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  1. I think the issue with the old schedules is that they didn’t color code and or separate the short turns from the regular route unless it was LTD service. The MTA is also very inconsistent with how they choose to organize the schedules too. For example the Q17 LTD times are separated from the local times but on the Q25 for example the LTD service times are all jumbled up with the Q25 local and Q34 service. I do see this switch up in schedule format spelling out the end for paper schedules though. So I guess for all the collectors out there, get them while you can.
  2. I noticed that the MTA changed up the format of its schedule on their website. It kind of reminds me of the non pdf schedules NICE has on their website. I honestly like the old format better but I guess it was time for some change.
  3. I said the same thing too, but you know it wouldn’t be MTA bus if they didn’t get tons of hand me downs. I’m guessing the MTA is waiting to put in a massive order for MTA bus to replace all the hybrids. It would be interesting to see where those 25 buses go. I’m betting my money on JFK and or ECH.
  4. I think what makes things worse is that these routes have irregular headway’s so you cannot even say that a bus comes every 30 minutes and etc. Having irregular headway is something I noticed a lot of NICE’s system. But back to the n78/n79, I’m afraid that this barebones service that NICE gave the two routes will eventually set these routes up for elimination one day. I feel like the n19 and the n80 will also suffer the same fate too. I’m guessing those n24 trips to East Meadow carried air past Roosevelt Field. What was the purpose of it going there in the first place? I’m not too familiar with Nassau so I don’t even know what the Reckson Building is. I’m glad they didn’t cut the n1 because it does get ridership. I do think the route should go to Jamaica during the PM rush hour.
  5. Those wrapped XD60s pop up on the Q53 from time to time. I remember sometime last month seeing a regular XD60 on the Q70.
  6. Lol, they better not. Most people don’t care if the station is all big and fancy as long as it can get them to point A to B. They already have parts of the tunnel constructed they just need to work with that if possible.
  7. I never knew that some transit agencies use the Transit app for fare payment. That is something the MTA should do especially with OMNY replacing the metrocard. That app is awesome, there was even one point where you could pay for and unlock citi bikes with the Transit app. I forgot why they removed the feature as it made even the citi bike app obsolete. The MyMTA app should have been that app that replaced every other MTA app. I personally like the transit app simply because of how simple it is to use. As soon as you open the app it tracks your location and all transit options in your area. The MyMTA app forces you to press here and there to finally get information about your bus or train. The fact that your own app cannot be used to pay for train tickets is very telling on how backwards the MTA is. Once MyMTA was created, subway time, bus time, train time and MTA e-tix should have been taken off the App Store as they would be obsolete.
  8. I don’t get why the Siemens have to leave. I thought they were better suited for underground so wouldn’t it make better sense for more Alstom R160s to go to C.I since they already have some there. It would just avoid all this extra moving around. This way as an R211 set goes to Jamaica, an R160A can go to C.I and bump an R46 to scrap. There would be no need for C.I to give Jamaica anything back. It would be a different story if C.I still had their R160B Siemens.
  9. I would argue that it’s the same reason why guys like Cuomo want to extend the Highline another block or two to the new side of Penn Station knowing damn well that the money would be better spent trying to come up with solutions on how the city can reduce its homelessness issue. A lot of politicians simply don’t care about what would make the most sense especially when it comes to helping out people but instead prioritize projects that they can put their name on. It’s sad because that new hall at Penn Station is beautiful but right outside of it you have a bunch of homeless walking around and I’m sure once things with covid die down you’ll probably see the homeless inside the place. I personally think there is nothing wrong with the Q70 SBS. It now has artic buses and runs nonstop to Jackson Heights where you can transfer to multiple bus and train routes. At Woodside the LIRR is available and the bus would do a far better job than this expensive Airtrain would do. It is not even going to Downtown Flushing which would arguable make constructing the Airtrain more justifiable.
  10. It could be that they are swapping the original ones out with the new ones that feature the but perhaps they didn’t have enough time to put them in? It would have been useful to see a picture of what you are talking about though.
  11. That’s why I believe they should have left the n24 & n78/79 alone. They extended the n24 to Hicksville a few years back just to split it at RFM recently. This is why people are just finding alternatives. You literally never know what will happen to your bus route with NICE in town. One minute it’s flourishing the next minute it has rush hour only service. NICE has messed up the n78/79’s ridership, and I’m sure the n22 and n24 has seen a decrease as well.
  12. I took the n20H/G combo the other day and I could see how such a routing can deter people from riding. I was afraid that I would miss the n20G, because they were both scheduled to arrive at Northern Blvd & S Middle Neck Road at the same time. Literally when me and the other 7 or 8 people were transferring onto the n20G the only thing that saved us from not missing the bus was that the bus was stuck at a light giving us time to cross the street. Luckily the n20G isn’t too bad frequency wise but it is still annoying to miss a bus and then have to wait another 15-20 minutes for the next one. That’s why I believe that n22/n24 split is going to cost NICE more of its ridership, because having to make more transfer can be annoying but on top of that having to wait a long time for the next bus is also not favorable. Before I did the n20G/H combo I was on the n24 from Jamaica. The bus only went to Roosevelt Field which required anyone going further to transfer. When I arrived at RFM the n22 to Hicksville was scheduled to arrived in 16 minutes while the n24 to Hicksville wasn’t due to show up for 22 minutes after the bus I got off of. I find that highly unacceptable and it is no wonder that people give up on NICE. But I guess this falls primarily on Nassau itself because they were being so stingy which is why cuts and major adjustments are always being made.
  13. No it showed up as if the bus were in service. It showed bus arriving in “1 min”, yet in real life nothing was there.
  14. I was on 1848 yesterday on the n32 and the back doors were having issues so just like the 1700 series bus I was on the other day, everyone had to exit through the front. Also yesterday I was trying to catch the 5:57pm n4 from Jamaica Center and the guy ending up leaving 4 minutes earlier at 5:53 causing me to just miss it. I had just got off the Q25 and I was trying to cross Archer and I see the n4 pulling off. It was upsetting because it forced me to take the LIRR so that I wouldn’t be late to my destination. The standard for NICE is much lower than that of the MTA for real. I don’t know what NICE is doing when it comes to the n22 and n24. I get that these routes are very long and prone to more delays but if you are going to start to split up runs on the weekdays they might as well go all the way and have the n78/n79 take over the part and call the part of the n22 between Mineola & Hicksville the n42. Seems like they want to do what they did with the n20 to the n22 and n24 but at the same time they are holding off. On the weekends yeah the routes are still in tact, but the question is for how long?
  15. I’m using the MTA’s app to track the Q17 and it is tracking a run that is missing. It literally shows the bus turning onto the Horace Harding from Kissena Blvd to the stop that I’m at. Of course there isn’t a bus in real life but it’s interesting how it’s showing the bus in motion as if it was actually running.
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