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CodeBroke 4377


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CodeBroke #4377 & Some Other Shots I Found From My Old Phone . Note * The Date From My Camera Kept Changing So If You See Different Dates Then You Know Why .



kb.jpg . eny.jpg . bussssss.jpg . busssss.jpg . busss.jpg . b46.jpg . 46488_1266096312179_1822943952_508438_6564787_n.jpg .





& Others .



9226.jpg . 9020_1061758003849_1822943952_123644_4012016_n.jpg . 5107.jpg . 4329.jpg .




Thats All .

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Not bad at all. :tup:



Thanks .



Nice shots btw, how did u get hand of 4377, a KB NG.


Thank & a friend of mine worked @ ulmer park but he transferred to kb so i rode with him & asked him to put in some signs for me .

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