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  1. this bus is owned by Park Towne Place Apartments, they have two buses
  2. SEPTA doesn't have any Flxibles... the closest buses they have to a Flxible is an Eldorado (same shape)
  3. I know, i am not supposed to, but i wanted to, enjoy! And one of an M4
  4. Holy cow, that shot of the train on the is awesome
  5. wow, your photos are that good, you already have fans!
  6. I like articulated buses, they are awesomeness and they belong on routes with high ridership (my opinion)
  7. Good photos, feels odd when subway lines are shuttle busing
  8. Nice Photos and videos, I love the NABI's! 416's my favorite model
  9. Really good photos man, I hope to see those new ones soon
  10. Food... food.... food.... I mean nice pics!
  11. Actually it is 6 different photos alligned perfectly to appear as one photo
  12. nice photos there is graffiti scratched into the windows, but when i think subway, i think graffitied walls
  13. Here's some photos for those of you who haven't seen them yet. They have a click to Enlarge thing going on (i didn't want to hog too much space.
  14. It will be real soon, I will be soo happy when it is (but also kinda sad). The NABI's are Awesome (but so are the Flxibles)
  15. Well, my story: When I was like 2-3 years old, I was a person who couldn't stay in one spot (who wasn't) So my grandmother was all "sit down DJ, stop playing with everything" so, I did... for half a second.. then she got super annoyed and took out a ton of transit schedules and made me read. Next thing you know: bam! New Transit Fan on the Streets
  16. Um at the eastern end of the MFL (in Philly) there is two Dunkin Donuts... mmmm donuts...
  17. ewwwww anyway, nice subway photos R68 Subway Car... hey, it fits!
  18. Nice photos, 5764 here is a New Flyer As well
  19. big contradictary statement here: Everytime I go up to City Line (via the 66 of Course) The 129 is loading a ton of passengers (well, enough for a 40 foot bus) and I have seen a couple of Filled NABI's on that route as well
  20. been there, done that. They've been on almost every suburban route at least 5 times already
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