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NJTA at Townsquare Station

Ken S.

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Comet I action


Arriving at station with a westbound (Z), this train usually uses the U34CH, however that was in the shop and the F40 pinch-hitting.


Departing station as an eastbound (C).

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Nicely done, I like how u colored in the center doors on the "Comet IVs"


All you need to make the center doors is a glue stick, 3x5 card, scissors, and a Sharpie. That way, if you screw up you don't ruin the car.


Some nice videos there!


Thanks, I'm trying to put together videos featuring different consists and locomotives.

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Ah cool, you use Legos to build platforms. I use Legos also, along with Mega Blocks when they have pieces compatible with Lego, to build a full 7 car PATH train (with Lego Racers as the trucks for the train) and for one platform (to find the pieces I need to build more is a *****). Its sad Lego Racers aren't sold anymore, I wanted to buy at least another 28 more, and more grey/black flat pieces for the body of the train (not much detail, its just car floor) and also for another platform, but like I said, pieces are not easy to find anymore like before.

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