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  1. Also: Bx17: towards Fordham Plaza: via Prospect Av via Crotona Av towards Port Morris: via Crotona Av via Prospect Av Bx9: towards Riverdale: via Kingsbridge Rd via Broadway towards West Farms: via Broadway via Kingsbridge Rd Bx22: towards Castle Hill: via Fordham Rd via Castle Hill Av towards Fordham Center & Bedford Park: via Castle Hill Av via Fordham Rd Bx46: towards Prospect/Westchester & Hunts Point: via Longwood Av Bx6: towards Riverside Drive: via Hunts Point Av via 163 St towards Hunts Point: via 163 St via Hunts Point Av Bx8: towards Williamsbridge: via Williamsbridge Rd via Bronxwood Av towards Locust Point: via Bronxwood Av via Williamsbridge Rd Bx27: towards Clason Point & Ferry Terminal: via Westchester Av via Soundview Av towards West Farms Road: via Soundview Av via Westchester Av
  2. And make the M5 and Bx36 Limited, too. I could also correct some signage, too. Make the M5 say: via 6 Av/Broadway via Riverside Dr or going towards 31st and 6th: via Riverside Dr via 5 Av/Broadway Bx3: towards Riverdale: via University Av via Sedgwick Av towards Washington Heights: via Sedgwick Av via University Av Bx11: towards West Farms: via 170 St via Claremont Pkwy towards Washington Heights: via Claremont Pkwy via 170 St Bx13: towards Bronx Terminal Market: via Odgen Av via River Av towards 3 Av: via Odgen Av via 161 St towards Washington Heights via Ogden Av Bx35: towards West Farms & Washington Heights: via 167 St Bx36: towards Soundview: via 180 St via White Plains Rd towards Washington Heights via White Plains Rd via 180 St That would be cool!
  3. How about......: M22: Lower E. Side-FDR Dr and Battery Pk City-Vessey St M55: South Ferry and 44 St-6 Av M5, Bx3, Bx11, Bx13, Bx35 & Bx36: Washington Hts-G.W. Bridge
  4. Thanks! There's a few more I can think about, but maybe later.
  5. Yes, please. For the Flipdot: M1: Harlem-147 St via Madison Av Bx15: West Harlem-12 Av via 3 Av via 125 St Limited Q44: Bronx Zoo-W. Farms Sq via Main St Limited M4: Midtown/32 St-5 Av via Broadway via 5 Av Q32: Midtown/Penn Station via Roosevelt via 5 Av For the Horizon: B9: Bay Ridge-Shore Road via Avenue M via 60 St Q6: JFK Airport-N. Boundary Rd via Sutphin Bl via Rockaway Bl Q8: Jamaica-165 St Term via 101 Av Q9: Jamaica-165 St Term via Lincoln St via 135 St Q41: Jamaica-165 St Term via Cross Bay Bl via 109 St via Lindenwood For the Titan: Bx41: Williamsbridge-Gun Hill Rd via Webster Av Q56: Broadway Jct-Van Sinderen Av via Jamaica Av QM2: Bay Terrace-Bell Bl via Whitestone Expy via Bayside Bx24: Country Club via Pelham Bay Q33: East Elmhurst-Ditmars Bl via 83 St
  6. Thanks! But, can you (I) write on them? They look cool, too!
  7. All from the front, and the largest ones! Sorry for the late response.
  8. The templates. Can you make your own signs? You know, like to read the route/destination?
  9. I would like a Luminator Flipdot, Horizon and Titan please! I've always wanted my own signs!
  10. I'd like one. Actually, there are a few I'd like: M1: Grand Street via 5 Av via Broadway and Harlem-147 St via Madison Av M2: Washington Hts-Bway/168 St Limited M7: 14 St-6 Av via Columbus Av via 7 Av and Harlem-147 St via 6 Av via Amsterdam M20: South Ferry via 7 Av via Battery Pk City M55: South Ferry M101: Fort George-193 St via 3 Av Limited M104: E. Midtown U.N.-1 Av via Bway/7 Av Q6: JFK Airport-N. Boundary Rd via Sutphin Bl via Rockaway Bl Q8: Spring Creek-Gateway Mall via 101 Av Q9: S. Ozone Park-Rockaway Bl via Van Wyck Expy via Lincoln St Q35: Brooklyn College-Flatbush Av Sta Via Flatbush Av Bx7: Washington Heights-166 St via Broadway Bx21: Westchester Square Bx15: Fordham Plz via 125 St via 3 Av Limited Bx35: Washington Hts-G.W. Bridge Bx27: Ferry Terminal Bx41: Williamsbridge-Gun Hill Rd via Webster Av (2): 7 Av Express, Bronx Local, to Wakefield-241 St (D): 6 Av Express, Concourse Local, Norwood-205 St I'd love to have my own, or be able to create my own.
  11. Very minimal damage to the bus, and a little more damage to the SUV. At least everyone was alright. Always remember that buses make WIDE RIGHT TURNS!
  12. It's the end of the road for the Green Flipdots, and the 2001-02 MCIs in general now. I had been seeing this coming, but didn't know they would get knocked off this quick by the Prevosts.

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