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  1. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I wish I knew why it seems like. I think it’s a College Point depot thing because it’s been happening for years on several of the routes. The Q25 does the same exact thing and then there could be a 20-30 minute gap for the next bus. If they were smart they would have one of the buses fill in the gap by departing 10 minutes later.
  2. NewFlyer 230

    XDE40s on the Q58 and More

    Great pics, and interesting move with the Q58. I wonder why it was moved being that it runs right in front of Fresh Pond?
  3. NewFlyer 230

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Originally I thought the had R143 for mileage reasons but I guess that’s not the case.
  4. NewFlyer 230

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Usually I would see no more than one or two sets on the . Some days there are no R160s on the . I’ve just noticed lately that there are more than 1 or 2 sets popping up and I’ve been seeing more R46s on the sometimes showing up 3 in a row.
  5. NewFlyer 230

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I’ve noticed lately that the and has swapped a few of its cars with one another. Sometimes I see more R46s showing up in a row on the . I’ve been seeing and catching R160’s more easily on the too. I remember two weeks ago I was on a from Forest Hill’s to Queens Plaza and I saw 4 R160 trains going towards Forest Hills within the span of the ride. The train that I had missed before the I got on was a R160 . Even yesterday I counted 4 R160 ‘s which is quite unusual to see on a weekday unless it was a weekend and the was rerouted in some way. I guess perhaps people have complained about the R46’s because those things do suffer a lot from broken doors, broken LCD signs and poor announcements. Does anyone know what’s going on?
  6. NewFlyer 230

    R179 Discussion Thread

    With the they do have the R160s so I can’t imagine there being a tremendous difference between the two. Its cool to to see the back to mostly NTT’s again. They still have R143’s on the line which I was surprised at because, I thought by this point they would be off the line too.
  7. NewFlyer 230

    Service Cuts

    Technically this pretty much already happens with the . Most weeks the service ends around 8:30/9pm due to endless construction. Last week the ran late like normal but literally just for a week. This week it’s back to service ending early. There is literally only a handful of times in a year where the runs late on Queens Blvd which is so misleading tbh. So I guess at this point it would only make sense to make ending service early official since they do it almost every week anyways. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to them ending service even earlier like at 7 or 7:30pm for construction.
  8. NewFlyer 230

    1997 - 1999 Orion V CNG Assignments ?

    So yeah like everyone else said the 708-751 were ex Command Bus units (SC) 7214-7285 were from Triboro Coach (LGA) 8568-8581- were from Queens Surface (CP) 9827-9999 were also from CP 9827-9931 were 1999 units and 9932-9999 were 1998 units. 9999 was renumbered to 8582. In the days before the NF C40LF’s came in back in 2011; WF and JG had several 1999 units. Several of those units never made it back to CP however some did. SC primiarly had the 700’s even though they also did have 7214-7219 and 7221 CP did have 711, 713, 717, 748-750 and the rest of the 7200s all the 8500s and all the 9800 and 9900 units that weren’t at WF/JG. I remember even later on in 2011, Long Island Bus borrowed several of the Orion V CNG’s from the city while their own buses were being fixed up.
  9. NewFlyer 230

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I never was a fan of the Q66 SBS proposal that would go from Flushing to Columbus Circle of all places. Not only will traffic be a huge problem (since bus lanes aren’t enforced that well, and Manhattan is a pain driving through) but is there a demand for such a route? I think the Q66 is okay with how it is even though I would tweak its routing to access Queens Plaza more directly instead of having to serve Queensbridge. The Q69 doesn’t need to serve Manhattan either. What I would do with the Q69 is have it follow the Q66 and Q100 routes when traveling back to 21st Street. I don’t think it needs to run via Court Square. That just adds unnecessary time to the route. Also while not the ideal northern terminal for the Q69, I would not have it replace the Q19 as the Q19 can hold its own on Astoria. Plus you would have the Q69 do too much and that’s a problem that lots of routes throughout the system have. The Q19 while coming a long ways from the days of the PBL, it is still plagued by poor frequency of service and years of being taken as a joke. I always said that the MTA needs to increase service all together for that route. Make it run perhaps every 12-15 minutes most of the day during the weekdays. I would have it run every 20 mins for now on the weekends and I guarantee that people will start to trust that route more. Currently (especially on the weekends) if you miss the Q19 you are better off walking or trying to catch another route. It still ends way too early so you are out of luck after 9pm. I would have it run to at least 11pm-11:30pm to help improve connectivity to Flushing which is lacking at night.
  10. Yeah I agree, I don’t know why the Q101 goes into Manhattan as it seems very redundant at this point. From the times I’ve fanned the Q60 and Q101 from Manhattan, the Q60 always gets the higher usage compared to the Q101. The latter usually picks up those that are going to QBP but either missed the Q60 or the Q60 has a gap in it’s service. I do think while MTA Bus has come a long ways from the times of the PBL, I still believe that there are many changes that should have been made by now. It’s like they are too lazy to look into making some obvious improvements. I’m hoping these upcoming bus redesign projects are taken more seriously than the Staten Island Express bus redesign was. Just to name a few of some obvious changes that could have been made are; the elimination of the Q101 in Manhattan, rerouting the Q112 in Jamaica so it’s not backtracking east to then go west via Liberty Ave, eliminating the Q34 completely and fixing up the Q25 service with most old Q34 trips being “new Jamaica-Flushing Q25 short turns, more frequently weekday and weekend Q19 service and so on.
  11. NewFlyer 230

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Jamaica Center is another one that is filthy and tbh so dark. I wish they could clean and brighten that station up.
  12. NewFlyer 230

    Winter 2019 Bus Changes

    I’m not sure how Queens riders of the Q44 would view a Q44 that’s serves Jamaica then runs nonstop between Briarwood station and Main Street/Kissena Blvd and then skips Union St/Parsons and goes straight to the Bronx. I think it’s a good idea especially if the focus is better serving riders between Flushing-Jamaica and The Bronx. I always wonder how the Q44 was back when it ran local between Jamaica and The Bronx Zoo before the Q20 was extended Jamaica. I can imagine that ride easily being 2+ hours. The main culprit to the delays is when the route is traveling through Flushing. However there is no NYPD surveillance of the bus lanes so people do whatever they want in the bus lane. I really do like the idea of the Q44 skipping Union Steet and Parsons Blvd because most of the people who use the route at those stops are coming from Flushing anyway so they can use the Q20. Even now taking the Q44 and having it go through Union street feels like a lengthy detour that could be cut down by having it skip that segment. I would keep the stops in between Briarwood Station and Flushing LIRR station since that part of the route moves. However if I had to get rid of stops I would get rid of the Elder Ave stop, 63rd Ave maybe even Melbourne Ave. My question is how would you choose to make up for the loss of service on Union street and Parsons Blvd? The Q20 deals with the same issues the Q44 has and being less frequent so I can see there being gaps in service there unless service is added between College Point and Flushing to one of the branches. I used to underestimate travel between outer boroughs but the Q44 sees good usage between Bronx and Jamaica (wonder how the gentrification of Jamaica will affect that tbh). Even after riding the M60 consistently I see how buses are usually crushloaded between Queens and Manhattan. Even at 3 in the morning I sometimes see M60 buses that are crushloaded to LGA along 23rd Ave.
  13. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I take the Q64 from Jewel Ave and Kissena Blvd to Forest Hills 71st in the morning and its very annoying when I catch one of those "safe drivers". I can't stand when they are crawling, and they pull into the stops slowly and stop at lights that have about 5 secs before it changes red. I guess driving like that is what they are suppose to do, but it drives me nuts because a 12-14 minute ride easily can turn into a 20 minute ride when they are moving so slow. I do like it when the occasional XD60 pops up on the Q64 as there were two occasions where I can recall the bus being completely full.
  14. NewFlyer 230

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I find it weird how the Q59 takes that indirect routing on Metropolitan Ave and Grand St and Wythe Ave to get to Williamburg Bridge Plaza. From my experience riding the Q59 in Williamsburg the route starts to empty out on Grand Street especially after the Grand Street station. Then for the most part after the stop it almost carries air. In the reverse direction it does see more usage but not by a whole lot from what I remember. So I would reroute the Q59 to follow the Q54 to WBP which would speed things up and it could then attract new riders who may be coming from Queens for example. Also it would helped the Q54 which isn't the most reliable in Brooklyn. The B32 can definitely handle Kent and Wythe Ave's alone, it's ridership is definitely growing but I still feel that it needs to connect to the and trains.
  15. NewFlyer 230

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Hmm this definitely explains why I always see two buses back to back on the Q25 primarily on Saturdays (and other routes) . I always figured it had something to do with capacity, however I used to think that the MTA did it because those routes had the ridership for artic buses but since the depots didn’t have them, that was a temporary solution. But yeah this makes a lot of sense now. Just one question though, if a route has scheduled runs at 5:02 and 5:10 and the 5:02 run has 2 buses set to run couldn’t a solution to that be to have the route run more frequently? So instead now you have one run at 5:02, 5:06 and 5:10 which would eliminate having two buses leaving at the same time. I know with NYC traffic and stop dwelling may cause the runs to end up bunched together anyways.


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