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  1. When I went to the TOMC last Sunday, guess how many pics I took and deleted?

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    2. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      I'll tell you tonight.

    3. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      Okay I took like at least 3 pictures and deleted all 3 of them.

    4. R188 7857

      R188 7857

      Heh, when I went to the TOMC I deleted like 3-5 photos... out of 35.

  2. SO I found out that my math teacher from 8th grade passed away! With that one promise I broke, I can't forget that!

  3. Nobody knows me..... :P

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    2. Around the Horn
    3. ttcsubwayfan


      I might change my name to T6A5 (my favorite type of vehicle) at some point. But not that soon

    4. Around the Horn

      Around the Horn

      Ahah!@TTC That makes life a whole lot easier lol.Same name for both NYCTF and CPTDB means I don;t slip up like I did in your sign thread..

  4. Nice! I'm still looking forward for a time to put some 68s on the ! Well that is true. If that's the case, extra trains should be provided to increase service reliability.
  5. With the amount of trains running on the on weekends, sending it to Ditmars will really delay service.
  6. Comment on this status if you want a confession from me..... NAH JK this isn't facebook! :P

    1. Harry


      Please tell me your confession my son. ;)

  7. Yup you go! Abba, I realized that you posted your answer the same time as Union Tpke did, but i gave you a +1 for it!
  8. Here are your hints: - It's a subway station - The train stops there - It's not in Manhattan, Queens, nor Bronx - It's the 2nd station after a terminal All I can tell you...
  9. That R160B #8932 loves to haunt me along the line.... Well it's a Siemens which is my favorite! It'll be my favorite car set along with #8852!
  10. SO I was looking for youtube videos on how to build muscles without using weights, and basically the tips is just to do push-ups.. LOL wow!

  11. I uhhhhhhhhhh..................

  12. Feels good to have a fast operator! If you have a slow or strict one, then yeah, we can't blame them.
  13. That, and the speed. The express S/B can reach as high as 46mph at 55th St! Imagine, as it continues, it'll enter the 62nd St station at like around 50mph. As a result, train shakes, and the door panel will scrape the platform edge. Arriving to the station in 50mph, that's going to be hard for the T/Os to brake!
  14. I'm also looking for that, but in my opinion, the express S/B is better for speed, but problem is that a grade timer (30) before 62nd St and Bay Parkway makes it slower for the trains to enter the station.
  15. Here's a random thought. I railfanned today. Of course nobody cares LOL.
  16. I'm gay. (cheerful)

    1. DJ MC

      DJ MC

      Where is the beer when you need it? :P

    2. DJ MC

      DJ MC

      You fool! :P

  17. Sad that Knicks can't make the playoffs but I have faith on the Spurs!!

  18. I'm glad I did not attend the R32 R Train trip, but based in my opinion most of you act like severe retards, making me and the mature transit fans look bad! I've heard a dude subway surfing, fighting over RFW, noise level is outta control, people kicked out of the train, a rollsign missing, I mean what is all this. Reasons why the nice T/Os are becoming crappy now!

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    2. ttcsubwayfan


      You make it sound like the event was organized for the transit fans specifically. Anyways, I heard vibration testing was the reason, but don't quote me on it.

    3. RollOver


      Thank god I wasn't part of the trip either.

    4. Turbo19


      What a hellhole.


  19. I guess a bunch of you foamers who've attended the R32 R Train trip had fun spreading bubbles around the whole train causing loss of oxygen. xD

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    2. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      Be prepared for my next serious status update

    3. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      ...and it's a wonder why I don't attend things of this nature when you know foamers are gonna roam rampant.....


      I don't like crowds anyway, so that's neither here nor there...


      Stealing rollsigns? And this is supposed to be a representation of people that love this hobby?

    4. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      Well, I used to love collecting sports cards... Guess I should've spent more time shredding them & using them for confetti than the countless hours I spent putting each & every single card I possess in one of those hard plastic sleeves (which I don't think they sell anymore, but I could be wrong)...

  20. For those who watch the NBA, who is your favorite team? My favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs with the Veteran Big Three and their organization is the best!

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