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  1. I believe since they were all owned by the NYCDOT they were able to swap buses around whenever needed and the different bus companies were just like separate depots similar to how MTA bus is today.
  2. That’s good because that gives a lot of the R46’s the rest they need.
  3. I don’t even take that idea seriously because it’s bound to fail on the first day. I might have been able to get behind it if they suggested that it would replace the Q10 and Q64 late nights only as a way to improve connectivity and make travel easier at night. However I’m totally against any full time implementation of a Q10/Q64 combo.
  4. I saw one full Cuomo wrapped set earlier this month on the . It caught me by surprise because they are all usually mixed up with non wrapped sets, some even unwrapped.
  5. Too bad they didn’t order more buses for MTA bus with this order. If they ordered more buses they wouldn’t have to keep those 2017 XD60s at LGA. Plus I know it’s been on the table for a while for a possible Q6 and Q64 conversion so it makes me wonder why it hasn’t been a priority.
  6. I don’t know that much about how subway cars work, but what does it mean for a train to have a dead motor?
  7. Honestly it’s better to be safe than sorry. Better to send people home than risk the health and lives of others.
  8. So I’m assuming all those SBS XD40s will be reverted back to local service. This would probably be the end of the 2005 Orion VII’s at LGA which there aren’t that many of them there anyways.
  9. Quick question about the B13. I know the B13 is out of Fresh Pond, but wasn’t it out of Grand Ave at some point because I could have sworn I’ve seen GA buses on the route and it caught me off guard to see a Orion VII OG on the B13 a few weeks ago since what I usually catch are XD40s and occasionally a Orion VII NG.
  10. There is a set of R188’s sitting in Corona Yard tagged up heavy. I’m surprised because this is the first time that I’m seeing Corona’s equipment tagged up like that.
  11. It was back in early January. I remember taking the M79 and catching an XD40 in both directions. It was the only time it really snowed and snow stuck to the ground.
  12. The crossover in between Jamaica Center and Sutphin Blvd was built in the middle of the tunnel section so it cuts down capacity with how long it takes for the train to cross. trains usually have to wait at Sutphin Blvd for a train to leave Jamaica Center because of that. Plus past Jamaica Center, the stub tracks don’t have a crossover so they simply couldn’t cross over to alleviate delays. That’s why they have those extra trains go to 179th while the travels via Hillside. In the original plan the and local trains were suppose to go to Jamaica Center and it would have been interesting to see how that would have played out if the MTA went along with that plan. People would have definitely bailed out at Kew Gardens, and I could see a bit of a merging issue at Briarwood with the local and express trains. Can you imagine a and going to Jamaica Center? I can tell you that they most likely would have the same problems as the currently has with capacity.
  13. I actually didn’t know we were missing a set. I thought they were all in service at this point.
  14. I know occasionally a police officer or an MTA worker would sit in back cab of a train and it would have been funny if these teens opened the door to find a cop sitting in there.
  15. Yesterday they were down to 4 but they should officially be off the this week.
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