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Wheelchair access at EWR NJT station?


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I'm flying to NYC in a couple of weeks (used to live there) and one of the flights I'm looking at has me going through EWR (final destination is in Crown Heights on the Franklin Ave (S)). I'm very familiar with NYC transit accessibility but I've only been on NJ Transit once, and am in a wheelchair.


I'm looking at two flights that are nearly equal (one of them by spending airline miles, other cash), and am wondering - is the EWR NJT station a high-floor platform? Believe it or not, the deal-breaker between the two has come down to which trip on arrival will be more difficult for a wheelchair user. I've done JFK to Crown Heights via Airtrain, (A) to (C) and it was long but not difficult, accessibility-wise. I am mindful that the one time I've been on NJ Transit (Actually, Metro North West-of-Hudson line, from Hoboken to Orange County on the Port Jervis), I had an amazing amount of fun ("fun") having to deal with a wheelchair crank lift in Hoboken and if I'm doing that with luggage I might be a very unhappy person by the time I get to Brooklyn. I'm also aware that my fun-with-hydraulics experience was back in '02 and it could be a very different situation now. I used to live in Boston too and after 3 years of hell on the Green Line, I know that hydraulic lifts are about as reliable as snow in April, but I know that taking the MBCR on the high-floor trains wasn't that bad of an experience.


Am I correct to assume that no EWR-NYP train will require an unannounced connection in Secaucus? That might also be a deal-breaker for me (see: luggage draped on back of wheelchair).

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