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  1. All this shows is that this neighborhood can't get out of 1950. Did I seriously just read this? Who's to say that just because this man came from another part of the Bronx, he's automatically a ghetto person? Also, from the looks of it, the people who have no respect are the cowards who knocked down his motorcycle, keyed the words "black nig**r" and spray painted "u shood move"(<- P.S.: real genius over here) onto his car.
  2. You compared a pre-overhaul 46 to a post-overhaul 44. #2 - the R46s did indeed have ATO capabilities. Yet another failed plan related to the Second Av. Subway.
  3. Since when did the garbage train crew open all of the doors on the train?
  4. Lincoln needs to stop being so gobdamn dumb and remake the Town Car. Getting rid of what could possibly be their most profitable car. Think about this: Before the end of production, what was the model of nearly every taxi you saw?
  5. Usually you pull it to the right (or backwards if the back ports are facing away from you) a bit and then pull up.
  6. We may have found our winner Fix it and cross your fingers
  7. Did your case come with standoffs built in? And if it didn't, did you install them? (Gosh, troubleshooting over the internet takes too long. Having it in front of my face takes less time)
  8. Did you connect the 12 pins (2 x 6 pins) of power to that GPU?
  9. Not entirely true. ESD actually killed 512MB of DDR after I touched it ( thank goodness the crap is old and unneeded )
  10. Whoever actually believed that ad doesn't need a smartphone. It's ridiculous how boneheaded people have become.
  11. Not best to get worked up over a child throwing a tempertantrum.
  12. McDonald's = vomit, that is all. (P.S.: wasn't talking about McDonald's in my post. I don't eat that literal shit.) What I listed is $8 worth of stuff
  13. For $9, one could get four cheeseburgers, four apple pies, a small drink and a small order of fries and the rest goes to tax.
  14. And let me add that it may be impossible to get that anymore since I think they updated all of them to "Mets - Willets Point"
  15. 2006. Nope. The train operator told me to go get a shot of the other signs before the conductor changed them
  16. A car mangled and twisted, and behind it "B15 LINDEN BL". Ready for service again
  17. How do you suppose that they improve their education when they're being paid seven bucks an hour on a part time job? and then they siphon taxes out the check too, so by the end of it, they're making shit per week.
  18. They'll have the right to complain once they have to pay the fare at every stop.
  19. Why are they taping over the vents on top of the 32s on the J?
  20. Is anyone else having issues with the DCAS automated system? It keeps hanging up after saying "please hold while we access your information"
  21. I got the letter to report today at 7:30am for bus operator processing today.......at 12:30pm. And they make it sound like if I decline bus operator they'll remove me from the list for conductor.
  22. Yep, it's been paid. I just hope it doesn't create an issue.
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