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Some lucky catches today.


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(On the B1)



They fixed the sign on 915. If you remember, it used to be faded in the center. The driver though, said it didn't scroll to limited or via Church and was stuck on a big "Sunset Park" or "Brownsville" with nothing else.


Sorry for poor photo quality.

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I saw that bus on photo #2 on the B8 like 3 years ago. This is what the sign said:


Bay Ridge

95 St Sta


How come the B35 only said Sunset Park instead of adding 1 Av?


Btw, nice photos!


Thanks! And the operator told me the sign would not scroll and only displayed the destination. Must have been an error in fixing the sign which was obvious worked on since the last time I saw that bus a month ago, when the entire center of the front and side destination sign was faded.



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