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Manhattan's Upper East Side is the most popular area in America for Seniors says poll

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The most popular location for majority of senior citizens to 'retire' and spend their golden years according to a poll is not Flordia, Arizona, California or even the Carolinas.



It's actually close to home in New York City. Manhattan's Upper East Side is named as the country's prefered location for the "Senior" community despite being also one of America's most expensive neighborhoods or towns to live as well.


"With Central Park and top art museums, the posh neighborhood ranked seventh on the list of spots to spend your golden years.


But with the average home topping $3 million, that "quiet sophistication and culture" doesn't come cheap, the survey found."




Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/03/22/2010-03-22_retirees_moving_on_up_to_e_side__survey.html#ixzz0iui5uj4S



And added bonus. The Theme song to classic 1970's/Early 80's era TV show "the Jeffersons" singing about moving to the "East Side" of Manhattan.



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Really? I thought it was Ft. Lauderdale.


I think this poll was asking the #1 choice or prefered location of where seniors want to live, not the actual location of where they actually live i.e can afford.

It's like asking people their preference of what cars they wish they can own and many would probably say either "Mercedes' "BMW" or a Caddy" but most can not afford it.

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News to me... I'd have never thought people actually wanted to live in the Upper East Side in they senior years... hell, I don't know of anyone that fantasizes about living there.... shopping & being able to afford the pricey clothing & jewelry, yes... but not living there....


truly do learn something everyday....



I was more or less speaking from my own personal experience where it seems every person I know thats about 2x my age talks about moving to Florida.


same here...


people rave about moving to (and even, building a house in) Florida, b/c they think/feel NYC is this, this, and that (fill in w/e negative adjectives you can think of.. lol).... of those that I know that say they're gonna move down there, I tell 'em, go right ahead... you get hit with those level 4 hurricanes, have snakes slithering in your toilets & alligators takin a dip & s**tin' in your backyard....


they can have down there...

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