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  1. NewFlyer 230

    Flipping the Northern Terminals for the B and C

    The however did run on the local track with the so there wasn’t a ton of switching that needed to be done. However for the to terminate at 2nd Ave it would need to switch from the express to the local track and then going uptown it would switch from the middle express track at 2nd Ave to the local track and then back to the express track.
  2. There definitely needs to be more supervision as to where this money is going to. The MTA gets all this money and burns it on what? They hire these contractors that don’t do the work that needs to get done and you end up with the same work that’s needs to be done over and over again. Then you also have work that takes forever to get done like rehabilitation of 121st on the line and the in Brooklyn. I swear we keep seeing the same closures over and over again and I’m like didn’t they just do this work a month ago? I understand things need to be maintained and checked on, but if the system itself is showing no signs of improvement, then what’s the point of disrupting the system, to so call “fix” these issue?
  3. NewFlyer 230

    2017 Bus Ridership Stats

    What I noticed is that overall bus ridership in all boroughs decreased as a whole. It’s sad to see how there are tons and tons of routes that have been steadily decreasing each year like the Q17, M15, M4, B46 and tons more. It seems like nothing has been done to solve falling ridership other than cut service. We already see how much service a lot of the PBL expresses lost since being taken over. Uber’s and lyfts are growing more attractive as the buses and the subways continue to fail. People don’t want to put up with bus service anymore because it’s slow, the network is outdated and some routes need to have more short turns especially when there are for example several buses bunched up and a huge gap in service. Traffic of course is one of the main factors to cause the lack of reliability, but so is the lack of enforcement of bus lanes, vehicles parked in bus stops, poor depot management and the MTA being too stingy to add service to routes like the Q19 or QM3 whereas if people saw that routes like these ran more frequent they might actually take them.
  4. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    The Q27 is back to it normal route. I know they were paving the street but I don’t know why it took a long time for them to finish.
  5. NewFlyer 230

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I wonder why the MTA even bothers to run the Q48 to LGA. It's ridership to the airport is very bad. I know its for coverage, however that route empties out on 23rd street. The M60 and the Q70 are the highly popular routes to take to LGA. I was thinking that the MTA could recreate another LGA link bus (similar to the Q70) where it has a stop in Flushing and then runs nonstop via the Grand Central Parkway to LGA. However my only concern is the fact that Flushing unlike Jamaica only has the at its last stop (after it already passed the Q70 and Q72) and the LIRR in Flushing is isolated from the other branches. I doubt people are willing to take two buses to get to the airport so I wonder if the demand is even there.
  6. Besides traffic a lot of the North and South Manhattan bus routes travel long distances. For example the M101 goes from the East Village to 193rd Street in Washington Heights. The longer a route the more reliability goes down the drain.
  7. NewFlyer 230

    More Cuts to Queens Express Bus Service

    Traveling throughout Queens by bus takes so long. I really wish all the subway lines that were planned to be built like the Horace Harding line, the Hillside Ave Extension, the extension of the or through south eastern Queens and others. For instance the MTA would tell you that to get to QCM from Flushing you have a few options. The MTA would claim that people from Flushing can take the to the or , the Q58 to the or and or the Q20/Q44 or Q58 to the Q88. That’s already two transfers and suppose you didn’t live in Flushing or off those routes. Your commute can become easily an hour and driving it may only take 15-20 minutes to reach your destination. That is why I hope the redesigning of the bus network is taken seriously. The Queens express bus network is outdated itself as I think not all QM buses should serve 3rd or 6th Aves. Perhaps there should be routes that run to 14th and 23rd Street or Midtown West. I like the idea of connecting major centers together in the outer boroughs. I think a express route from Jamaica to the Bronx could work, it would definitely be faster than the Q44, but the problem I see is people being able to afford it. Another potential express route could be from Downtown Brooklyn to Jamaica. I definitely think it’s time to make traveling through the outer boroughs easier. In many cases to go to several parts of Brooklyn (Midwood, Prospect Park, Downtowns Brooklyn, Bushwick etc) from Flushing and Jamaica for example would require one to go through Manhattan and then into Brooklyn. However as I’ve said before the only problems I see is steady demand and affordability especially if you are connecting areas that are less affluent.
  8. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It could be related to the not running in Brooklyn this weekend.
  9. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I saw XD60 6077 on the M103 with duct tape on the top right holding something in place. I know things happen but dang this bus is still fairly new.
  10. NewFlyer 230

    More Cuts to Queens Express Bus Service

    Yes I totally understand how much of a hassle the Queens Blvd line is on the weekends. All this non stop construction just about every week causes a lot of slowdown and annoying backtracking. However while express service would be good for those going to the city, it does nothing for the people who are staying along Queens Blvd. The Q60’s are often packed on the weekends as a result of that. The Q60 is unreliable too, and bunches like crazy so it’s not even a good alternative. This is why they need to be smarter and implement more short turns and possibly boost service on the . Even if people in Forest Hills and Rego Park have money I would still provide a discount on the weekend for express service as an alternative to the unreliable subway. Routes like the QM4 would overall see an overall boost in ridership where some riders who would take the local counterpart to the subway will have the option to not deal with the subway. I thinks it’s a win-win overall. Also if Rego Park residents have money for the express bus why is the ridership on the QM10/QM11/QM40 low. I know there are several trips that get good usage but it should ideally see better usage.
  11. NewFlyer 230

    More Cuts to Queens Express Bus Service

    Well yeah Uber, carpooling and driving is what I meant by other modes of transportation. The MTA has to do a better job of making express bus service more attractive to people. It’s bad enough public transportation in NYC gets a lot of bad rep and cutting service doesn’t make matters any better. I actually took the QM4 for the first time from the city to my house about 3 months ago and I really enjoyed the comfort and speed of the ride. It definitely beats waiting for the or to the Q64. The problem with it is that even though I like the express service and want more people to take it, the only issue is waffordability. I feel like express service should have off peak and or weekend discounts like the LIRR. Yes I understand that they are two different modes of transportation and one covers more distance than the other but essentially they are similar in the fact that they both are offering a premium service. The LIRR during off peak hours is cheaper than during rush hours. If you are traveling within the city on the weekends you also get the benefit of being able to purchase a city ticket which is $4.25. While I think the MTA could do a better job promoting it, the primary purpose of offering this discount is to encourage more city residents to use the LIRR and in return residents can get to their destination quicker. I’m not saying that express service needs to have the two types of discounts, but I feel at least having a discounted fare on the weekends would help improve ridership on many express routes. The subways often face construction and delays on the weekends and the discount would help out many. If the QM4 did have stops on Queens Blvd, I don’t think it would see much usage unless it was during off peak hours and or weekends with a discount. I think with the current $6.50 price many people would think it’s not worth the price given the close proximity of Queens Blvd (between 69th Road and Woodhaven Blvd) to the city.
  12. NewFlyer 230

    More Cuts to Queens Express Bus Service

    A personal taxi is basically how it is on the weekends. Even at around 7 and 8pm after rush hour the QM4 doesn’t do too bad. However I feel like tons of people over the years have shifted over to the Q64 and or other modes of transportation.
  13. NewFlyer 230

    More Cuts to Queens Express Bus Service

    I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the QM4 is touched. With the renaming of the 3rd Ave variants the MTA can closely see how well trips are performing. If these QM express routes were apart of NYCT bus there would definitely be lots of cuts and changes made.
  14. NewFlyer 230

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    So here’s some thoughts I had about some routes and how they could possibly be improved. 1. I don’t think the Q19 should serve the Astoria houses. If people from the Astoria Houses want the subway they could take the Q18 or Q102 to the 30th Ave station. The Q19 doesn’t have crazy usage between the Astoria Houses complex and Astoria Blvd Station anyways. I would reroute the Q19 up 21st street and have it terminate at 20th Ave and 23rd Street. It would provide riders with direct and quicker and access without having to backtrack on the Q69 and or have to put up with the Q100 to Queens Plaza. I still think the Q100 should be absorbed into a Q69 LTD making LTD stops on the Q69 route to 31st street and local afterwards to Jackson Heights. Another thing I would do to the Q19 is give it more frequent service and run it later. I think part of what contributes to the low usage of the Q19 is the fact that it is infrequent and ends so early. So many people simply don’t put up with it. So I’m hoping that by at least making it more frequent during rush hours and having it run to at least 10pm or maybe even 11pm it could be more attractive to people along the route. 2. I would split the Q38 into 2 routes. The Eliot Ave and Corona side of the route would remain the Q38 and I would have it run to the current Q39 terminal via Forest Ave. It would no longer make that brief turn onto Fresh Pond Road. Instead it would continue down Eliot Ave to Metropolitan Ave and then turn south on Forest Ave to continue to where the Q39 currently terminates at. The 63rd Drive side of the current Q38 route could be called the Q51. The Q51 will follow the current Q38 route from 62nd Drive and 108th Street to Dry harbor Road. It would then turn south on Dry Harbor Road to Furmanville Road and continue on that much wider street to 75th Place. It would then turn south on 75th Pl to Juniper Valley Road to 69th Street . It would turn on Metropolitan Ave and continue on Metropolitan Ave until Forest Ave it would continue on there until Gates Ave where it will follow the B13 to the Myrtle Wyckoff station. To be honest I had the hardest time figuring out how to route the south half of the Q38 (Q51) because I think having it end simply end at Metropolitan Ave does nothing but limit what the route can do. I think by having it extended to Myrtle Wyckoff or even somewhere else would open up new options for riders in the area. 3. The Q39 I would reroute it off Forest Ave and run it down Fresh Pond Road with the Q58 and then have it take the B20’s route to Broadway Junction where it would terminate at. The B20 would be cut to Broadway Junction and no longer continue to the Forest Ave station.
  15. NewFlyer 230

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Interesting. I assume the AirTrain won’t become a thing or at least begin to be built until CS can be relocated and built.


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