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An Interesting Find....


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So apparently the trackways south of the BMT Chambers Street Station which was supposed to be for the proposed connection to the Brooklyn Bridge exists...




I found this picture on one of the photo albums from Photobucket.com.


The picture taken from here: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b396/1emanresu/



OK, maybe this is obvious but its a mystery to me.


At southbound Chambers on the J/M/Z, the midday (M2) terminates on the "express" track (the turnaround track) and the (J) continues to Broad Street on the "local" track. If you walk alongside the express track to the south end of the platform, you will see that cavernous empty space. If you look up at approximately a 45 degree angle, in the distance you'll see a single yellow bulb hanging from a ceiling, over what appears to be a darkened elevated walkway that crosses over the entire width of the station. Its too far away from me to discern exactly what it is, but its clear that there is a walkway there, with what appears to be a concrete side wall that is approximately 5 feet high. Maybe it was the provision to the Brooklyn Bridge connection, which is why the western-most platform rises at the south end of the station.


Also, if you're at the RFW in the last car of a R42 Queens-bound (J) train leaving Chambers Street, you'll see a bellmouth off to the left. What was this built for?

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This is well know but very hard to get to. It's in the same area as the wine cellar. It was supposed to be a connection to the bridge but it was never used.

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Chill it was a joke, yesh.

But he has a point, you did bring this up a lot over on subchat. Why are you so facinated about it? It's just a tunnel.


It wasn't even a joke, sheesh....


What do you mean "it's just a tunnel"? I doubt people like you knows that this tunnel even exists....

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