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Some Bee Line Photos From the 26th

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Im gonna take that as a good comment (Thanks!)

3rd pic is good (especially for a cell phone camera)


(T)hanks a Bunch!


If this is your first time you took bus pics, not bad. Just try to keep objects out the way. With practice, you will do better.

Thanks and yeah I don't really do alot of bus fanning but I think im gonna start doing it more. Thanks for the advice :tup:

Nice stuff from Downtown White Plains, that lighting condition is horrible for photography, but you did your best Greg, :tup: :)!


Also, I do hope the busses are not considered to be dogs, lol, :)!


Yeah it wasn't that sunny that day. and lol about the "No dogs" sign.;)

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Either way, take your time on your photos, no need to rush. Keep you hands still as possible, use the best settings (I recommend automatic or sports (pets&kids) mode) with no flash. Take care, and enjoy busfanning.


Yup, LOL about the No Dogs sign, ;)!


(T)hanks for the tips:tup::). I will be sure to use them when I take picks again!

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