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  1. I can't imagine, from a structural standpoint, why it wouldn't be possible, but it would be one hell of an expense to chop up some brand new subway cars for an experiment like this.
  2. The problem with looking for 'variety' is that often times, it's much simpler and cheaper for a yard to maintain only one or two sets of car equipment. If you start throwing in a little bit of everything, you're going to increase the number of parts that need to be stored, and the number of personnel trained to operate and maintain the cars. Would it be nice to see anything operating anywhere? Sure it would, but there's a reason that's not something you see. As for your desired change of scenery, be the change you want to see in the world.
  3. To briefly play devil's advocate, the R62As have narrower doors, so there is a bit of increase in dwell times compared to the R142As. The problem is that prematurely retiring the R62As would've been a poor use of funds, however, so Lexington riders will have to learn to deal with it until the R262s come online.
  4. One question - will the 211s be 5 car sets that are articulated, or will the FULL train be interconnected like on the Toronto Rockets?
  5. Oh come on, really?! The whole point of accessibility laws is so that anyone can get around without having to rely on another person. What if she was in a hurry? What if no one was interested in helping her? Is she just supposed to idle around indefinitely in the hope that someone will come along and help her? That's a ridiculous, 19th century way of looking at the rights of everyone to move around freely.
  6. Sorry, but why is it that in the discussion of an innocent private citizen dying vs. a major corporation sitting on their asses, there are people siding with the major corporation? I'm sure the MTA won't lose any sleep tonight over some incredibly mild and polite comments being left on this thread. The MTA, just like any other company, is going to continue to do things the way they are until there is financial or legal incentive for them to do otherwise, and as such criticizing them for not making stations accessible is entirely reasonable. I get that we're fans of the subway here, but being fans of something means wanting it to improve and be better.
  7. Is there a source that indicates that newer trains aren't built to last as long as the older ones? The tech probably won't, true, but why wouldn't the car bodies themselves be able to last 55 years? Keep in mind that no one anticipated that the R32s would last as long as they did, they've been hoping to retire them since the late 90s.
  8. I don't think anyone currently alive will have to deal with that problem, if at all.
  9. This is a completely meaningless debate that ultimately contributes nothing to anybody's life. There are as many different opinions about the cars as there are people who've had anything to do with them. There's no need to slag off either side for holding the views that they do, unless they start calling for decrepit cars to remain in service longer than is appropriate, or for perfectly serviceable cars to be retired just because they're no longer fresh and new.
  10. I have run into far more unhygienic slobs in my time than I'd care to name. What I'm questioning is where the idea comes from that this is at all systematic, rather than a bunch of disgusting individuals making the lives of those around them unpleasant. It's not considered socially taboo to wash your hands, or shower, or to rub down dirty surfaces, or to vacuum, or any other cleaning action that you can name.
  11. GO is actually who I was referencing as the commuter agency. I use their buses and trains semi regularly and they're a whole different world compared to the TTC, so I have no qualms about sitting down. The train service is mostly fine on the two lines that have all day service; elsewhere the service quality is adequate, but limited, on account of them not owning all their trackage and having to give priority to freight services. The buses are mostly fine, depends on where you're going.

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