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  1. Coney Island Av

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Were any D60HFs damaged during the blizzard from a few days ago?
  2. Coney Island Av

    MTA Snowmaggadon!

    I wonder how the notorious SIMs did in this snowstorm...
  3. Coney Island Av

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Speaking of RTS, will any of the units that were/are retired be reactivated for the shutdown? ECH apparently still has a handful of RTS that were said to be retired/scrapped, some dating back from summer.
  4. Coney Island Av

    R179 Discussion Thread

    So far: 3010-3019 (10 cars) 3050-3069 (20 cars, ) 3074-3149 (76 cars, ) 3150-3157 (eight cars, ) 3158-3173 (16 cars, testing) 3174-3177 (four cars, being delivered) We have over 12 8-car trains in service on the , one 8-car in service on the , and 2.5 more 8-car trains. This makes over 15.5 trains arranged in four-car sets, with 13 in service so far. Add 3010-3019 and you'll get 16.5 trains altogether, or 134 cars.
  5. It's crazy that the MTA has tricked people into thinking the new network would be more direct/frequent/faster. They did the exact opposite when it took effect. I strongly agree that the old routes should be revived, regardless of their flaws. It's kind of funny when only a small minority are benefited from this "so-called" marvelous plan from a multi-million dollar agency. The only routes that meandered a lot were some of the South Shore express routes like the X17C/J, X23, and X24. The X19 and X22/X22A were kind of circuitous, but they worked well. The rest of routes didn't really meander a lot nor did they have any severe problems (save for potentially the X14 on Water before going to Midtown). I really doubt that passengers will stop complaining by January...
  6. Coney Island Av

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    Why don't you hush up with your unsupported nonsense? Those two individuals have well-supported info. The only reason why they can't really say a lot about it is because it's not public and could be confidential. The only thing you do, on the other hand, is repeat your same ramblings over and over again without any evidence. There are many pictures and documents out there to prove you wrong. All I've gotta say is that your pointless endeavors/speculations are quite frankly, a waste of your time. You're not accomplishing anything by doing this. Why go out of your way to act like you're superior to us when you can just log off and go about your day? P.S. We're getting real close to the car assignments for Canarsie, and we shall soon see which one of our predictions comes true...
  7. Coney Island Av

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, the Xcelsiors will become an everyday thing eventually on the Quill routes. That's why I don't really keep an eye on them. I care more about retiring fleets like the RTS and D60HFs because they'll be history soon and they're also very nostalgic.
  8. Coney Island Av

    R179 Discussion Thread

    It's actually real. I rode it from 145 St to 168 St. If you guys want good pictures of the R179 :
  9. Coney Island Av

    R179 Discussion Thread

    3010-3014 are coming back in tonight. 3010-3012 arrived yesterday while 3013 and 3014 are coming in tonight. The issues on the five-car sets have now been fixed! Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj4mGv3H-HM
  10. Coney Island Av

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    This has been discussed to death for months over on the R179 thread, so I won't bother chiming in... Everyone has their own information, but that doesn't mean everyone's info will be 100% accurate. So be cautious of who you trust.
  11. Coney Island Av

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Speaking of 9302, 9307, and 9348, I'm happy that they still continue to run to this day after over 22 years of service. I've caught 9348 on the Q102 and I plan to catch it on some of the other LGA routes (like the Q33, Q47, Q49, Q101, etc.)
  12. Coney Island Av

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    7550 will be moved back to Ulmer soon, most likely this week. Not sure which day though.
  13. Coney Island Av

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    Incorrect. They are still on the roster (which was just updated today btw).
  14. My thoughts on the plan: Since the SIM11 (X2), would serve Hylan, the SIM10 (X5) should be rerouted back to Father Cap. At least it adopts the old "Hylan to New Dorp, Father Capodanno to ETC" pattern. Same should be done by swapping the SIM7 and SIM9 by having the latter run via Hylan to end at New Dorp. The SIM7/SIM9 would then basically replicate the X7/X9 pattern. If the SIM1 (X1), and the SIM34 (X12) will be extended to Houston, would it be beneficial to extend it to 14 St to end with the SIM7/9/33? Might as well just end them there if they're already being extended to begin with. I agree that the SIM33C should just retain the old X10B routing (by having it end on the east side) as VG8 said. They should've honestly given off-peak service to the SIM26 (X22) instead of the SIM2 (X19). The former is/was more busier than the latter and it runs/ran to Midtown as opposed to latter which only went to Downtown. I bet that a new SIM12 (X3) and an SIM13 (X4) will be created if the X2 will be revived...
  15. Coney Island Av

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Quick question: how many D60HFs in the 5500-series are still unrenumbered? I'm asking this because I want to catch at least one of them before they get renumbered.


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