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What's With Transit This Week?


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Sadly, three people died this past week due to trespassing. Why? Matawan, New Bruswick (which is on a elevated, so explain that one to me!), and Hamilton.


Also, NJ Transit and Amtrak seem to not get along this week. Wire problems, disabled trains, oh the works.


Now with a incoming winter storm, lets see how this plays out.


Thoughts anyone.

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There have been worse weeks. No derailments *actually knocks on wood*, no equipment fires like :septa: had, no buffer over run incidents, no hard couple damage that i know of or heard of, generally things are going ok aside from the delays caused by the (stupid death) fatalities and the unavoidable issues in the 100 year old river tunnels, pretty much par for the course. There are deaths at least once a week between NY and NJ and PA on passenger rails involving trespassers. Some interrupt service a lot, some barely affect it. As far as equipment issues, it's cold, how would you like to run 100 mph pulling 900 people stopping every here and there all day into the night? ;)


Seriously though....






They got their acts together and are fully prepared.


- A

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It's just that time of the year again for the railroad. This week was just the first of 2010.


There's a crude joke I've told a few people but I don't think I should share it here.....(just think what I'm trying to say in the first sentence of this post.....)

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