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Mysterious M-1s...


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I came across these two photos:






and I'm just wondering if anyone has some background on the "Central" under the older (NYCT) logo. I can't find it now, but there was also a picture of what resembles a Silverliner IV or NJT Arrow III with the "(NYCT)" M in the front, perhaps just experiments in the Penn Central days?


These look like LIRR M1s to me though. Interesting in the least. I'm used to seeing "Long Island" under the M, but not "Central."


edit: I just noticed the station location on the railpictures.net photo, my apologies.

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The "Arrow IIIs" you saw with the (NYCT) logo were probably the Comet IAs. They were built using extra Arrow III shells.


I second that. The Comet IAs were almost exactly like Comet IBs except that they were originally built to be push-pulls and that they resemble Arrow IIIs at the front. The fleet itself was extremely small with only two cabs and eight trailers and was built to supplement the then-fleet on the Port Jervis Line: mn5199ondisplay.jpg

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