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  1. A bold letter means that the train always stops there 24/7 whereas a grey letter usually refers to trains that stop there either during the day, rush hours or weekdays.
  2. Not all the ideas are bad, but there are some routes that need fine tuning and there are others that need to be changed all together.
  3. I found out a few minutes ago what was going on, cause at first I was like who broke into the conductors cab. I kinda like these new announcements, they are certainly more lively than what we have.
  4. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. Jamaica’s R46s get to rest at night and a lot of them aren’t used on the weekend as there are less trains required to make service on the weekend.
  5. How many R46’s sets are left at Jamaica now?
  6. I’ve said this months ago, but this is typical of the MTA and honestly it just looks very sloppy. They don’t finish any of the car treatment or rehab programs they do which is why we still have R160s roaming around that never got deep cleaned. Look at Jamaica’s fleet for example, they changed the interior lights in some of the R46’s, gave them door mats and yellow poles, but a lot of their R160s never were touched. I think it is a yard thing though because the R160s at ENY have them, the only thing is those cars get tagged up all the time.
  7. Today was the first time I saw eagle team members checking tickets on a select bus route in over a year. I was on the M15 heading downtown and at 96th street the bus was stopped and they were checking tickets by the door. A couple of people received tickets. It was also hilarious when some people tried to flee off the bus and got caught up by the door. The eagle team did not even come onto the bus and check everyone’s ticket so some of those people who got scared and tried to run would have been safe only if they stayed on the bus.
  8. Yeah exactly the Fulton Street line can’t properly be used to its full capacity as a four track line because of the two track section between Canal Street and Hoyt-Schermerhorn streets
  9. I have no idea, but hopefully they hit Queens next because the only station that has the omny bases is the Sutphin Blvd-JFK airport station.
  10. Some of these railfans are a bit too much. Some of them just don’t know how to act and now I can see why some T/O‘s, bus drivers and other MTA employees feel the way they do about them. There is nothing wrong with appreciating something but don’t act nuts and go to the lengths of committing crimes and such over the fact that you really love a particular train fleet.
  11. Too bad the Jamaica Ave line turns off at Crescent Street. It should have instead continued along the more direct route of Jamaica Ave to Broadway Junction. That way they could have built an express track and people from Queens and East Brooklyn would actually consider the to Manhattan instead of taking the bus to the Queens Blvd line. Even the all the way in Queens especially along Liberty Ave East of Woodhaven Blvd is overlooked because the Q10, Q37 and Q52/Q53 to the Queens Blvd line is faster than having to go through Brooklyn then Manhattan.
  12. They do this on the Q64 as well, especially if it’s a run with a articulated bus.
  13. I don’t even take the whole eagle team concept serious because they are barely around. I thought they were suppose to periodically pop up and now and then on select bus routes and check to see if people are paying their fare and I never see them at all. I see people of all ages boldly just walking past the driver and it’s a thing I see everyday. The only way people are going to take it seriously is if they really enforce the fare on the buses instead of never.
  14. The R46 cars are 75 feet long in comparison to the R143, R160 and R179’s that are 60 feet long per car. Therefore R46 cars are in 4 car sets which together make 8 cars which makes a full length train.
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