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  1. Heard the 4 buses that UP has now need to be fixed. They been parked outside for awhile. And That's also why they have 6032 from FB to train the drivers.
  2. 6032 is not ghosting the B1. FB loaned it for driver training. And with that does/would anybody know what Artic's UP getting to use on the B1 and when?
  3. Hope the Eagle team is different then the undercover cops (or whoever they were giving out tickets) that used to ride buses a few years back. Because back then they didn't bother the kids. And one of the undercover's even told a driver I know that they don't bother writing up the kids.
  4. It was probably on the shuttle (think the 1 or 3 shuttle) and the driver stopped there to use the bathroom, heading back to UP.
  5. It was a female driver and supposedly she is new and just on her own a few days now.
  6. Welcome... Yea they had a few different ones. But this is the company they are using now.
  7. It's VF Imagewear there number is 1-800-742-0761 if you need it.
  8. That's not a relief point. It's just the turn around for the shot trips. Also there's the B36 relief up at Stillwell Ave and Surf Ave And the B74 at Stillwell Terminal (Mermaid Ave)
  9. There are a few of the 71xx's with the announcements already working. They have it saying "Caution bus turning" about three times.
  10. Doesn't sound like you will be put on sick control. The TA looks for patterns to be put on sick control
  11. 4 days since April is not bad. Where they all together? Did you bring in doctors lines? But then again the TA can find anything if they want.
  12. They will review your record in about 6 months. And if your record is good you they will take you off sick control. But if your record is not good, they can extend you, for another 6 months.
  13. I see that only 3 were reported, don't know why. actually from what I heard, they were supposed to been sent over the weekend so they would be there for the new pick. But then again it is the MTA, so things change often and/or whenever they want.
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