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  1. From a press release HQ released today as part of their "Letter to NYC" on what they're doing for Phase 1: http://www.mta.info/press-release/mta-headquarters/mta-issues-letter-new-york-city-phase-1-reopening
  2. Politico just posted a full length article about this, apparently the task force would also look at speed limits at LIRR/MNCR, not just at NYCT https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/albany/story/2019/06/26/cuomo-to-tackle-speeds-on-subways-and-commuter-rails-1074967 Still needlessly redundant, IMO
  3. For all of us transit lovers, Only NY, which is apparently this "independent brand" that "strives" to make NYC-inspired goods, "produced in limited quantities." Anyhow, they just unveiled a collaboration with the MTA, and they describe it thusly: I was able to stop by their store on the LES and was able to get this shirt and tote bag, you can check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/R2PxfWdpTyyphNuvHkI0tX5odtzFOY8aItOdGJxdXtv They have some cool stuff for sale on their online store as well. (Mods: Not sure if this is appropriate for the Forum, but if it isn't, feel free to take it down - just felt it was interesting to let people know!)
  4. Rather wonderfully bittersweet ode to the R32's in The New Yorker. http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/the-beautiful-symbols-of-the-new-york-subways-sad-decline?mbid=social_facebook
  5. Quick question: Are they installing switches that would allow the expresses to go by them at a higher rate of speed during the rush? I could swear that express trains slow down when approaching and then speed up again once they get past them (happens both ways, but it's more pronounced Flushing bound I feel).
  6. According to the article linked below, signal replacement and a new master tower. There's probably more, though. https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20170221/greenwich-village/f-train-sixth-6th-avenue-line-service-disruptions
  7. Hello everyone, I hope everyone has been doing well, I know that I haven't been on the forums much lately. That is partly due to the nature of life itself, which has kept me extraordinarily busy. I am now a junior at Baruch, majoring in Public Affairs, however, I do not know what I am going to do with it after graduation. I am also considering filing for the T/O exam when it opens up in December, but that's a separate story. My interest in the subway system, however, remains as strong as ever, as may you tell below.... I am posting here because I have a question that I feel this forum may be best positioned to answer. I am about to start doing a Qualitative Study of a Community here in NYC for a class here at Baruch, and one community that I am interested in studying are... train operators. There are number of reasons why I am interested in studying T/O's, aside from my interest in the system. For one, I feel that their story is relatively unknown - we all, to an extent, know about firefighters and police officers and what not - but the general public by and large tend to be ignorant about T/O's. Most of them only tend to care about T/O's when the trains are delayed, but that's it. So, I want to get to know the life of a T/O, to get a deeper perspective about them as a whole, and to appreciate them. Hopefully, my paper will get others to appreciate them more as well. To be able to do that, however, I am going to need to interview a T/O, as it is a required part of the assignment. While 1 should be ok, I would preferably like to interview 2 to 3 T/O's, so as to gain the widest perspective possible for my paper. Any help on how that would be achievable would be highly appreciated. Furthermore, if any T/O's here on NYCTF would be willing to be interviewed, please let me know by PM. It can be anonymous if you wish. Thank you very much for all the help. I am posting this message on Reddit and SubChat, but again, I feel that this forum will be best prepared to answer. Any tips/suggestions will be and are highly appreciated. Brian
  8. I would assume that they would have deicer/snow blower/ghost trains running around the shut down lines to prevent ice/snow from settling in, no....? (Of course, I could be naively wrong, so please correct me if I am)
  9. Just a quick question: if the snow is supposed to stop at around 2:00am, is it a safe bet to make that service will be back up at around 5:00 am?
  10. I'm still alive (barely) as a sophomore in college, here's what I've been up for the past few months.... DSC_0230 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0259 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0287 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0112 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0118 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0451 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0742 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0795 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0838 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0867 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0874 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0901 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0369 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0354 by Brian, on Flickr DSC_0347 by Brian, on Flickr Happy New Year, everyone.
  11. Hey all! I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying the beautiful weather out there today. I am currently doing a paper on CBTC in the NYC Subway system, and I was wondering if any of you know of good starting points for research that I could use - be it journals, articles, reports, etc - that would be of help to me. Anything goes, and again, all I really need are a good few starting points - thank you all so much in advance!
  12. I do plan on shooting copious amounts of low-light photography, especially as the winter season drags on. I did my research online, and I went to B&H today to compare between the D3200 and the 3300, and I felt really comfortable with both, but a little bit more with the D3300. They offer a package with the VR II lens online, so I am really leaning to getting that. Helps that I have a steady job, so I'll use that save up money and buy the 55-200 VR lens within the next month. Thank you so much in advance! You've really helped a lot in helping me make a decision.
  13. Whoops, I made a mistake! Sorry, the bundle in which both lenses are non VR-capable comes w/ a Nikon D3200. The bundle that comes with a VR-lens is with a Nikon D3300. My question as to which bundle works best still applies, hopefully! Once again, thanks!
  14. To clarify - the bundle with the non-VR lens - both lenses, the 18-55mm and the 55-200mm are non-VR, so if I go with that bundle, neither of my lenses have vibration reduction. So with that mind, which bundle works out better? The one where the lens is VR, or the one where neither lens is VR capable? I already did, and was caught by the D3300 - I haven't handled a camera in a while, and I felt pretty pretty good while I was fooling around with it. The chip is from Sandisk, and I agree, I've used Transcend and Sandisk before, and Sandisk far and away takes the cake. Also another question (sorry if I am starting to become overbearing), but I am also upgrading the RAM on my mid-2011 iMac at the same time, as it currently has 4 GB of RAM installed. I am considering getting a 8 GB RAM upgrade (which would bring it to 12 GB) or a 16 GB upgrade (which would bring it to 20 GB). Cost for me is not an issue, so considering the specs and smoothness of it, which one of the two would be best for me to run Photoshop and Lightroom 5, at the same time if need be? Once again, thanks again guys for all your help!
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