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  1. 789 and 5983 are other glitches that have been showing on the Q54. Any idea what those really are?
  2. 4139 is on the Q56. I see it on Bus Time so I don't know whether it's a transfer from FB or a loan.
  3. 7178 may have been a transport bus to bring the drivers back to UP from FP.
  4. Just found out that the Q58 went back to Fresh Pond. Did FP lose any route(s)?
  5. Where are the CS 4700's assigned to the Q12? None are running at this moment.
  6. Was this already mentioned, 4499 back to LGA? Showing on the Q72.
  7. 4527 was also showing on the Q54. I can't find this on the roster, where was this previously?
  8. That front ad looks smaller in size compared to the usual.
  9. Don't know if it's a loan or a move , 4946 is being tracked on the Q54.
  10. Destination signs on bus # 8372 read " B36 CONEY ISLAND W. 37 ST"
  11. OH routes in Manhattan running loaners from ENY and FP.
  12. Baisley Park has 48 artics assigned, 5391-5438.
  13. The shuttles are on Bus Time. Type in "Shuttle" into Bus Time then you can choose from routes Shuttle-M1, Shuttle-M2 or Shuttle-M3.
  14. 4001 is showing up on Bus Time on the Q55 this moment. 4001 and 4002 loans to FP or actual moves?
  15. Saw 7022 NIS this afternoon on Vets Highway in Holbrook.
  16. Yes, the Q10 is all 40 footers tonight, most likely weather related.
  17. The option order is in. Saw 1946 on Sunday and 1941 today, already with an ad.
  18. Glad you asked. I came here looking for information myself. I thought I saw something new just a while ago, mind you it was already dark. I saw an XN40 on the N79, Looking for the fleet number, above the drivers window, I thought the last two digits I had seen were "46" which would make it 1946. Again, it was dark so I may be mistaken, the 4 may have been a 1. Anyone else can confirm?
  19. Can anyone confirm which depot 6588 is at? Roster shows Fresh Pond, BusTime is showing it on the Q56.
  20. 5421 is on the Q10. There were one or two others in the past few days.

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