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  1. F@ck apple and its overpriced and extremely restrictive products. Mostly brand loyal hipster trendy douchbags buy that crap anyway.
  2. and the whole time the T/O is blaring the horn trying to get a useless cops attention. You know they are upstairs cause its west 4th street and they are always trolling the turnstiles to catch fare evaders there..
  3. that b1tch is nuts. Any broad who goes around writing letters and posting them like that,(also look at her hand writing) is definately insane asylum material.
  4. Id rather see a human hurt before I see a horse or another animal hurt. Humans rob, beat, shoot and kill one another. Animals are innocent compared to the hell that humans unleash on everything around them.
  5. They call it the ANIMAL for a reason. Cops are a joke, there is a police station at this station and still no cops in sight. F@$k you NYPD!
  6. Stop posting just for the sake of BREAKING NEWS when it isnt news. Just like when you posted the debt ceiling deal was made when it wasnt until a few days later....Twitter isnt a source for news. And there was no one with a gun, some moron though it was cute to call in a report of someone that looked like they might have a gun under a towel. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-na-virginia-tech-lockdown-2-20110805,0,2881297.story
  7. They are still on the promo list. There are 11,800 people on the Open Competitive list. I got a 97.5 and list number in the 200 range
  8. It was a RTS. I forget which number. I wish I had my camera. It was the Jeep that looked like it was in bad condition, he probably jammed on the breaks or something whicle changing lanes infront of the bus, the whoe rear passenger side quarter panel and door were smashed along with the windows. Not so much damage to the bus. People drive like morons over there, it was right after you pass underneath the old above LIRR trestle but before 102 street. And whats funny is on the corner of 104 street and atlantic there was a 2 car crash at the same time.
  9. I just came from Atlantic avenue and 102 street. I didnt have my camera or phone but a Jamaica bound Q24 smashed into a Jeep Grand Cherokee. 2 people were taken out on a strecher and everyone else on the bus had neck braces on. There were 5 FDNY fire trucks and 2 FDNY busses, 2 more ambulances blocking atlantic avenue along with MTA road ops. You might see it on FOX 5 tonight. I walked right passed the camera before noticing the dude was filming.
  10. The title of this thread is misleadning. BREAKING NEWS, there is no deal struck at this time anyway. Another round of voting comes tomorrow.
  11. Rasiaing the debt ceiling isnt going to do anything any way because moodys is still going to drop out credit from a AAA rating damned if you do, damned if you dont... ITs a double edged sword. Like others have said, its a bandaid on something that will need major surgery.
  12. its funny cause these guys who are so called cops who patrol transit now a days are really as useless as tits on a boar..All they are good for is harrasing people for walking through the train and giving tickets for fare evasion when they are actually awake and not sleeping in the car downstairs or in the break room. Its been forever since Ihve seen them prevent or help during a criminal situation on transit property.. We all saw how pussy that one cop was when the insane white guy stripped naked and flipped out.. The cop just pretty much stood there until plain clothes showed up..
  13. of course global warming is bullshit. If the scientific community says there is no data to show global warming is occurring their $$ gets cut off, where as is they keep bullshitting and streching out their so called scientific research ..they keep getting funding...
  14. Yeah becuase we all know j3ws never commit any crimes or kill one another.

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