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  1. It’s great that the M14 and M15 are seeing some improvements. My only grip with the M14 is even though it pretty much has 14th street to itself, some bus drivers still crawl along 14th street and it’s super annoying. However the other day I did take the M15 local from Allen Street and Houston to 1st Ave and 60th and I gotta say that driver really knew how to drive an artic. It was around 9:20pm and we were flying up 1st Ave. I didn’t know it was possible to knock out that ride in 17 minutes. We only made about 3 or 4 stops too which was surprising to me given the high ridership of the M15 in general. But man when you catch a driver who doesn’t play any games you notice a difference in travel time compared to those who are slow and just crawl at 20mph. On a subject unrelated to buses but 14th street in general I wonder how the ridership of the is doing since being extended along 6th Ave on the weekends. The M14 has picked up so I’m sure the has as well.
  2. Nope for the past few months, the MTA only had those pink laminated signs in the stations pointing out the late night and weekend extension of the . However I don’t see them at 57th street and I just passed through there the other day.
  3. I find the caption hilarious lol. Poor Bombardier!
  4. I don’t even know if the Q32 would garner more usage being on 3rd/Lex Ave. I honestly see ridership being more or less the same. I think the north and south avenues on the Eastside are over saturated with bus routes minus 1st and 2nd Aves and York Ave if we are including streets north of 57th street. Q32 in its current state simply seems like another route thrown into the mix that also happens to run into Queens. I think partially what hurts Manhattan usage is the route in Queens. I think it parallels the too much and it’s has no unique routing of its own. Yeah I know it runs alone north bound on 81st but the Q33 is available on 83rd which isn’t too far. I’m fine with the Q32 running to 34th street and 5th Ave, I think it’s Queens routing needs to be modified to make it more useful, rather than being a route that people take if the subway is messed up or them being too lazy to walk to the subway. I honestly forgot all about the Q41, I barely take it nowadays, but yeah I can agree that the Q41 can be annoying. There were times where I took the Q8 instead and walked south from 101st street all the way down to 109th. I never really saw the Q7 being that bad these days but I know back under Green Lines, forget about it. All of Green Lines routes were bad minus maybe the Q10. The Q6 I will agree with you is underrated and definitely overlooked. The Q6 should have been the one to get artics, not the Q12. I’ve never seen the MTA force artics so hard on a route as they did with the Q12. The Q40 and Q60 does not do anything to help the Q6. I saw ads the MTA had on the buses talking about increased service on the Q6. To me it seems like service still runs the same. However I’m not 100% sure because I’m not usually around Sutphin south of Archer Ave.
  5. Yeah and it sometimes surprises me that a decent amount of people are riding the Q32 for the distances that they are. There are people who get on along Madison Ave and ride along Roosevelt Ave. However I don’t blame them, because the crowds on the are annoying and so are the ones on the and . At least on the Q32 one can expect to find a seat. Sometimes at the end of a long day I just want to sit down and relax on the way home. There is a good amount of people who also take the Q60 from 2nd Ave along Queens Blvd, especially at night when the trains start running slower. No joke there’s been instances including a few nights ago where it would take me an hour or more to ride from Lexington Ave (53rd, 59th or 63rd) to Forest Hills. The Queens Blvd line can be a nightmare and that’s why it’s a good thing the Q60 and Q32 buses exist.
  6. Just improve Q6 service. Out of all the JFK routes, I think the Q6 is still one of the most unreliable. I always see large gaps in service, buses bunch up and buses that are missing. The reason why the Q60 gets the usage it does on Sutphin is because the Q6 can be terrible. Other times Q60 buses are near empty along that stretch.
  7. The Q32 has decent usage going towards Queens, but I always noticed Manhattan travel is weak especially on 5th Ave. I wonder if having it travel along 59th street would make it more useful to Columbus Circle. It could be a decent alternative to the .
  8. What I would do is remove the Q60 from South Jamaica and have some short turns at Queens Plaza. Those who want service to 2nd Ave can alternate between the Q32 and Q101 as well.
  9. I’m not so familiar with Brooklyn as I am with Queens but one thing I always wondered is why is the B15 as long as it is? Didn’t the MTA ever think that a route from Woodhull Hospital to JFK is too long of a route? And to make matters worst there is no limited service and one would think that the B15 would be a perfect candidate for it too. I remember when the Q58 got it back in 2010, it was the best thing to happen to that route since the Q58 can stop at just about every stop especially in Corona. So I feel like a Limited B15 could help, but honestly shouldn’t the route just be split in two or at least modified so it’s not as long and unreliable? I feel like the MTA is so fond of its super routes and just about all of them suffer from reliability issues. I always thought a more suitable location to have a JFK bus in Brooklyn is Broadway Junction. As far as a routing to get to the airport I don’t know what would be the most suitable routing but it most likely traveling down Pennsylvania and Linden Blvd wouldn’t be a bad idea. However I would make it a Limited so it’s not stuck making every stop.
  10. I’m aware that not all the R46’s have those problems. However there is still too many that show the wrong destination. You can have the first half of the train say one thing and the second half say another thing. I think this definitely falls on the MTA for half adding enhancements. The MTA is notorious for bringing updates to some trains and abandoning the rest. That’s why for example a bunch of Jamaica’s R160s never received yellow poles and floor mats by the door and why some R46s have old codes and others have been upgraded.
  11. I fanned the via 6th Ave as well and I did not see any R46’s with correct signage. Most of the trains had the wrong destination meaning a Bay Ridge bound would have Forest Hills signage and the Forest Hills trains would have Bay Ridge signage. I saw a couple of trains with blank LCD’s which isn’t uncommon for the R46’s, I saw one that said “Last Stop” and there was one that had the correct destination but it said via Broadway local. Today I saw an R46 with correct signage. What I’ve noticed is usually when the is rerouted or has a G.O that causes it to skip stops there would be tons of R160s on the line. The R46’s are horrible when it comes to hearing announcements and having working destinations.
  12. I don’t frequent those lines that much but I did see a R68 on the the other day.
  13. That merge between the going northbound is annoying. Every time I take the and northbound during the AM rush there is alway a delay between 47-50th streets and 59th street. Today had to be the worst because there were 3’s trains and 2 trains that were schedule to show up one after the next and the was delayed because it was stuck behind the trains that were bunched. That’s why if I’m going to work I prefer to take a train from Queens to Lexington Ave, then take the to 77th and transfer to the M79 and take that across Central Park, because that merging situation at 59th street is annoying.
  14. Yeah that’s exactly when it happened. Some trains were signed up as trains to ease confusion which was smart because people aren’t used to a to Metropolitan Ave. Anything is subject to change with the but it would make a lot more sense to have all the 8 car R179s at ENY. Remember all the R42’s will be retired once the R211’s come in so they would need to be replaced with something. This is only my opinion but we shall definitely see what happens.
  15. In a way I can see the elderly and disabled shooting the idea down for the Q60 to use the main road. Honestly I can see it being problematic for example if an elderly person is trying to cross the service road to catch the bus on the main road that’s at the stop, but can’t because of oncoming traffic.

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