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  1. I don’t see these changes being too problematic as long as the MTA decides to add service to the and which I honestly doubt.
  2. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before that happens. It might happen as soon as the proposals for the Queens Bus redesign comes out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Q22 is reduced to a route that runs on no less than 15 min headway’s. I don’t see the becoming more frequent down there either. At the same time I can finally see the Q21 being cut to allow for the Q52 to become more frequent especially if it will be considered the main bus serving Far Rockaway.
  3. I’m curious, what keeps on happening to the R179’s that they are always being taken out of service?
  4. What a waste of money. Those stations were not in bad condition to begin with.
  5. And then there is the M42 hahaha. Hands down the worst crosstown route in my opinion.
  6. Oh wow I under the impression that this was being rolled borough by borough, subway line by subway line.
  7. I used the OMNY reader at 28th street a few days ago for the first time and I have to say that it’s very convenient. I accidentally forgot my debit card at home so being able to pay for the train from my phone really helped. Too bad Queens buses don’t have them yet, but hopefully they are next after Staten Island.
  8. I feel your pain. The is annoying now compared to before. Most of the time on the weekends when I transfer at Broadway Junction from the , I always miss the by a few seconds to a minute and then there is a 10-15 minute wait usually. I still think they should have shut down the line in Manhattan and cut the to Bedford Ave. I feel like the extra service provided by the is a waste, because most people take the train to Lorimer Street and wait for the next . However I do think it’s nice having third service along 6th Ave on the weekends and removing the need to transfer from the to the .
  9. Oh definitely I agree. That is definitely the problem I see with SBS routes. A new SBS route gets implemented, you have some enforcement in the beginning and then afterwards enforcement is rarely done. I ride the Q44 often and the last time that I’ve have seen any enforcement being done on that route was back in 2017 at Sutphin Blvd and Hillside heading towards Jamaica. The only way for people to get the message is if enforcement is done randomly and often enough where people will think to themselves that there is a chance that they will get caught. I would honestly love to see two undercover officers on a bus pull off a bunch of kids or adults who just slide in through the back doors without paying. Some drivers are bold enough to say something to those who farebeat, but most stay quiet, because there are crazy people out there.
  10. Here are some spots I have; 1. Columbus Circle 2. Broadway & Columbus Ave between West 65th & 66th streets 3. 5th Ave between 59th and 110th streets 4. 12th Ave between W 43 & 42nd streets 5. George Washington Bus Terminal 6. 125th Street 7. Madison Ave & 23rd Street 8. Chatham Square and East Broadway
  11. This happens a lot to the R160’s from East NY too. This is exactly why we can’t have nice things, because there is always a fool out there that wants to be cool and destroy stuff. The way I see it is, if you want to draw and do art so badly go to a store that sells art supplies and buy yourself some paint, paintbrushes, sketch pads and etc.
  12. Well at least it’s nothing like what is going on with the line. Stuff has been falling from the structure as of late, however that line doesn’t get shut down like the does to give the structure proper attention. At the same time that is also why I dislike the line because it doesn’t have a proper express track in Queens and in East NY so trains can just bypass stations and if they need to do track work or structure work best believe the whole line from Jamaica Center to Crescent Street or Broadway Junction is being shut down which is a huge inconvenience. At least now they are rehabbing a lot of the stations in Queens and they were much smarter with how they did 111th street. There are some stations like Sutphin Blvd and Parsons Blvd on the that retained its full mezzanines despite them being empty most of the time. I just hope the MTA starts opening up more station entrances especially at stations where people would potentially have to travel from one end of the platform to the other just to leave like station like at Northern Blvd .
  13. When the RTS and the Orion V’s were still in service together back in 2014 in my head I would still think of the OG Orion VII’s as new buses. I guess maybe the mindset behind that is because they have a newer design, low floor and a majority have orange signs except 6365-6489. But then I’m like wait a minute all the OG Orion VII’s are all over 10 years, these buses are old now haha. Even when I look at the R142’s I think of them as new even though the oldest one is almost 20 years old. Of course they are newer than the R62’s but wow it’s easy to forget how old they are until you remember when they entered service. It just goes to show that time keeps moving, next thing you know your favorite bus fleet is being retired and replaced by something else.
  14. The MTA probably also does not want any of the R179’s stored along the Queens Blvd Line and in Jamaica Yard.

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