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  1. Hey guys how do i animate my R160 FIND Images so i can show more than just 15 station stops?
  2. Hey ace loving the station but you have a couple problems the platform for the isnt as long as the platform for the there different lengths look here. If you go to google maps youll see that the platform is shorter going towards Flushing srry i cant find a pick to show you what i mean but ill do my best hope i helped Ok never mind i found its at the end of the vid the platform is longer Queensborough Plaza http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7KD5jNUPQg
  3. Ok this my last question then im ganna wait til you guys ask stuff Which lines run strictly Local and i dont mean run local then start to run express i mean run strictly Local?
  4. Right but theres one more so untill then your wrong lol
  5. Well i guess your right but what i was looking for was the Because the goes into the BX and runs through Manhattan into Brooklyn and the Go through Queens and Manhattan into Brooklyn now do you get it? Look at the subway map. Moving on what lines never go above ground?
  6. nope wrong to ok ill give you a hint its not one single line. only a few more guesses
  7. Hey guys long time no see lets bring this back shall we now... What lines go through all boroughs? (Not Including SI)
  8. Thanks ace I look forward to the call can you tell him it's his test route I used and nothing else. Also u think you could give us a status update on the terminal pieces
  9. Hey guys route is comming out great I'd like to get a beta out but I don't think I can release my route cuz I use B's Teat route and I can never get ahold of him to ask if I can release it with his permission so I don't know what to do I really want you guys to have this route but I do want to go behind his back a release it.
  10. fictional route and its coming out pretty nicely i might add im already in phase II of building Green could i send it to you to like look over if you dont mind?
  11. Ya im in the process of remaking my NYCTA Route and im looking for a yard for my Line ce could i send it to you to look over?
  12. Do you guys know of any subway yards i can download?
  13. Whops never mind just read your post again and solved the problem it helps to reread things lol but i just noticed something Canopy 2C doesn't have a Start/End piece. Never mind just read the above post.
  14. Thanks Ace But how do i know which ones are the alpha lines you think you could do a step-by-step?
  15. Hey green even with the error fix a couple stuff are still transparent like Canopy 2B, Canopy 2C is invisible and, Start/End 3C the side platforms are transparent.
  16. Hey green great job man but i found a couple problems about six or so of your pices have transparent platforms ill try and take pics when I have the chance also with the start and end pices the arrows pointing the directions are pointing the wrong way ill show a pic of what I mean later other than that great job
  17. Oh ya Ace what about your destination signs like in the photo?
  18. Hey Ace ive been away from subways for while could you post the link to the fixed stations again cuz i cant find the link?
  19. Hey guys im here to say that im ganna be leaving the Subway game for a bit to get back to my Commuter stuff. So ya that's it and when i say awhile itll most likely be like a week or so also Ace do you think you can contact B and ask him i can release my route because i used his test route in mine and i want to make sure its ok with him. Thanks in advance.
  20. Dude that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i really need TRS12. Great work ace.
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