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Young Woman Is Trapped Inside Subway Car At Osaka (Japan) Subway Terminal - 4 1/2 Hours

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The young woman had boarded the last train for the night on the Tanimachi Line in Osaka, Japan and she fell asleep in the fifth car. The train reached Yaominami station (the terminal station). She woke up around 4:00a.m., realized she was trapped, and waited for the T.O. to arrive (around 4:40am).


The final train of the night on the Tanimachi Line was scheduled to become the first train of the morning, so it was left at the platform by the T.O. (a man, 37) rather than taken to the yard.


The T.O. is being held responsible for the incident for failing to properly confirm the train was empty at around 12:15am. It's believed that instead of walking through the entire length of the five car train, he checked the fifth car from the adjoining fourth car, and missed the young woman who was sleeping in a blind spot below the window.


Osaka transport officials issued a public apology to the passenger for any distress caused by her ordeal and have pledged to perform more thorough checks.


Story from Japan Today: http://www.japantoday.com/category/national/view/woman-trapped-inside-osaka-subway-car-for-4-12-hours


70(EE)'s Note: Osaka's Tanimachi Line, opened between 1967 and 1983 is 17 1/2 miles long (28.1 kilometers) and serves 26 stations. Its' color is Royal Purple and it uses 30000 Series subway cars. 750V DC third rail.


Tanimachi Line and station list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanimachi_Line

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When I am on subway or train, I try not to fall asleep because I am sound sleeper.


For example, I fall asleep on subway, I properly wouldn't wake up, even with T/O or C/O struggle to wake me up.

Do you remember the time when I fall asleep on Q3 bus, when bus reach Jamaica Bus Terminal, I think B/O call out LAST STOP twice.

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