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  1. Hi All Never thought I'll be back on the forums, but life can be funny this way. Took T/O exam back in 2017 and few days ago received the invitation to 180 Livingston for pre employment. (list #4705 fyi) In these years I have completed my BArch and been working in the design industry. It' a predictable 9-6, M-F routine with ok pay and eh benefits. Has anyone here left a similar field for a T/O position? What was your experience like? Two other questions come to mind: How much do you rely on the radio to communicate en route? Does anyone commute from NJ? Appreciate all the feedback!
  2. There is track work on CPW SB, which forces all CPW trains onto one local track, I think there is very little room to spare with all that switching and 10mph runs between 86 and 59th.
  3. Welcome to the adulthood, where no one will ever spoon feed you. Is it that hard to check the service status online, or planned service changes for that matter? Just saying, you got to be more proactive, and this isn't just trains. Relying that someone else will or must do something to convenience yourself is a blatant mistake. Making empty threats to state agency won't get you anywhere farther than NSA' blacklist.
  4. On top of that, there are terminal capacity limits on both ends of the line (esp. 242nd), which would prohibit any sensible service increase to counterweight the increased wait times at local stations.
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      What for? Thanks anyway.

  6. spotted the 32 signed as Z at chauncey st.

  7. Any chance of catching 32 on the BMT Jamaica line tomorrow?

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