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How about an Academy bus section?


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It would make sense.


BUT, discussions about the 22, 23, 88, and 772 routes should go under the category for NJT because those are NJT routes and NJT buses are being ran on those routes. Academy just operates the routes.


But about the buses and other services would be fine as a category for Academy.

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isn't academy one of those big coach buses like greyhound?


To get technical yes most Academy buses one sees, are the Motorcoach (or coach for short). Federal law does actually make a distinction between a bus and a motorcoach which technically are not buses. In Europe they do the same. A bus is a bus, a coach is a coach. Drive a coach here in the USA, and you do a log book, just like over the road truckers. I miss those comfy vehicles, with a bathroom there when you need it, DVD players, VCRs, and radio, some with CD. But their pay and benefits (if any) SUCKS! I mean it SUCKS!

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