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My Pokemon Card Version

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Enjoy it!!


OK the first card isn't bad. The 2nd one needs work. 2 Poke-Powers and a Poke-Body is broken. (Yes I play the TCG...no I don't care if anyone thinks its dumb)


Merge the two Poke-Bodies into something called Consumption if you will and you could use the Poke-Body you have listed for a completely separate card. Give the photo attack an energy cost and a draw back cuz 50000 damage for nothing is broken especially for a basic.



Sorry I got carried away. This is creative kiddo.

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While I like the sarcasm in your cards, this new YuGiwhatever/pokeman based subway card fascination is making me worry about some of the members of this board.


Don't worry.

I don't do any of bad stuff.

This is pic of me anyway.

I only use my photos.

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