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  1. It definitely would because during the AM rush the Queens Blvd line platforms are like sardine cans. What deters a lot of folks including myself from making that transfer at Court Square is that long walk. I feel most people that get off the and are not going to the but the and the same can be said for folks getting off the . They aren’t transferring in droves for the and but the train. The subway system definitely has its fair share of annoying transfer like at Times Square between the and and the rest of the trains that serve Times Square, the connection at 14th street between the and the and the to the 6 Ave lines at 5th Ave/Bryant Park.
  2. I noticed based on google maps, Apple Maps and the transit app for iPhone it shows the last stop for La Guardia bound Q48 buses as Ditmars Blvd and 102nd street right where the Q23 ends after it goes through the terminals and runs via 23rd Ave. However that cannot be right because I thought La Guardia Airport routes unlike JFK Airport routes just loop around the terminals and head back to their other terminals. Plus people who get on within the airport would be forced to get off and wait before heading back to Flushing. I wanted to take a M60 or Q69 bus from Astoria to 82nd street to transfer to the Q48 to go back to Flushing since the Q19 still ends too damn early, but I wasn’t sure if I would have to get off because I’ve seen Q48’s buses lay over at 102nd street before.
  3. Does anyone else think that Court Square station needs to be connected via the north end of the (7) platform and the middle of the (E) and (M) platform. I always found it quite ridiculous how you need to walk down that long mezzanine, pass the (G) train’s mezzanine just to connect to the Flushing and or Queens Blvd lines. Having a (7) train entrance at 44th Dr and a connection to the (E) and (M) would save so much time and I think it would be worth constructing. It would definitely be much easier to build than a connection between the Queensboro Plaza and Queens Plaza stations.
  4. The 1200’s should have at least 4 to 5 years left before they get retired. It seems like the holds onto buses on average 15-16 years, however some can go longer than that like the RTS.
  5. I call the the homeless express because the likelihood of finding homeless people on the trains are very high. Once subway ridership decreases during the evening time and overnight hours you can find multiple homeless people sleep within the cars. I remember back in 2018 taking the at 3am and counted 5 homeless dudes in one of the cars sleeping.
  6. It’s not necessary at Flushing Main Street because 95% of the time there is a train already in the station so you just wait inside the train until it leaves the station. I would use the money to renovate stations that really need it like perhaps 63rd street-Rego Park, Parsons Blvd/Hillside Ave, and basically most other stations on the Queens Blvd line.
  7. They usually extend the bus stops especially if the stops aren’t long enough to fit at least 2 artic buses. However I noticed that they don’t bother to extend a lot of the low ridership stops which isn’t too surprising. I noticed with the recent Q12 and B38 conversions stops were eliminated so that definitely freed up some parking. However in the Q12’s case I think most of the eliminated stops remained N20 stops.
  8. It makes me wonder how long this deep cleaning program will last, because as covid-19 continues to die down and time passes I feel like the cleanings will be the first thing that gets cut. I feel like they will justify the reduction in cleanings because the virus was taken care of and doesn’t pose a major threat to us anymore. I will say that it has been pleasant being on trains that didn’t smell like butt and sweat and instead you can actually smell soap and rubbing alcohol. Buses look and smell better too so I hope they could keep doing these cleanings long term.
  9. What did the Bronx get in return for the lost of all the 2012-2013 XD60s?
  10. I feel like several BO’s don’t care. I’ve been on a few buses recently that was packed and the driver kept letting people in. However today I was waiting for the bus and me and this guy was passed by a Q20A that was full with two standees however the day before I was on a crush loaded Q20A.
  11. What about MTA bus? Any news yet on what’s going to be replacing the 2006 and 2007 Orion VII’s?
  12. I mean all you really have to do is just look at the buses themselves along the routes. Plus with thousands of people now able to go back to work it is really no surprise that ridership is up.
  13. Eagle team is a joke. They are hardly around hence why lots of people just board without paying. If they were more consistent with their check ins people would probably be paying the fare more.
  14. I know with the MTA anything is subject to change, but being that these trains are suppose to replace the R46’s wouldn’t it make since for Pitkin, Coney Island and 207 to get them since they have R46s? Since Jamaica received a majority of Coney Islands R160s, Jamaica would be good in terms of cars since they have the youngest fleet overall now. I know the open gangway cars probably will end up at Jamaica for them to test out the extra capacity which I guess might be their incentive to give Jamaica more R211’s.
  15. I don’t think the MTA ever announced such plan. I recall someone on this forum a while back suggesting the idea of a swap.
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