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If Transit Buses could talk?


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As the title says what would they say


2470 (8970) and 8162 talking at Mount Dennis.


2470 (8970): Ah, you must be the new bus.

8162: So, the bus everyone loves than us can own me?

2470 (8970): I sure am, tell me about it. I just got rebuilt.

8162: Oooo, the bus I just built by Orion sure to drive you guys away.

2470 (8970): I hear that! I can wait 5-10 years to live! :P

8162: I deserve to learn to swallow 3 strollers and a wheelchair in my sexy design :P

2470 (8970): Oh,ok. Same here. I'm shiny too as long as I don't have a lift.

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Talks with extinct buses.

(Q74): I was popular bus for student going to Queens College.

(X32): I agree with you, (Q74). I was popular bus for people who me needed me to go to from Queens to Bronx Science. One my (X32) riders have to take crowded <7> express to Grand Central for (4) or 5th Av for (D), or Jamaica and Flushing passengers have to take (Q44) to Castle Hill Av for (Bx22).


(Q79): I feel sorry for people who lost me which I was direct crosstown as Little Neck Parkway bus.


(M6): I was popular route for tourist.

(M98): I feel sorry for people who needs M98 at 33rd, 41st, 51st and 60th Sts.


Talk between (N20) and Female tourist at Roosevelt Av & Main St.

Female Tourist: Excuse me, are you (Q20) to Jamaica?

(N20): Sorry, I'm (N20) to Hicksville. You have to go up Main St to 39th Av by church for Jamaica-bound Q20 service.

Female Tourist: But you have #20 sign.

(N20): I'm (N20), not (Q20). If you got on me by mistake, I cannot drop you off in Queens because it's policy we take.

Female Tourist: OH, OK. Thank you, (N20).

N20: No problem.

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