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  1. 4428 Is At Fresh Pond While 4556 Is At East New York
  2. Guess ENY Is Getting Rid Of Their 7100s in exchange for the incoming XD40s
  3. Don't Forget About 4819, 4836 and 4843.Those Units Are Rockets Too. As for the 2015 XD40s, They Should Start Sounding Like How Some Of The 4800s sound along with the 2018-19 Models
  4. It was in Service I believe 2 weeks ago and now to scrap? Kinda Weird To Me but hey guess it's out with the old and in with the new
  5. 5015 Is Not Scrapped As That Bus Is Still In Service At ENY
  6. I also noticed that FP got some of their 6500s from ENY as well because I saw 6590 and 6592 on the B60 this week and I saw 6594 on the B52 as well
  7. I wasn't aware of it, thanks for the info...from what I understand, ENY Has A Couple Of FP 6500s. Is that true?
  8. Exactly, The B60 Should've Stayed At ENY instead of going to Grand Avenue And Now Fresh Pond
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