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  1. What floor of the Hunter library did you get this from? Looking at these proposals show that the MTA used to consider the idea of making routes more useful for riders. I wish the MTA was still focused on making actual improvements that would benefit riders instead of always trying to cut service and save money. At this point I can't wait to see how the whole bus redesign works out because I look at some routes in Queens for example and wonder why they still exist the way that they do. This redesign is literally only way we will expect to see some type of improvement in service even though the MTA will also be focused on cutting routes and service.
  2. I haven’t been keeping up with this thread, but when did the MTA decide not to make the full length? I feel like that is a huge stab in the back to the people who ride the and were promised longer cars. I thought the goal was to make transit better, not keeping it the same with the same old problems.
  3. This is interesting cause I was thinking about this recently. I have seen horrifying wait times up to 27 minutes in between trains especially on the weekend and during the late evening when the is not providing supplemental service. The does suffer quite a bit from being all local and running through 3 boroughs. Thats why I was thinking that the should run from Whitehall Street to Forest Hills 71st Ave while the runs from Astoria to Bay Ridge. I know we still run into that lack of yard access but the did that for years when it ran from Astoria to Bay Ridge but today the switches trains with the so I don’t think it would be as bad. At night the should run the current shuttle like the does now while the completely stops running after 11:30pm/12am. Its either that or you switch the QBL but you still end up with an issue. stays the same runs from 71st to WTC local stays the same. runs from Jamaica Center to Bay Ridge via Queens Blvd Express and 63rd street but then you have that weird track switch around 57th, unless the is made completely local and the is instead Express. However then the will be slow and unreliable like the is now. It seems like no matter what is done, there will be some problem that will arise.
  4. Even though the Q32 runs under the line from 81/82nd street to Queensboro Plaza it isn’t a good alternative to the . Maybe perhaps they can have it make LTD stops on Queens Blvd where the stops at, but people at the other stops will complain so that’s probably not a reasonable idea either. I don’t even understand why it runs to 81st and Northern Blvd, it seems like a duplicate to the Q33 to be quite honest. Ideally if the MTA would just add service to the QM3 it probably would be able to take riders from the Q12, Q13, Q15, and Q28 that would be transferring from those routes to the . The LIRR could also make somewhat of a dent in service if it were cheaper. Wasn’t there plans at some time to add at stop somewhere in Elmhurst or Corona on the LIRR? If it actually happens it could be a temporary solution to taking some of the load of the , however the LIRR only has one stop in Manhattan and it’s not even Times Square. The obvious solution would be to build more subway lines in Queens, but it would be very difficult and costly in today’s Queens.
  5. I noticed that the benches on the R179s warm up. So that is definitely a nice feature especially in the winter time. Definitely handy on the which is outside for most of its route.
  6. I remember that, I was in the last car when it happened. The doors must of opened and closed about 8 times. I was getting worried because I thought the whole train would have to be taken out of service. And it ended up getting taken out of service anyway for a different problem. In general riding on the R179 was refreshing from all the R32’s and R46’s. It was great to hear some announcements on the and actual working electronic signs. Those R46’s especially the ones from Jamaica always have broken signs.
  7. I caught the R179 on the (A) by luck today at 59th street going towards Far Rockaway, but yo some of these formers are crazy. A bunch of them in the last car were jumping around, stomping, hitting the train wall and etc. I just don’t understand why some just can’t ride the train and be civil.
  8. I don’t think the going back to Forest Hills will ever be a thing again. QBL suffers from constant construction just about every weekend which would mean that the would be cutback to Court Square anyways. If anything perhaps there should be increased service.
  9. I wish I knew why it seems like. I think it’s a College Point depot thing because it’s been happening for years on several of the routes. The Q25 does the same exact thing and then there could be a 20-30 minute gap for the next bus. If they were smart they would have one of the buses fill in the gap by departing 10 minutes later.
  10. Great pics, and interesting move with the Q58. I wonder why it was moved being that it runs right in front of Fresh Pond?
  11. Originally I thought the had R143 for mileage reasons but I guess that’s not the case.
  12. Usually I would see no more than one or two sets on the . Some days there are no R160s on the . I’ve just noticed lately that there are more than 1 or 2 sets popping up and I’ve been seeing more R46s on the sometimes showing up 3 in a row.
  13. I’ve noticed lately that the and has swapped a few of its cars with one another. Sometimes I see more R46s showing up in a row on the . I’ve been seeing and catching R160’s more easily on the too. I remember two weeks ago I was on a from Forest Hill’s to Queens Plaza and I saw 4 R160 trains going towards Forest Hills within the span of the ride. The train that I had missed before the I got on was a R160 . Even yesterday I counted 4 R160 ‘s which is quite unusual to see on a weekday unless it was a weekend and the was rerouted in some way. I guess perhaps people have complained about the R46’s because those things do suffer a lot from broken doors, broken LCD signs and poor announcements. Does anyone know what’s going on?
  14. With the they do have the R160s so I can’t imagine there being a tremendous difference between the two. Its cool to to see the back to mostly NTT’s again. They still have R143’s on the line which I was surprised at because, I thought by this point they would be off the line too.
  15. Technically this pretty much already happens with the . Most weeks the service ends around 8:30/9pm due to endless construction. Last week the ran late like normal but literally just for a week. This week it’s back to service ending early. There is literally only a handful of times in a year where the runs late on Queens Blvd which is so misleading tbh. So I guess at this point it would only make sense to make ending service early official since they do it almost every week anyways. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to them ending service even earlier like at 7 or 7:30pm for construction.

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