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  1. I was on the skiff with my dad and cousin today. A local fisherman in a much bigger boat was speeding down and my dad signalled to him to stop. He then proceeded to curse at us with everything he had. My dad just kept his cool on the entire matter. The sad thing is they had no idea who my dad was. All we could do is smile, and think my dad makes in a day what he makes in two months. All you can say is word.

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    2. Brighton Express

      Brighton Express

      If only, if only. Word GC. If my dad was not there, I would have completely lost control of myself. I would have gone to get our bigger boat and run him over. Dead serious.

    3. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      nah, no reason to kill a guy over that.

    4. Brighton Express

      Brighton Express

      I guess I overexagerated a little there. I would not kill him, probably just make some waves. Our boat has an insane wake.

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