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TV Alert: Mythbusters (12-9-09)

Kamen Rider

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What did they try from "Speed" last time? Taking a hard right at 50 MPH while putting all the weight on the right wheels to keep the bus from flipping over?


I'll be watching that!


The thing is, I've seen numerious YouTube videos discussing this same matter about the bus jump and a 50-foot gap without any type of assistance in terms of an incline... When they did do the actual stunt a small ramp was used with this bus going 67-68 MPH. In order to make the bus a lot lighter the seats and some other things were removed, and the driver was strapped to a safety harness to prevent bodily damage...


When they performed the stunt, the bus actually jumped more than was anticipated when it hit the ramp and it wound up falling and crushing one of the cameras placed on the unfinished highway... Unless they use some sort of incline that myth is going to be false lol

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