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Downtown Manhattan Rendition.


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I made my renditions of Downtown Manhattan, also known as the Financial District. These drawings took me two days to make, because I had to study for classes. Anyways, here they are. I do apoligize for the geographical inaccuracies since I don't know every single building around the area.







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Excellent job! I really wish Downtown Manhattan was restored back to it's pre-9/11 environment...like the way it should be.


Thank you. I would perfer downtown Manhattan to look like the towers have always stood.


Excellent city! Looks like Sim City 2000 but in a SimCity 4/societies Way.. Can I buy those for over a billion dollars and live there ;)! No Mayor Bloombags Needed :P


Sim City is a cool game series. Bloombags, very funny. I didn't know this section of Manhattan is one billion dollars.


That skyline does look great... Man I miss those towers... They made it all complete.


Thanks, I actually added the towers to make it look like Lower Manhattan. I've been used to drawing this section with the two towers included. I've been drawing this section of Manhattan for years, so I'm used to drawing while including the two towers.

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