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LIB Trip Ideas


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I'm thinking about planning a long LIB trip later this year in case LIB shuts down on Jan 1. Any ideas (scenery, etc)? Some pieces I'm considering:


N15-N33-N31/32 Hempstead-Long Beach-Far Rockaway-Hempstead

N27-N21-N20 Hempstead-Glen Cove-Hicksville

N73-N54/55-N80/81 Hicksville-Sunrise Mall-Hicksville

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IMO this is what I think is a go ride to busfan on with LI Bus in no order.


Taking the N20 eastbound the entire way from Main St/Flushing to Hicksville LIRR. On the following you see on the route.

a)all of the nice homes and the mostly nice 'mom/pop' stores along Northeast Queens one of the borugh's richest communities i.e Bayside and Little Neck. Nice quick view of the Throgs Neck Bridge when you hit the Cross Island right before the Queens/Nassau border.


B)viewing the towns of Great Neck, Manhannest and Rosylyn as a taste of suburban America.


C)The quick of LIU-CW Post campus.



D)The views of farmland and even horses traveling along Route 106/107 to Hicksville.


Other routes to check out include the N31 Far Rockaway-Long Beach, N15 Long Beach-Roosevelt Field, N19 to Babloyn to name a few. The N6 is busy like say the BX12 or M15 so take it only if you willing to deal with SRO crowds.

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This is a more complete plan, but it's TOO long!



N73 to Jerusalem Av

N54/55 to Hempstead

N15 to Long Beach

N33 to Far Rockaway

N31/32 to Hempstead

N27 to Glen Cove

N21 to Roslyn

N20 to Hicksville


Or replace N27-N21 with N6-Q17 to Flushing.

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I for years had been planning Queens-Montauk via N4, N19, S40, S66, S92, 10C, around loop, and then back via LIRR. (there also appears to be a way to bypass Riverhead, remaining along the sunrise corridor, but I wasn't sure how well those connected).

I had taken down the schedules to do it (would have to leave Jamaica at 12PM), but would now have to check to make sure everything is still in place and connects. Also, certain LIRR trips in the evening are only at special seasons, it seems; else, you have to wait until ridiculously late. Also, that trip (Or Hampton Jitney), seem to be around $30.


With a week off in December (I like going into LI in December to see the decorations), I might have more motivation to go. Hopefully, that will be when the extra trains run.

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