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Coach USA Red & Tan Bus Line Adds More Service to Jersey City Heights!


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Jersey City Heights residents commuting to New York will have more chances to catch the bus during the morning rush hour.


Coach USA Red & Tan is increasing the number of pick-ups along Central Avenue from four to 12 between 5:37 a.m. and 9:06 a.m.


Coach USA Manager Jim Rutherford said the extra buses on the 10 and 99 lines are being rerouted from Kennedy Boulevard - where they made no stops - to Central Avenue to avoid traffic and provide commuters with more travel options.


He said even with the additional stops, the buses will get from Journal Square to New York faster than they did traveling the boulevard.


"It's a win-win," he said.


Rutherford attended a press conference outside the Central Avenue Special Improvement District's offices yesterday to announce the changes and special fares.


Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy thanked the company and special improvement district for coordinating the changes.


"This is a great effort," he said.


Next week trips to New York will cost $2 instead of $4 to encourage commuters to ride the buses, Rutherford said.


The company is also running a "summer stimulus" rate on the No. 10 local route from June 14 to July 9.


The one-zone fare will decrease from $1.25 to fifty cents, and the two-zone fare will decrease from $2.15 to $1.


"That's just to try to encourage people (to ride)," he said. "Maybe stimulate a little bit of business and ridership."


In addition, the company is trying out an express bus from Bayonne to New York City. Instead of traveling through Bayonne and Jersey City, the buses departing from 3rd Street will take Kennedy Boulevard to the New Jersey Turnpike to the Lincoln Tunnel. It's expected to cut about 10 minutes off the commute.


Buses will dispatch from the city line to Journal Square in Jersey City and along Central Avenue before heading to New York, Rutherford said.


Michael Yun, president of the Central Avenue Special Improvement District, praised the additional stops.


"Under this economic situation, most companies, they cut the lines, they increased the fares," Yun said. "Only one company, Coach USA, they increased the lines, they decreased the fares."


The SID also unveiled new "I Love Jersey City Heights" and "Living the high life on higher ground" T-shirts, to promote the area. They will be sold at businesses along Central Avenue for $6.99 and are already available at Garden State News at 366 Central Ave.



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Like I said on another board, this ain't shit. This is just sending the buses that were JFK Blvd Expresses and will now serve Central Avenue. They should've been did this.


Now they're shining the spotlight for a bus company that wanted out of serving Central Avenue ever since they acquired the original 231 route? Which they were successful at one point where that community raised hell and Red & Tan rerouted the 99S/10 off Palisades Avenue and onto Central Avenue. Red & Tan can go sit and rotate on it, bastards.


Service on the 10 should be a lot better than what it is.

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One thing that was nice about the orignal service was that bus service was provided on both Central and Baldwin Avenues in-between Summit and Palisade Avenues. The (NJT) #87 served Central Avenue to Franklin and Ferry Streets and the Central Avenue IBOA served Baldwin/Webster Avenue to Booraem Avenue.


Now ther's service only on Summit Avenue ((NJT) #82, (NJT) #83), Central Avenue ((NJT) #87 (south of Franklin/Ferry), #99) and Palisade Avenue ((NJT) #84, (NJT) #86, (NJT) #87 (between Franklin/Ferry and Congress Street) and (NJT) #123 (north of Christ Hospital)).


Plus on The Boulevard ((NJT) #2 (south of Manhattan Avenue), (NJT) #88 and (NJT) #125).

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I'm still stunned with the PRICES that will be going on getting to NY. $2? Not even the Jitneys charge $2! $2? And the local prices? .50 for 1 zone or $1 for 2 zones? Holy Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Hell, I would not be surprised any of those 123 passengers on Palisades wouldn't mind walking to Central Avenue to save money to NY!

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