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Anyone going to Dutchess County Fair "09"?


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I was wondering if anyone going up to 2009 Dutchess County Fair on August 25th-30th?


According to Dutchess Loop, there will be no dedicated fair bus, but regular buses will operate on weekends as well and run start at train station.

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My mom doesn't trust with me with Digital Camera b/c I lost battery compartment cover on cell phone last night. When I boarded the <7>, when I close phone, cover was missing, so I switch at next station because that is most important, then I reported to station agent on Times Sq-bound platform and ask him can you open gate, but stranger in man keep saying NO.

When I rush to front, He keeps stalking me, and when I saw T/O door open as train approach, that stranger in yellow was annoying me, so I yelled out LOUD enough for T/O to hear "STOP DISTURBING ME!"

Then soon as got off GCT, I look around very carefully, even trash can from standing on escalator fence, or on bench, or from platform edge, make sure I don't fall down as I look further into track (because maybe someone kicked it. I waited for (7)<7>(7) to pass, then look again.

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I left at 5:40, thinking deli that sells $5.50 dispersal camera was open, but not until 8:00.

So, I got on front car of <7> #1781 express departed 5:56 ontime and arrive Grand Central ontime at 6:13.

First I went to store in GCT and ask him to change $20 bill to $5/$10.


Next, I went to Daily TVM across the passegeway that leading to Oyster Bay, and bought MNRR Special Event ticket was only $9 without roundtrip ticket. Since it was peak train, package only sells off-peak roundtrip, so I bought peak seperate $19.50.

Since I had enough money for bus ride, so I bought camera at Duane Reade.

Then, went back to Grand Central, and ask my friend at information 6:41 #805 was already boarding, however first two cars were not open it as he told me it is.

I got on third car which was #6376 and I did not want to miss the first train. Since it was old-fashion look, I saw passenger sittingme if there is restroom on this train b/c I cannot stand very long ride without restroom. He told me it was in back, so I said thank you and ask him to watch it. Train left ontime at 6:41.

I went to use quick restroom and went back to car.

I took pic of R40 on Barge, University Heights Bridge, at Kawasaki Plan there was PATH PA-5 sitting with R160 I think, so took pic.

Then after train departed Croton-Harmon just like Amtrak7 on NYCTF/BVE Station Chat, I did not fall asleep on Hudson Line. It was my first train ride beyond Croton-Harmon and took few pics at certain.

I took pic of Bee-Line at Peeskill, then Beacon-Newburgh Bridge also try to spot Manitoub hiking flag stop.

As train was approaching Beacon, C/O said funny way "BEE-A-CON". Everyone on train laugh.

As soon as train arrive Poughkeepsie, it arrive 8:22, 7 minutes ahead of schedule at 8:29.

Restroom at ticket office was crowded, so I went outside to bus stop.


When I exit, UCAT Ulster-Poughkeepsie Link mimibus showed up and it was #35 bus. Shuttle Bus was not coming until 9:45, but female B/O told me to take her bus to Main/Market Sts for LOOP.

I boarded the UPL #5 departed train station 9:45, arrive Main/Market Sts 9:47. I missed 9:40 LOOP 2, but there was LOOP Bus sitting there and B/O was approaching his bus. He told me there is 10:15 bus at Hyde Park, but thanks to his rescue, and City of Poughkeepsie Transit, I made to 10:15 bus.

I got on City of Poughkeepsie Transit 08-286 Gilling Low Floor Hybrid on Northside schedule to depart 9:00, one minute early at 8:59.

I figure out it was green line. It made me very dizzy. At some point, when man with service dog got on, I moved over seat for them and move my backpack.

It was very scenic route also.

Arrive Hyde Park Stop & Shop at 9:37, 6 min earlier at 9:43.

Since I had time, I went to S&S to use restroom, and bought cheap pen, then my favorite SWEET ICED TEA from Vending Machine.

Dutchess County LOOP #1 #221 suppose to pulled over at 10:15. He was same B/O that I ask for direction at Main/Market Sts.

He left 6 minute late at 10:21.

Again, he was very friendly and I told him it was my first time on LOOP, and he said with friendly smile just like X23 Atlantic Express B/O, "Welcome aboard." with another lady. Only two of us was on LOOP #1.

As he was paying attention on road as he drive, he give us tour of Rte. 9, pointing to Theodore Roosevelt's Birth Place, Frankiling Real Estate Mansion, General Montgomemy.

He also inform as shuttle bus which is Purple bus. Purple bus was using MCI Coach!.

Only fair bus was selling $3 One way pass.

As about 1 mile way, there was fair traffic then finally arrive Main Gate to County Fair @ 10:54.


My friends in car came. I ask for stamp because I was going to come back.


We pickup friend who lives nearby. She show me her brother/husband not sure, his collection of train model.

Then, we all fit into car, and went back to County Fair with quick approach to Mulberry Street gate. It was 5 of us, and we paid $5 for Mulberry St parking.

We walk around and we share fresh fries.

Next, we went to see animals from GOATS/KIDS, COWS/CALF, HORSE- what is baby name for Horse?, then PIG. There was lovebird pig who was sleeping together like Honeymoon. There was hen with white hair, and almost look like PROFFERSOR, well as rabbit. I give few donation.

Next, we went through Flower, but sign says, "PLEASE DON'T TOUCH. WE KICKED."

We also saw model Bakery Exhibit. It is model. Looking at model that made me more hungry.

We already decided meeting place @ State Police tent just in case we get seperated.


At 14:10, three of us went seperate way as 2 look in craft.

First, I boarded the BIG SHOT and it was my first ride and it was FUN, even I am scare of scary ride, but I could not scream. I was only one.

Next, I boarded Pharoh's TOMB that shakes like boat, and goes up, down, up, down getting faster, getting higher, higher.

Next, I board non-scary Haunted House MOUSE TRAP which only takes 2-minutes ride, then finnaly SPIDER. It boarded two at time, and SPIDER went crazy, then finally around 16:00, we exit the fair after I ate miss Philly Cheesesteak and head to bar.

I only had Chicken Wing, Chips with Antichoke Dips, and Iced Tea. It was not sweet, so I put sugar. There, we met another friend, who own train models in basement.

After that, friend who drank Ice Tea drive cars because 2 of them drank little beer. She drive us to Poughkeepsie station, and made onto train on 19:40 train 2nd car on #888 on Semi-Express depart 3 min late at 19:43.

I change from 6304 to 1st car, 6358 where Restroom was.

Train was suppose to arrive GCT at 8:25, but arrive 3 minutes late.

Amy ask me to download her pic from digital camera to computer.

When I ran to front, I heard some kind of drop, and when I got on <7> #1696 departed 20:44, I realize that was sound of cover fell onto platform when I closed it, so I change at Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av @ 21:49.

I rush to opposite site, and I told the situation while stranger in yellow clothes say NO and stalking me.

As (7) was arriving, he kept disturbing me and departed 21:52, and arrive Grand Central @ 21:55.

That cell phone cover was MOST IMPORTANT because my mom going to have cow.

I check carefully Grand Central about 4 times before I give up and got on <7> #2074 departed 22:14, arrive Junction Blvd @ 20:24.

My mom did have cow, but she did not wait until I explained it.

I never open the cover in first place, but it kept slipping off because it is cheap cell, but she accuses me of it touching it.


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See what happens when you rush? You need to stop running and just walk normal. So what if you miss a train, just take the next one.

My mom gives harsh curfew. I have to be home at certain time like 8:30pm.

If I got home late like late night, my mom going to give me more punishment that's why I have to run.

She give me two-hour punishment because I got home very late like 1:00am in morning.

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Thanks for your account of the Dutchess County Fair, Yuki!!:cool:


I really don't think your mom means to be that hard on you; I'm sure she understands that losing the cell phone cover was not your fault.


Btw, "Sign says, 'PLEASE DON'T TOUCH'. WE KICKED" made me laugh for an eternity.

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