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  1. Hello.

    1. VWM


      How's your day? Great Weather.

  2. Join KB's new website. We need members!

  3. Congrats on your new status!

  4. I'm only 59 posts away from you now!

  5. Hello! How are you, NYC Bus&Subway?

    I'm (NX)!

  6. Grr, you posted in like every thread possible and now you're 200 posts ahead! That's not fair!

  7. Can you make a subway guess-the-location thread?

  8. How's the weather in Arizona, 70(EE)?

  9. Are you the guy from Second Avenue Sagas?

  10. I was just surprised by your sudden surge.

  11. No, I'm just saying, for the future!



  12. Please reply to Surface Transit Trivia, the thread stalled without your answer confirmation.

  13. Am I right in Rapid Transit Trivia?

  14. Can you merge this thread and this thread please? Thanks!

  15. I made the smilie using iaza.com and the lock smilie here.

  16. Is it just me or did your age change? Happy birthday!

  17. Happy birthday Brighton Local!

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