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Rats Spark Underground Explosion In West Philadelphia

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:septa: The rats were chewing on an electrical cable that feeds power to the Market Street-Frankford Line. Maybe they were upset with MFL service.


"Rats Sparked Underground Blast In West Philadelphia"

Inquirer Staff Report


"Rats chewing on an electrical cable sparked an explosion that blew off a half-dozen manhole covers on Market Street in West Philadelphia, officials say.


No one was injured in the blast about 10:35pm, but at least three cars were damaged by the heavy metal manhole covers on the 5600 block of Market Street.


The chewing rats caused a short on a cable that feeds power to SEPTA's Market Street-Frankford Elevated Line and that in turn ignited a buildup of gas in the underground utility tunnel, officials say.


The explosion disrupted service on the line and forced a closure on a section of Market Street. The street reopened and El service resumed before the morning's rush hour."


Source: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/breaking/89597542.html

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2010: The year of earthquakes, suicides, service cuts, and people - killing rats.


You forgot blizzards and other severe weather *anticipating inner city tornadoes this summer*.


My friend, a bus operator, heard it. he thought it was thunder or something. He lives 7 1/2 blocks away from the scene of the blast!

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