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  1. I feel that Coney Island will care about fixing the signs more than Jamaica ever did. I don’t recall Pitkin’s R46’s having as many busted signs like Jamaica’s do. For the most part people know that if an R46 shows up along the Queens Blvd, Broadway and 4th Ave line it is an train despite the sign being busted. Of course the uses them too on the QBL but it’s usually mostly during rush hours when service is usually running normal.
  2. Riders of the and are going to learn real quick where their beloved R160’s went!
  3. Wow to think that the oldest cars the R32 which is a few years shy from 60 years old is more reliable than cars that are less than 3 years old. I guess a lot of the R179’s were out of service recently because I noticed the has been dominated by R32’s. I’m only basing this off of what I saw last week, when I took the a few times last week and caught all R32. As for the I saw R46’s and R32. I’m confident however that once the problems with the R179’s are fixed they will then become one of the most reliable fleets in the system. The R46 used to be considered lemons and now they are holding up pretty well for their age.
  4. I wonder in the short time that the and had those R46’s running on them if some people got on the R46 thinking it was an just because the has been running with R46’s for probably over 30 years already. I don’t know how long the R46’s have been at Jamaica, all I know is that they symbolic to the R line. When I think of the line I think of the R46. The QBL is going to have no type of diversity once all the R46’s are gone.
  5. I agree as well even though I think Essex street is a much better terminal than Myrtle Ave-Broadway which was the terminal for all weekend service before the extension.The is just more useful than the is since the goes uptown. It was even proven before the ‘s introduction along 6th Ave that more people desired service towards Midtown than towards lower Manhattan. Plus the has to do somewhat of a back track if for example you needed to catch the or going uptown where you’d get off at Fulton whereas the you would actually be going uptown already where you’d get off at West 4th.
  6. I just love the convenience of the running via 6th Ave and up to 96th street on the weekends. It’s a shame that once the train construction is over everything is going to go back to normal with the lack of direct uptown service for North Brooklyn residents. The I was on Sunday around 3:30pm was packed even up along 2nd Ave. A lot of people got off at 72nd street which is where I got off too, so I suspect that this temporary extension of the has created ridership to grow a bit. And after so many months of having no proper signage the stations indicate service to 96th street which helps. So it just makes me wonder if people are going to fight against the weekend cutback of the to Essex Street once the resumes it’s normal service to Manhattan.
  7. People farebeat on a lot of artic lines. This wouldn’t be a new thing when artic’s hit the Q6. I’m just so curious at to where those 6000’s at JFK and LGA will go. We already know LGA is suppose to keep some of them. I know Tuskegee is suppose to get them but honestly I don’t see that happening just yet. I feel like transit politics is going to play a role, and I feel like most of them will end up staying in Queens especially if the MTA is really serious about the Q6 being artic. Somehow I feel like some of them will even make it to CS. I don’t want to get too off topic with speculation because I know this isn’t the thread for that. Of course with the MTA everything is subject to change so we shall just see.
  8. This is not a free in system but I really do appreciate the Fulton Street/ WTC transit hub. Since I use an unlimited metrocard 99% of the time, I can easily transfer to the trains from the other lines. Or sometimes I’m just in the area and instead of walking in the heat or in the cold I can walk inside and access all the train lines that run through downtown Manhattan. I know the IND use to have long mezzanine’s that have since been sealed.
  9. Nope the B23 along its route connected to the at Cortelyou Rd, near the Ditmars station, and the and brown at 62st/ New Utrecht Ave.
  10. Since we are talking about the bus redesigns, I don’t think Queens local routes are going to see much change, besides eliminating some turns on some routes. The expresses are where the changes will occur for real. On the local/LTD/SBS side of things I can see some duplicate routes being shorten so it’s more or less only serving it’s unique portion, such as the Q34 running above Roosevelt Ave only. Maybe the Q41 being cut back to the Rockaway Blvd station with the Q21 perhaps being a Howard Beach to Rockaway Blvd shuttle. What changes do you think will happen with the Queens local/LTD/SBS?
  11. This reminds me of when the wanted to discontinue the Q56 during their financial crisis back in 2009. It would have been such a disaster if it was discontinued. Plus the route becomes more useful when the is either delayed or suspended along Jamaica Ave due to construction.
  12. Then we have the infamous Forest Hills 71 Ave terminal. Sigh all the times I’ve missed the Q64 by a minute or two just because we had to wait for the train in the station to go to relay.
  13. They used another 2013 XD60 on the Q44 again on Wednesday as I saw one of them turn off from Jewel Ave onto Main Street at around 3:10ish.
  14. It wouldn’t really make a difference what number it uses, because it still doesn’t help the 125th crosstown. I think the M125 is a better move because the route is being drastically shorten to not have to run via 3rd Ave like the current BX15. Having the local Bx15 serve Manhattan is a worst move especially with how horrible traffic is. The only thing saving 125th Street from being worst is the fact that there is an overlap of routes.
  15. I didn’t even know they got cleaned that often so that’s good to know.
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