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  1. NewFlyer 230

    Winter 2019 Bus Changes

    I’m not sure how Queens riders of the Q44 would view a Q44 that’s serves Jamaica then runs nonstop between Briarwood station and Main Street/Kissena Blvd and then skips Union St/Parsons and goes straight to the Bronx. I think it’s a good idea especially if the focus is better serving riders between Flushing-Jamaica and The Bronx. I always wonder how the Q44 was back when it ran local between Jamaica and The Bronx Zoo before the Q20 was extended Jamaica. I can imagine that ride easily being 2+ hours. The main culprit to the delays is when the route is traveling through Flushing. However there is no NYPD surveillance of the bus lanes so people do whatever they want in the bus lane. I really do like the idea of the Q44 skipping Union Steet and Parsons Blvd because most of the people who use the route at those stops are coming from Flushing anyway so they can use the Q20. Even now taking the Q44 and having it go through Union street feels like a lengthy detour that could be cut down by having it skip that segment. I would keep the stops in between Briarwood Station and Flushing LIRR station since that part of the route moves. However if I had to get rid of stops I would get rid of the Elder Ave stop, 63rd Ave maybe even Melbourne Ave. My question is how would you choose to make up for the loss of service on Union street and Parsons Blvd? The Q20 deals with the same issues the Q44 has and being less frequent so I can see there being gaps in service there unless service is added between College Point and Flushing to one of the branches. I used to underestimate travel between outer boroughs but the Q44 sees good usage between Bronx and Jamaica (wonder how the gentrification of Jamaica will affect that tbh). Even after riding the M60 consistently I see how buses are usually crushloaded between Queens and Manhattan. Even at 3 in the morning I sometimes see M60 buses that are crushloaded to LGA along 23rd Ave.
  2. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I take the Q64 from Jewel Ave and Kissena Blvd to Forest Hills 71st in the morning and its very annoying when I catch one of those "safe drivers". I can't stand when they are crawling, and they pull into the stops slowly and stop at lights that have about 5 secs before it changes red. I guess driving like that is what they are suppose to do, but it drives me nuts because a 12-14 minute ride easily can turn into a 20 minute ride when they are moving so slow. I do like it when the occasional XD60 pops up on the Q64 as there were two occasions where I can recall the bus being completely full.
  3. NewFlyer 230

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I find it weird how the Q59 takes that indirect routing on Metropolitan Ave and Grand St and Wythe Ave to get to Williamburg Bridge Plaza. From my experience riding the Q59 in Williamsburg the route starts to empty out on Grand Street especially after the Grand Street station. Then for the most part after the stop it almost carries air. In the reverse direction it does see more usage but not by a whole lot from what I remember. So I would reroute the Q59 to follow the Q54 to WBP which would speed things up and it could then attract new riders who may be coming from Queens for example. Also it would helped the Q54 which isn't the most reliable in Brooklyn. The B32 can definitely handle Kent and Wythe Ave's alone, it's ridership is definitely growing but I still feel that it needs to connect to the and trains.
  4. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Hmm this definitely explains why I always see two buses back to back on the Q25 primarily on Saturdays (and other routes) . I always figured it had something to do with capacity, however I used to think that the MTA did it because those routes had the ridership for artic buses but since the depots didn’t have them, that was a temporary solution. But yeah this makes a lot of sense now. Just one question though, if a route has scheduled runs at 5:02 and 5:10 and the 5:02 run has 2 buses set to run couldn’t a solution to that be to have the route run more frequently? So instead now you have one run at 5:02, 5:06 and 5:10 which would eliminate having two buses leaving at the same time. I know with NYC traffic and stop dwelling may cause the runs to end up bunched together anyways.
  5. NewFlyer 230

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It was worse, the R142A’s on the had a very low MDBF for cars that are still young. They have been doing better on the thanks to Corona’s good maintenance but you can always tell that they are hand me downs from the dirty interiors and the crazy jerking the cars make when they accelerate. I’ve noticed the R62A’s are doing good on the minus the A/C problems but maybe this is because they haven’t been on the long enough to get messed up lol.
  6. NewFlyer 230

    Select Bus Service Planning

    It will definitely be interesting to see how the MTA will work out some of these proposed SBS routes. I can only really speak for Queens since I’ve been all over the place in Queens but SBS on routes like the Q25, Q27 and especially the Q58 will seem kind of forced with their current routings. I don’t necessarily agree on the Q65 getting SBS because it’s was the faster (Jamaica-Flushing) route compared to the Q44 and Q25 before the Q44 got SBS. The only thing the Q65 can use is possibly extended LTD hours and perhaps being moved onto Parsons Blvd with the Q26. Plus also taking into account the massive bus redesign who knows how many of these routes will remain completely unchanged. The Q58 being Queens highest used route does too much in my opinion and I always felt that getting to Flushing was a hassle from Queens Blvd around the QCM and Grand Ave/Queens unless you took the to the . I’m not so much opposed to a Ridgewood to Flushing route but it’s the detour through Corona that is annoying because that area is very traffic prone and there is no type of grid so the streets curve like crazy. As as far as a B15 SBS, I personally feel there should be a Local and SBS variant of the route. The locals stay in Brooklyn only while the SBS goes to JFK. While that may sound ideal I know the MTA will favor SBS more and give too much SBS service. Then you’d see the cutting some of the local service and making the local variant more unreliable. I can certainly see the same thing happening with the B41 local.
  7. NewFlyer 230

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    That’s an interesting explanation. I’m sure Green Lines could have made the Q9A/Q89 into a decent route with decent headway’s. Most of the routes that past Linden Blvd do get you to Jamaica faster but I’m sure it could have picked up more ridership if it were a typical 6:30am to 10pm 7 days a week type of route. The route itself could have used a bit of tweaking though and it’s failure was more Green Lines responsibility than the MTA’s. In its form before it got cut the only people who really used the route were those who needed to go to and from the 165th st Terminal to the last few stops on the Q9 in South Ozone Park. The PBL’s were pretty infamous for creating routes that sucked, like the Q9A, original Q21, original Q53, Q19 before its extensions to Flushing and deeper Astoria, Q22A, QM23 and others I can’t think of at the moment. The MTA also does have its fair share of bad routes too.
  8. NewFlyer 230

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    It gets decent usage from Flushing. It of course doesn’t see close to the loads that the Q66 sees but buses generally leave close to standing room only. Extending it to Flushing was definitely a smart move as it offers new options for riders in East Elmurst. I take the Q19 myself when I go to work and it’s definitely faster than the to the Q33 or the Q49.
  9. NewFlyer 230

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    I feel like the Q19 is considered a joke out there and I guess what contributes to the lack of care with that route is the fact that several routes intersect it. I guess the MTA figures if you going to and from Main Street one could take the to the Q23, Q33, Q47, Q49 and or the LGA bound Q48 and get off around the areas the Q19 travels through but that way is longer than the Q19 directly running on Astoria Blvd. However with the way the Q19 runs that is the best option at night and when it’s on 30 min headway’s. Sad cause the ridership is definitely growing and has the potential to grow even more.
  10. NewFlyer 230

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    I wish the MTA would go ahead and make the Q19 more frequent. Even though it got extended to 2nd Street and 27th Ave a few years ago, its time for that route to become more frequent. Never understood why the headway’s remained at 20 and 30 min when the ridership has been increasing. It also still ends way too early for a route that travels on a major street which is why that route doesn’t do as well as it ideally should. As for the increase in Little Neck Parkway service on the Q36, does that route see more usage along L.N.P?
  11. NewFlyer 230

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I was just on the the other day with weak A/C. I haven’t ran into a R62A on the with a busted A/C. From my experience I’ve been on many R62A’s on the with busted or poor A/C. I don’t know if it has something to do with poor maintenance, but when the had R62A’s I don’t remember the A/C’s breaking like they do now. Another thing that I’ve noticed that I can’t stand about the MTA is how inconsistent and sloppy they are when it comes to refurbishing cars. Often times I’ll see half of a R46, R62A or R160 set with bright new lights, exit door mats and yellow poles (R160s), but then the other half of the set is still untouched. Most people don’t care as long as the train shows up but I would think that the would at least try to strive for uniformity. I don’t lose any sleep over it at all but it’s just so noticeable I’m like “the MTA can do better than this”.
  12. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah it makes the most sense to keep the borough prefixes so that riders don’t get confused.
  13. NewFlyer 230

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I’m confused. Are you saying that people who need the airport should just take the LIRR? You won’t get too many city folks who would consider doing that. I certainly wouldn’t go out my way to pay premium price and then another $2.75 to get to the airport. As far as this bus redesign I doubt the Q70 would be touched. They might have it run via the Marine Air Terminal and bump the Q47 out of there, which it has no business being there in the first place.
  14. NewFlyer 230

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That’s slightly worst than overnight headway’s on the subway lines which is unacceptable tbh during the day time. It was a disaster last week when both the and were being worked on, so no trains between 8th Ave and Broadway Junction and the wasn’t running to Jamaica Center past Crescent Street.
  15. I’m starting to think that this whole system redesign is a way for the MTA to secretly cut service while telling people that these routes are better than the old ones. Can’t wait to see what they do with the local and limited routes. I guarantee since this is the MTA we are talking about the riders will get the shorter end of the stick.


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