're more nostalgic than the orange ones. I've fanned them a lot as of late, and I've caught them on plenty of routes.
  3. Looks like we're getting close to the end of an era at WF. The Orion VII CNGs have been leaving fast as of late, and only SEVEN of them are left (145, 7792, 7815-7819). That's about the same amount of D60s at GH, which is also severely low. It seems as if the O7 CNGs will finally meet their end by the end of this month given that the tanks are beyond expiring and in poor condition. I will miss these buses, so catch them while we can!
  4. 3222-3225 is the next R179 to be delivered. 3224 and 3225 are waiting to cross the GWB as of right now. We're almost done with four-car set deliveries. We just need 3070-3, 3226-9, 3230-3, 3234-7 (or four sets), before delivery of the five-cars can commence.
  5. If anyone's interested, 6884 is on the Bx8 right now. (most likely a loan)
  6. No. All of the 's R160s got transferred back to ENY. The last sets of R160s went back to the recently a few weeks ago. To quote from the R32 Fleet Swap Thread:
  7. Good. So far we have: 3050-3069 (in service) 3074-3197 (in service) 3206-3217 (testing) 3218-3221 (being delivered) This means that we only have 3070-73, 3222-25, 3226-29, 3230-33, and 3234-37 left to be delivered before delivery of the five-car sets potentially gets underway.
  8. As for car assignments, I'm still on the fence over them until there's actual solid proof they're changing up. I don't expect even close-to-accurate info to be final, because nothing is really confirmed at this point, especially considering Cuomo's cancellation of the hard work and planning of the shutdown (which was already said to be definite a few months prior).
  9. Unfortunately, this means that some of the RTS may have to be renumbered when the XE60s arrive on property. They definitely will last into 2020 at current rate because there's still over 200 units still active. If some RTS units were to be renumbered, they could use numbers in the 1300s range or even the 1900-2000s range.
  10. Honestly, the reason why people are always saying "where's the R179 ?" is because they don't wanna be stuck waiting at a specific station for a long time just for the train to arrive/pass by, especially since the is the longest line there is. But yeah, it does get annoying when the pages of this thread are cluttered with these types of statements. I have a few solutions to this problem: -Waiting at Chambers St or Fulton St. It's in the middle of the line, so it'll take the same amount of times to catch it coming from Queens/Brooklyn and/or Inwood-207 St. -Asking friendly transit personnel who work the to get word of where it is/and its intervals. -Riding an R46 or R32 either uptown or downtown to see if it passes the R179 heading in the opposite direction. If you see the R179 heading in the aforementioned direction while on the R32/R46, you can get off at the next stop and chase after the former on another . -Be patient and wait until the other 13 10-car sets are all delivered and placed into service.
  11. A few photos from the R179 train today. I was out on the for several hours fanning this, and this is the first time I've ridden the all the way from Inwood-207 St to Far Rockaway-Mott Av...
  12. Yeah, it's sad that the D60HFs are mostly retired when compared to the RTS. The remaining Orion VII CNGs will definitely fade away by the end of March since only 16 remain. The M15, M101, M102, M103, as well as all of the Bronx articulated routes (like the Bx12, Bx15, Bx19) will never be the same without them. And according to this, 119 is scrapped out of KB...
  13. I am posting some of my bus photos I have taken over the past few months. I have started doing it recently (around mid-2018), and I began doing it because I wanted to get as much shots of the RTS, D60HFs, and Orion VII CNGs before they retire. Keep in mind some (or most) of the buses shown below have already been scrapped. So far, I estimate I have taken a picture of at least 100-200 buses in the MTA Bus fleet, and these are just a small portion of my collection... Enjoy!
  14. Yeah I'd really appreciate the updates on the Neoplans. They remind me of the D60HFs we currently have and I want to catch them myself.

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