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Some dumb questions?


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Dumb questions:


1. If you donate blood, does the recipients DNA turns into your DNA, or does you bloods DNA turns into theirs?


2. Why was Old McDonald pounding his meat with a monkey wrench? Has he not heard of a Mallet?


3. How did the the joker get away from the Bat mobile, when there were only two seats in the car for Batman and The Boy "Plunder" Robin?


4. What's the difference between a midget and a dwarf? Does either grant wishes?


5. Where did the term "spooks" come from for black people, when a "spook" is a ghost, which is usually white?


6. Is it true if you get hit on by a gay man, then you should have no problem getting women, since women are less picky than gay guys?


7. Why is black magic, black witches, and in some places black people, bad, but Black Friday is good?


8. Is it possible to make love like Shaka Zulu, without getting torn up by the sharp and jagged rocks on the ground?


9. Would Jewish in Espanol, be pronounced who..ish?


10. Will there be operators report cards, so we can grade the customers on our routes/lines?

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